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RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. The Wall of New York

    Duran Fernandez, Jose
    [EN] The urban history of New York City, its birth and decline, is linked with one basic element: water. Water was the reason for its foundation and it could be the cause of its disappearance… Water is fundamental to the urban life of this city; it is the element that has fed its growth during its four hundred year existence. Only for this reason does it deserve the upmost attention and an exhaustive study. Water as a limit, wall or barrier, or as an extreme place of opportunity, it is without a doubt a place where the urban future of...
    - 27-mar-2018

  2. The Inhabited Threshold. The Limits of Dialectics in Julio Cano Lasso’s House

    Pancorbo Crespo, Luis; Martin Robles, Ines
    [EN] Julio Cano’s house-office in La Florida is studied in this text as a clear realization of a conception of the domestic phenomenon as a threshold that sequentially articulates the transit between public and private space. It also serves to illustrate the character of limit that architecture has as a discipline and as a mechanism of spatial production. Julio Cano Lasso’s design tactic used in this building is based on the establishment of rites of passage and the limits of dialectics that link to the history of domestic architecture ranging from the traditional Japanese house to Wright’s Usonian houses. The...
    - 27-mar-2018

  3. The Architects of the Valencian Jesuit Foundations

    Navarro Catalán, David Miguel
    [EN] The remarkable collection of buildings constructed by the Society of Jesus in the old Kingdom of Valencia was completed over the course of an extensive process that began in the 16th century. The purpose of this article is to examine the different historical phases of this process and reveal some previously unknown aspects with the aid of unpublished documentation. A great number of craftsmen took part in these works, including a group of architects who were members of the Society whose activity has been disregarded until now. The writings of Fathers Gaspar Alfonso and Diego Olcina on the construction...
    - 27-mar-2018

  4. Singular Buildings on Regular Grids. Churches in L’Eixample and La Baixa

    Arboix-Alió, Alba
    [EN] A building is considered unique when it outstands within the common fabric of the city due to its form, its nature, and its production and serialization process. If this architectural singularity is accompanied by an urban distinction, the result is much more effective because the compound becomes an urban enclave capable of arranging and hierarchically organising the city. The most illustrative example for historic cities with a Catholic tradition may probably be the church with the public space that materializes around it. For centuries, the sacred building and the atrium that precedes it have represented the city’s reference point...
    - 27-mar-2018

  5. Opening Gijón to Future: The Limited Revision of the Official Urban Catalogue

    Latorre, Jorge; Sola, Jesús
    [EN] Gijón, also known as Xixón, is an important city that rivals Oviedo, the historical capital of the Autonomous Region and Principality of Asturias (Spain), in historical demographic and economic terms. It has traditionally been a port and, more recently, an industrial city, which experienced very rapid population growth and with little planning. After the industrial crisis of the 80s, the city wanted to become a tourist location more than an industrial harbor. Both its privileged location and the historical urban heritage that still remain are corner stones to make this change possible. However, the late and strict legislation (improvised...
    - 27-mar-2018

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