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  1. Examining Socio-Economic Aspects of Sustainable Materials Management: Sustainability assessment and economic optimisation modelling

    Hoogmartens, Rob
    This dissertation considers Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) as one of the cornerstones of the future green economy. The basic question regarding SMM is how to shift the behaviour of society towards meeting its material needs without destabilising the natural system nor jeopardising its future, in other words: how to preserve natural capital and reduce the environmental impacts of material life cycles. Taking into consideration the difficulty of identifying appropriate SMM policies, this dissertation focuses on examining the socioeconomic aspects of SMM. More specifically, it studies the roles that sustainability assessment and economic optimisation methodologies together with policy instruments can and...

  2. Beyond Barriers: Exploring Ableism in the Workplace

    Jammaers, Eline
    Disabled people’s right to participate fully in the domain of economic life has been stressed in the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (2006). Although countries have been pointed to their responsibility in ensuring that they can realize this right to work, the socio-economic disadvantaged position of disabled people remains a harsh reality in large parts of the world. Ample evidence shows how labor markets have not ‘opened up’ sufficiently to warmly welcome those deemed ‘different’. This is illustrated by the persistency of various disability gaps, such as lower employment rates (OECD, 2010), segregation into low-skilled and low...

  3. Researching Open Innovation: Macro and Micro Perspectives

    Wang, Yuandi
    The general research questions guiding this thesis are twofold at the macro and micro level perspectives. At the macro level, the general research question is how open innovation influences the national systems of innovation. This study is conducted through a literature survey. At the micro level, this thesis intends to answer the question of how open innovation ( in terms of the channel-technology licensing) influences firms' technological learning in developing countries. I relied on a public database of Chinese firms to answer the latter question. For the empirical analyses, I take the largest developing country, China, as the research context,...

  4. Construction of the Entrepreneurial Identity in the Family Business Context: A Cross-Cultural Study

    This study focuses on entrepreneurial identity constructions in the family business context through a cross-cultural lens. The study is interdisciplinary by nature drawing from and contributing to theories of identity, entrepreneurship, and family business. It aims at contributing to the added understanding of how family business entrepreneurs construe their entrepreneurial identities. The methodology of this study is based on the interpretive approach utilizing the principles of hermeneutics. The empirical materials for it were gathered through thematic research interviews from two different business cultural groups representing two different generations of family business entrepreneurs; ten family business members in Louisiana, USA and...

  5. Audit Demand in Private Firms: a Multi-Theoretical Perspective

    Corten, Maarten
    Het hoofddoel van een externe audit kan algemeen omschreven worden als het reduceren van de informatiekloof tussen het management van een onderneming en haar aandeelhouders door het verifiëren van de jaarrekeninggegevens. Het management zou immers geneigd kunnen zijn om de financiële resultaten beter voor te stellen dan ze in werkelijkheid zijn om op die manier een hogere bonus te krijgen, een betere reputatie op te bouwen, foute investeringsbeslissingen te verbergen, fraude te maskeren, etc. Een externe audit stelt de aandeelhouders in staat om deze financiële resultaten objectief te beoordelen en op die manier dergelijke waardereducerende activiteiten te voorkomen.

  6. Do alliance cliques matter? Explaining innovative performance and alliance network dynamics through alliance clique membership and technological capabilities

    Pieters, Michiel
    Bedrijven zijn de laatste decennia in toenemende mate afhankelijk geworden van kennis en technologieën die alleen buiten de eigen organisatie beschikbaar zijn. Om toegang tot deze kennis en technologieën te verkrijgen zijn bedrijven vaker en intensiever gaan samenwerken met een breed assortiment aan strategische partners. Met name in high-tech sectoren is samenwerking essentieel om innovatieve technologieën te ontwikkelen en op de markt te brengen. Binnen deze sectoren is een levendig netwerk ontstaan waarin bedrijven onderling kennis en technologie uitwisselen. Wetenschappers hebben frequent waargenomen dat binnen deze netwerken groepen bedrijven ontstaan die veelvuldig met elkaar samenwerken, zogenaamde cliques. Dit proefschrift richt...

  7. Open innovation: Organizational practices and policy implications

    Lopez Vega, Henry Nelson
    Over the last decade, open innovation has impacted and enhanced firms’ collaboration strategies and public policy programs. This new ‘paradigm shift’ emerged from businesses’ needs to recover from the dot-com crash and to adapt to changing circumstances in a global recession. In this new wave of innovation, companies refocused on organic growth and on their customers and consumer markets to enrich their business units and new corporate venturing initiatives. Also, open innovation gained importance in firms’ innovation strategies as technology and idea markets became a path to commercialize undeveloped solutions via licenses and patents. Moreover, given the need for innovation...

  8. 'Mine' or 'ours'? Perspectives on psychological ownership in family firms.

    HENSSEN, Bart
    Familiebedrijven zijn bij de meest voorkomende bedrijven wereldwijd en ze dragen significant bij tot wereldwijde economische productie en ontwikkeling, tewerkstelling en meerwaardecreatie. Nochtans is over de dynamiek van familiebedrijven nog weinig bekend. De laatste jaren is de interesse in familiebedrijven dan ook toegenomen, mede omdat ze met hun langetermijnvisie en zorg voor hun personeel de crisis blijkbaar vrij goed weten te doorstaan.

  9. Essays on Administrative Simplification: Theory and Practice in Belgium

    Poel, Kevin
    This dissertation is structured into three parts. Part one elaborates on the implementation of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) by the federal government in Belgium. Part two focusses on the macro-economic impact of administrative simplification. The last part discusses the results of our analyses of e-invoicing and its importance in reducing administrative burdens in Belgium.

  10. Building road safety models to improve traffic safety in Hochiminh City, Vietnam

    TRINH, Tu Anh
    Improving road safety is one of the most important public health issues and government priorities of all countries in the world, especially in emerging countries. Over the past 26 years of reformed economic development, Vietnam’s road safety problems have constantly been a national challenge which not only required efforts by the Vietnamese government, but which also attracted more and more special interest within the scientific research community. In reality, a lot of road safety related research has been carried out in recent years. However, most research simply focuses on generic issues without feasible applicable models and lack sufficiently solid data...

  11. Creating Synthetic Data Sets for Microsimulation models

    NAKAMYA, Juliet
    Several approaches have recently been proposed by different researchers in attempting to bridge the gap between available data and high data needs. The approaches generally rely on the different forms of the available data to synthetically create further data. Population synthesis frequently involves generation of large amounts of data through procedures that are generally computationally intensive. In the past, limitations - both computational and methodological, have limited the use and development of more sophisticated approaches. Recent developments however, have broadened the possibilities available to researchers. As a consequence, new methodologies to generate synthetic data are being developed and proposed. Most...

  12. Scrutinizing fun-shopping travel: Modelling individuals' mental representations

    Kusumastuti, Diana

  13. Environmental and Economic Performance of Enhanced Landfill Mining

    Danthurebandara, Maheshi
    Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) is an innovative concept developed to reintroduce historic waste streams present in the landfills to the material cycle either as energy or as materials. Besides, ELFM contributes to minimise the environmental and social impacts of landfills and to regain the large areas of land. The objective of this work was to investigate the environmental and economic performance of this ELFM concept. The research consisted of three parts. In the first part, the general process flow diagram and a model to assess the environmental and economic performances of ELFM were developed. Traditional landfill mining case studies were...

  14. Modelling carrier decisions in an activity-based freight transportation framework

    Maes, Tabitha
    The purpose of this thesis was to develop a new freight transportation framework in which the focus lies on the logistic decisions taken by the involved actors. Two main topics can be recognized in this thesis. The first part of this thesis deals with understanding how current freight transportation models work and what their shortcomings are (chapter 2). Based on this analysis a new conceptual freight transportation framework is proposed to fill in the research gaps (chapters 3 and 4). Secondly, the operational decisions of a carrier are formulated as a pickup and delivery selection problem and solved by a...

  15. Measurement Invariance Issues in International Management Research

    De Beuckelaer, Alain
    In this dissertation, the question was addressed as to how meaningful (and reliable) cross-country comparisons are when such comparisons are based on (estimated) factor mean scores at country-level. A comparison of factor mean scores across countries is very common in international management research. International management research comprises a very wide spectrum of areas of research (e.g. globalisation of the marketing mix, organisational behaviour, cross-cultural communication, etc.). A discussion as to how international comparisons are made within all of these areas would not be feasible. For this reason, the focus in this dissertation was on two particular areas of international management...

  16. A model of customer lifetime value and ex poste value-based segmentation: An application in a financial multi-services retailer based on probabilistic and data mining models

    Estrella Ramón, Antonia

  17. A Law and Economics Analysis of Litigation and Court Delay

    Bielen, Samantha

  18. Essays on dual-earner employees managing work and family and the effects on well-being

    Schooreel, Tess
    This dissertation is supported by the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research, Belgium (FWO, Grant nos. G.0630.14N).

  19. Complex Adaptive Systems Thinking Approach to IT Investment

    Rabaey, Marc
    The main research idea of this thesis is to develop a strategic IT investment framework using primarily military concepts as a basis. On the one side we discuss the most influencing military thinkers in Belgian Defense Karl von Clausewitz and in the USA John Boyd (together with Karl von Clausewitz). On the other hand, the causes and consequences of a fairly new concept Network-Centric Warfare (NCW) are investigated because NCW has dramatically changed the way in which military operations are undertaken and it is based on an intensive use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The first group of research...

  20. Essays on Sustainable and Dynamic Efficiency

    Ang, Frederic
    The first objective of this PhD thesis is to analyze the debate on weak versus strong sustainability (WS vs. SS) for the Sustainable Value (SV) approach. The SV approach intends to allow for substitutability of resources between economic entities, while simultaneously constraining this possibility in a way such that the overall level of resource use does not damage the natural capital stock. As such, this measure has been introduced by Figge and Hahn (2004a) as in line with the WS paradigm at the individual level of the economic entity, but in line with the SS paradigm at the aggregate level....

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