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  1. The IMRD overflow phenomenon: form and function of Japanese-language journal documents

    Aragão, Rodrigo M. L. de
    [EN] Despite the growing body of research on the overall organization of documents from academic journals, little is known about the use of IMRD-based structures—the pattern composed of Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections and its variants—in publication categories other than the research article. The current paper addresses this phenomenon with the focus on Japanese-language journal documents. Both the structure and the basic function of 186 documents in Japanese of five categories different from the research article were analyzed. It was found that IMRD-based structures are consistently used in two and sparsely used in one of the five categories. Additionally,...

  2. Service-learning for students of Spanish: Promoting civic engagement and social justice through an exchange tutoring service

    Burgo, Clara
    [ES] Service-learning courses are designed to promote civic engagement and social justice, and to connect the classroom with the community in an environment of cooperation and mutual interest. In this article, a service-learning course of Spanish at the university level is supported as a reciprocal language exchange between the campus and the community. According to this course proposal, students attend a Latino community site once a week, where their members are tutored in English and American culture, while students are tutored in Spanish and Spanish-speaking culture. This way, service-learning is connected to the Spanish classroom through “Reflection” sessions led by mentors visiting the class periodically....

  3. Linking ideas in women’s writing: evidence from the Coruña Corpus

    Moskowich, Isabel; Monaco, Leida María
    [EN] This paper provides an overview of some rhetorical devices found in scientific works by late Modern English women. We will focus on apparently marginal linguistic elements as devices fundamental for the expression of logical reasoning in different disciplines. We have based our study on four subcorpora in the Coruña Corpus of English Scientific Writing, so that the behaviour and distribution of rhetorical devices will be studied at a microscopic level and attending not only to how they appear in each discipline, but also taking into consideration elements such as time and genre. Our conclusions are limited but we observe...

  4. La formación lectora y literaria (2015) o cómo reflexionar sobre L’horrible perill de la lectura (2015): diálogos en torno a la obra y el pensamiento del profesor Josep Ballester (Review)

    Romero Oliva, Manuel Francisco; Wilczyńska, Agnieszka
    Reseña bibliográfica de dos libros de este autor: Ballester, J. (2015). La formación lectora y literaria. Barcelona. Graó.Ballester, J. (2015). L’horrible perill de la lectura. Valencia. Perifèric edicions.

  5. La ansiedad ante las destrezas orales en la clase de español lengua extranjera: una propuesta blended-learning con sinohablantes

    Falero Parra, Francisco Javier
    [EN] Numerous studies have highlighted the negative impact of suffering anxiety during the acquisition process of a foreign language and how this fact affects oral skills. This article shows the results of a research conducted at Instituto Cervantes of Beijing among A2 level students with a dual purpose: determining which language skills are a real source of stress for learners; and, on the other hand, analyzing the impact of a blended learning methodology proposed to develop oral skills. The results confirm that both oral expression and listening comprehension increase the anxiety of students, while the analysis of the productions in the experiment indicate a quantitative...

  6. El microrrelato como material didáctico en la adquisición de la gramática en ELE

    Rodríguez Rodríguez, María Nayra; García-Perera, Dara
    [EN] In the present article we intend to make a reflection on the introduction of target language literature in foreign language classrooms. We will analyze the use of short-short stories as a didactic resource in Spanish as Foreign Language classrooms. To this end, we will research different teaching methodologies that have been implemented and investigate the validity of this genre as a suitable material for teaching grammar. We will make an approximation to Focus on Form as an effective approach, which integrates grammar teaching within a communicative context.

  7. El bilingüismo y la identidad: estudio de caso sobre la relación entre las lenguas y las emociones

    Pérez-Luzardo Díaz, Jessica; Schmidt, Andjelina
    [EN] The present study analyses the current connection between language, culture and emotions in bilingual bicultural subjects. A pilot study is set to demonstrate the validity of the hypothesis that the subjects express different feelings in their own language compared to other languages. The results suggest that the mental images for the same signifier are different according to the language in which it is evoked.

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