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  1. Tipificación de las causas de riesgo y desamparo

    Santamaría Pérez, María Luisa
    [EN]In a state of law, a citizen must live under the protection of their fundamental rights. Therefore, when authorities makes an intervention in a family nucleus and separates children from their parents for alleged protection purposes, it should be noted that if the decision was misguided, during the time that the separation remains, fundamental rights of the whole family are being infringed, especially for children, as stated in Article 9 of the CRC. With these premises, this article reveals that the reasons of risk and abandonment of a child should be typified in order to ensure the full success of the decisions of family separation. In addition,...

  2. Sintomatología en adolescentes victimizados sexualmente: El rol del apoyo de la familia y del grupo de pares

    Guerra, Cristobal; Castillo, Juan Carlos
    [EN] There is enough evidence that the family support, especially from the parents, prevents the symptomatology in adolescents who have suffered sexual abuse. However, the study of the role by the peer support has not been sufficiently investigated. The few studies in this field have given contradictory results. Thus, the objective of this study is to evaluate the relationship of family support and peer support with depressive, anxious and posttraumatic stress symptoms in victims of sexual abuse. The participants were 93 female adolescents (ages 12 to 17). The participants completed scales to assess symptoms and to assess their perception of social support. The results of multiple regression...

  3. El ingreso de menores con problemas de conducta en centros específicos de protección

    Vázquez-Pastor Jiménez, Lucía
    [ES] En los últimos años se ha producido en nuestro país un aumento considerable de menores de edad que presentan graves problemas conductuales. La necesidad imperiosa de proporcionar a estos menores un contexto más estructurado socioeducativo y psicoterapéutico ha justificado que el legislador estatal contemple por primera vez recursos específicos destinados a atender sus trastornos del comportamiento. En particular, la Ley Orgánica 8/2015, de 22 de julio, regula como novedad importante el ingreso en centros de protección específicos para menores con problemas de conducta, a cuyo análisis dedicamos el presente estudio.

  4. El embarazo a temprana edad. Perspectiva de progenitores y madres adolescentes

    Rodríguez Otero, Luis Manuel
    [EN] Teenage pregnancy refers to that between early adolescence or puberty. Pregnancy and maternity during this period involves different consequences to personal, family and social level. Stressing question as mortality, morbidity, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, school dropout, positions of vulnerability, poverty reproduction, etc. On the other hand there are factors that favor the existence of this problem such as: geographical, social and family and individual issues, public policies, existing resources, the educational level or knowledge about, styles of unhealthy lifestyle, early marriage the traditional gender roles assigned to women, etc. Using as shown in 6 mothers at an early age and 6 parents of teenage mothers Metropolitan Area...

  5. Construyendo un modelo de gestión de las emociones a través del deporte

    García Mínguez, Jesús; Sánchez Ramos, Juan Manuel
    [EN] The present study aims to become in educational tool management a general social problem among teenagers as it’s the management of experienced emotions during the practice of sports and leisure activities. The SOS Children's Village Association and the Rafa Nadal Foundation, look for how to drive their promotion ideals through the creation of a program named Integration and Sports, the scene where the research is conducted. It’s been boys and girls from 10 to 16 years old (in a total of 20 people) at risk social exclusion who have taken part in this mentioned program. The method has turned around the “case of study”, a mirror...

  6. Talleres lúdico-pedagógicos con adolescentes: una herramienta para la promoción de la salud

    Ferreira, Dharah Puck Cordeiro; Gonçalves, Patrícia Ivanca de Espíndola
    [EN] Report the exchange of experiences among adolescents about the topics discussed in the workshops. Educational workshops with adolescents in a Family Health Unit were conducted from April to June 2013, in the city of Garanhuns/PE, with the conceptual basis of psychosocial intervention, since this may enable the reflection of adolescents about their diverse experiences. The subject expresses his/her subjectivity differently at every stage of life and context to which he/she belongs. Numerous factors occur in adolescence, such as sexuality, the arrival of adulthood, violence, use/abuse of alcohol and other drugs, among others, that must be worked by health professionals from a perspective that takes into account the...

  7. Niñez campesina trabajadora. Saberes que se aprenden trabajando

    Ortiz Hernández, Guadalupe
    [EN] The aim of this article is to show the conceptions about work and the value it has for children and their families in education and peasant culture. This study arises from the intervention and observation in two communities, one in Tlaxcala and another in Puebla, Mexico. Review and analyze the voices of children, parents and promoters, through group and individual interviews performed in July 2012 to November 2015. Some of the findings I found during the research process is that work is not harmful, but part of a learning process, where relations of solidarity and reciprocity are generated; as well as intergenerational learning. Although the benefits...

  8. El niño como persona y su relación con los derechos del niño

    Lozano Vicente, Agustín
    [EN] The establishment of the rights of the child has led to some controversy on the issue of their normative foundations. One of these difficulties takes as a main reason the attribution of the status of person to the minors as a requirement to be rights holders. The different perspectives that are taken into account to consider the child as a moral person are outlined below as well as the difficulties and controversies to which it has given rise. There are different ideas about the status of the rights of the child, depending on the results of the different scientific disciplines on the person and according...

  9. Editorial núm. 11

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente
    Cabedo Mallol, V. (2016). Editorial núm. 11. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (11). doi:10.4995/reinad.2016.6796.

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