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É um repositório para instituições de ensino e investigação produtoras de literatura científica cuja dimensão ainda não justifica a criação de um repositório próprio. Permite integrar instituições, grupos ou indivíduos na infra-estrutura do projecto, nomeadamente através das pesquisas do Portal RCAAP e da B-On.

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  1. The meaning of a brand?: An archetypal approach

    Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Hamza, Kavita; Marquina, Percy

  2. Damp trend Grey Model forecasting method for airline industry

    Carmona Benítez, R. B.; Carmona Paredes, R. B.; Lodewijks, Gabriel; Nabais, João
    This paper presents a modification of the Grey Model (GM) to forecast routes passenger dema nd growth in the air transportation industry. Forecast methods like Holt-Winters, autoreg ressive models, exponential smoothing, neural network, fuzzy logic, GM model calculate very high airlines routes pax growth. For this reason, a modification has been done to the GM model to damp trend calculations as time grows. The simulation results show that the modified GM model reduces the model exponential estimations grow. It allows the GM model to forecast reasonable routes passenger demand for long lead-tim es forecasts. It makes this model an option to calculate airlines routes pax flow...

  3. A multi-agent architecture for diagnosing simultaneous faults along water canals

    Nabais, João; Mendonça, Luís F.; Ayala Boto, Miguel
    Water is intensively used in mankind activities, in particular in agriculture. Water is commonly conveyed for agriculture purposes through water canal networks which are large-scale spatially distributed systems crossing extensive regions. In the presence of leaks, unauthorized water withdrawals, water depth sensor faults or gate faults, the quality of service can be severely compromised. A system able to diagnose which type of fault is present at a given time is of vital importance to access the current state of the water canal and proceed to restore its nominal condition. This paper proposes a multiagent architecture to simultaneously detect, isolate and estimate lateral outflows (e.g., leaks or...

  4. Achieving Transport Modal Split Targets at Intermodal Freight Hubs Using a Model Predictive Approach

    Nabais, João; Negenborn, R. R.; Carmona Benítez, R. B.; Ayala Botto, M.
    The increase of international freight commerce is creating pressure on the existing transport network. Cooperation between the different transport parties (e.g., terminal managers, forwarders and transport providers) is required to increase the network throughput using the same infrastructure. The intermodal hubs are locations where cargo is stored and can switch transport modality while approaching the final destination. Decisions regarding cargo assignment are based on cargo properties. Cargo properties can be fixed (e.g., destination, volume, weight) or time varying (remaining time until due time or goods expiration date). The intermodal hub manager, with access to certain cargo information, can promote cooperation with and among different transport providers that pick up...

  5. A marca invisível: marca de cluster e o caso do vinho do Porto

    Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Pina e Cunha, Miguel

  6. Marca de cluster: uma aplicação ao caso dos vinhos

    Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Pina e Cunha, Miguel

  7. Marca País: abordagem sistematizada para o reforço da identidade dos países da CPLP

    Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Rodrigues, Emílio

  8. Retailers brand management: private label marketing management and retailers brand equity

    Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Marreiros, Cristina; Dionísio, Andreia

  9. Sustainability reporting: a comparative analysis in portuguese and brazilian major companies.

    Anunciação, Pedro; Xara-Brasil, Duarte; Marques, Jane; Matias, Agatha; Garcia, Camila

  10. Business ethics: international analysis of codes of ethics and conduct

    Andrade, J.; Hanza, K.; Xara-Brasil, Duarte
    Codes of ethics and code of conduct formalize an ideal of expected behavior patterns to managers and employees of organizations, providing standards and orientation that states companies interactions with the community, through products /services, sales force, marketing communications, investments, and relationships with other stakeholders, influencing company reputation and overall Marketing performance. The objective of this study is to analyze the differences in codes of ethics of the largest companies based in Brazil and in Portugal, given their cultural and linguistic similarities. Findings show that the use of codes of ethics are more common in Brazil than in Portugal and that...

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