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  1. Numerical analysis of an interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin scheme for two phase flow in heterogeneous porous media with discontinuous dynamic capillary pressure effects

    Karpinski, Stefan
    We present an interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin scheme for a two-phase flow model in heterogeneous porous media. The model includes dynamic effects and discontinuities in the capillary pressure. We define the interface conditions arising across material interfaces in heterogeneous media and show how to account for capillary barriers. We numerically approximate the mass-conservation laws without reformulation, i.e. without introducing a global pressure. We prove the existence of a solution to the emerging fully discrete systems, show the convergence of the numerical scheme, and obtain error-estimates for sufficiently smooth data. We also present a linearization scheme for the non-linear algebraic system...

  2. Rough Cognitive Networks

    Nápoles Ruiz, Gonzalo

  3. Bio-molecular sensors for molecular diagnostics in nanomedicine based on color centres in diamond

    Gulka, Michal
    Recent developments of engineered nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centres in diamond hold great promise for novel sensitive nanoscale probes that can be used for quantum measurements and for diagnostics in nanomedicine. The aim of this work is to enable these sensoring applications by studying NV photo-physics and by investigating NV detection sensing schemes. In this research we include both: fluorescent nanodiamond particles (NDs) and NV-containing single crystal diamond. We first study the fabrication processes of NDs, such as particle irradiation and surface termination with Fluorine, enabling for more homogeneous formation of NV centers in NDs and stabilization of NV charge by fluorination....

  4. On finite tensor categories and quasi-quantum groups

    Yang, Yuping
    This dissertation is devoted to the classification theory and structure theory of finite-dimensional basic quasi-Hopf algebras and finite pointed tensor categories. Our main results are fourfold, and can be summarized as follows. Firstly, we study the Nichols algebras of twisted Yetter-Drinfeld modules over an abstract finite abelian group G, including those of nondiagonal type. The method is to associate each Nichols algebra of a twisted Yetter-Drinfeld module to an ordinary Nichols algebra, and then apply Heckenberger's classification result on arithmetical root systems. As result, all the finite-dimensional Nichols algebras of simple twisted Yetter-Drinfeld modules are determined. When the order of G...

  5. Low temperature deposition and characterisation of high quality nanocrystalline diamond films for the fabrication of highly sensitive pressure sensing membranes

    Drijkoningen, Sien

  6. Conjugated polymer nanoparticles for photovoltaic and bio-imaging applications

    D'Olieslaeger, Lien
    Geconjugeerde polymeren zijn door hun buitengewone opto-elektronische eigenschappen uitermate interessant voor vele toepassingen. Ze zijn meestal vrij hydrofoob en daarom dienen organische solventen gebruikt te worden om ze te kunnen verwerken. Het gebruik van grote hoeveelheden van deze oplosmiddelen heeft echter een dramatische impact op het milieu en de menselijke gezondheid. Daarom bestuderen onderzoekers momenteel ‘groenere’ alternatieven voor de verwerking van geconjugeerde polymeren. Een veelbelovende aanpak hierbij is het gebruik van geconjugeerde polymere nanodeeltjes die aangemaakt worden als watergebaseerde dispersies. Een aantal onderzoeksgroepen hebben reeds gerapporteerd over de synthese van dergelijke nanodeeltjes. Toch is er over nanodeeltjes gemaakt van zogenaamde...

  7. On the role of molecular weight and homocoupling defects in organic solar cells

    Vangerven, Tim

  8. Theoretical Study of the (e,2e) Ionization Spectra and Electron Momentum Distributions of Norbornadiene, n-Hexane and Ethanol

    Morini, Filippo

  9. De aanmaak en karakterisatie van monoklonale antilichamen tegen borstkankercellen

    Plessers, Lutgart

  10. Hybrid 2D/3D human-computer interaction techniques in immersive virtual modelling environments

    Coninx, Karin

  11. Divalent kation-gestimuleerde adenosine-trifosfatasen in de cortex van de varkensnier: lokalisatie, karakterisatie en partiële zuivering

    Ilsbroux, Ingrid

  12. Cladistic analysis of the Polycystididae (Platyhelminthes Kalyptorhynchia), with application of phylogenetic nomenclature

    Artois, Tom

  13. Mogelijkheden en beperkingen van AP-TPR

    Mullens, Steven

  14. Structuuronderzoek van proteïnen door middel van 19F nucleaire magnetische resonantie spectroscopie: studie van het lysozyme van kippe-eiwit

    Box, Marie Elise

  15. Asymptotic distribution theory for random u- and gm-statistics with application in sequential estimation

    Aerts, Marc

  16. Structuurbepaling, thermische ontbinding en microstructurele analyse van keramische oxiden en hun oxalaatprecursoren d.m.v. poederdiffractie

    Vanhoyland, Geert

  17. Statistical evaluation methodology for surrogate endpoints in clinical studies

    Van der Elst, Wim
    In klinische studies is het niet altijd mogelijk om de meest relevante indicator van behandelingssucces te gebruiken. Zo bestaat bijvoorbeeld de mogelijkheid dat het klinische eindpunt pas lange tijd na de start van de studie kan worden gemeten (bvb. overlevingstijd in oncologie). Gebruik van dit klinisch eindpunt zou dan ook impliceren dat de nieuwe behandeling pas na een lange tijd kan worden geëvalueerd. Als zulke situatie zich voordoet kan het interessant zijn om het klinisch eindpunt te vervangen door een zgn. ‘surrogaat eindpunt’. Dit is een eindpunt dat sneller kan worden gemeten dan het klinisch eindpunt, en dat toelaat om...

  18. Physiological responses of sunflower Clearfield hybrids to the herbicide imazamox

    Balabanova-Ivanovska, Dobrinka Anastasova
    Because of the high importance of sunflower as an oilseed crop that is mainly used for human consumption, high yield and quality are very important, especially in the context of an increasing world population. Therefore appropriate and efficient cultivation of sunflower are very important for the agricultural sector. Harmful weed species appear to be the main problem for successful and sustainable cultivation of sunflower, causing considerable yield losses worldwide. Application of herbicides is the most common method for weed control in sunflower cultivation, but its biology and growth features require a continuous exploration for new and more effective tools to...

  19. Representations and Algorithms for Interactive Relighting

    Michiels, Nick
    Classic relighting applications are striving to unite the virtual world and the real world by applying computer graphics algorithms to pixel and image-based descriptions. This has allowed them to apply new virtual lighting conditions on real images as well as inserting virtual objects in real environments under credible lighting conditions. However, state-of-the-art representations for geometry, materials and lighting often limit the capabilities and quality of the simulation of light in relighting applications. Spherical harmonics allow for a fast simulation of light, but can only handle low-frequency lighting effects efficiently. In addition, other relighting applications rely on Haar wavelets; which are...

  20. The role of endophytes and copper nanoparticles in the success or failure of DDE phytoremediation using Cucurbita pepo

    Eevers, Nele
    2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane (DDT) was produced and applied as a pesticide starting in 1939, and was used globally by 1943 (Turusov et al., 2002). In 1974, sufficient evidence was gathered demonstrating that DDT and its metabolites, 2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dichloro-ethylene (DDE) and 1,1- dichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-ethane (DDD), were persistent in the environment and showed bioaccumulation in higher animal species causing for instance egg shell thinning and endocrine disruption as a consequence (Thomas et al., 2008). These findings lead to the ban of the production and use in Belgium. DDE toxicity and recalcitrance are therefore regarded as important environmental problems. The hydrophobic character of DDE causes a strong...

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