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  1. Which of DEA or AHP can best be employed to measure efficiency of projects?

    Sánchez, Marisa Analia
    [EN] This paper compares Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approaches for monitoring projects, in order to determine their performance in terms of economic, environmental and social organizational goals. This work is founded on an existing methodology to select and monitor projects based on DEA, and discusses modifications and additions arising from using AHP. The proposal is applied to a real case. The results indicate that AHP constitutes an insightful approach in situations requiring a modelling of managerial preferences regarding the relative importance of organizational goals.
    - 29-mar-2018

  2. Total Quality Management implementation in Greek businesses: Comparative assessment 2009-2013

    Vranaki, Martha; Vranakis, Stergios; Sarigiannidis, Lazaros
    [EN] The competition in the Greek manufacturing sector has become very intense and the need for businesses to survive, under these very difficult conditions, forces them to find new ways to increase their profits, but also to attract new customers and to retain old.  A necessary condition for long-term business survival is to maintain a high product quality level. The implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) approach is a key factor to achieve this goal.The main objective of this research is to identify the current situation as far as the implementation of TQM by Greek manufacturing firms, and finally to...
    - 29-mar-2018

  3. Quantitative assessment of sustainable city logistics

    Grosso-delaVega, Rafael; Muñuzuri, Jesus
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to seek an answer to an specific question: how to make city logistics sustainable? This question in principle has no specific answer. By contrast, it could be answered in many and varied ways. Behind the search for some of these answers lies the development of a roadmap which this work aims to present. The research lines, the theoretical framework and methodology of the roadmap will be explained. Although the current status of the roadmap, its duration and timing still need to be completed, the main facts, as well as the results obtained to date and the expected...
    - 29-mar-2018

  4. Fuzzy maintenance costs of a wind turbine pitch control device

    Carvalho, Mariana; Nunes, Eusébio; Telhada, José
    [EN] This paper deals with the problem of estimation maintenance costs for the case of the pitch controls system of wind farms turbines. Previous investigations have estimated these costs as (traditional) “crisp” values, simply ignoring the uncertainty nature of data and information available. This paper purposes an extended version of the estimation model by making use of the Fuzzy Set Theory. The results alert decision-makers to consequent uncertainty of the estimations along with their overall level, thus improving the information given to the maintenance support system
    - 29-mar-2018

  5. A robust evaluation of sustainability initiatives with analytic network process (ANP)

    Ocampo, Lanndon; Ocampo, Christine Omela
    [EN] This paper presents a methodology on evaluating sustainable manufacturing initiatives using analytic network process (ANP) as its base.The evaluation method is anchored on the comprehensive sustainable manufacturing framework proposed recently in literature. A numerical example that involves an evaluation of five sustainable manufacturing initiatives is shown in this work. Results show that sustainable manufacturing implies enhancing customer and community well-being by means of addressing environmental issues related to pollution due to toxic substances, greenhouse gas emissions and air emissions. To test the robustness of the results, two approaches are introduced in this work: (1) using Monte Carlo simulation and...
    - 29-mar-2018

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