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  1. Evaluation of Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells as a candidate therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

    Ravanidis, Stelios
    Belgian Charcot Stichting

  2. Chip-based (bio-)chemical sensors for bioprocess monitoring

    BACKER, Matthias
    Even though vigorous research has been conducted in the field of bioprocess monitoring, more sophisticated and efficient monitoring devices are still needed. Especially, the process development and optimization remains expensive and labor-intensive as manifold experiments have to be performed. One attempt to reduce the costs of such process optimization is the use of small fermentation volumes and the parallelization of several reactors, since small working volumes allow a high experimental throughput. At the same time, these small scale fermentation processes have to be controlled as effectively as they are in large scale bioreactors. Chip-based electrochemical (bio-)sensors are promising candidates to...

  3. The dynamic behavior of the glycine receptor in the plasma membrane. An exploratory study by ensemble averaging microfluorimetric methods

    Smisdom, Nick
    De glycinereceptor (GlyR) vervult een belangrijke rol in de snelle, inhibitorische neuronale signaaloverdracht in het centrale zenuwstelsel van vertebraten. De GlyR is een pentameer dat kan bestaan uit verschillende subeenheden (α1, α2, α3, α4, β). Clustering van de heteropentamere GlyR α1β ter hoogte van het postsynaptisch membraan is essentieel om de signaaloverdracht efficiënt uit te voeren. De regulatie van deze clustering werd lange tijd beschouwd als een statisch gegeven waarbij voornamelijk de endo- en exocytose van aggregaten van GlyRs bepalend werd geacht. Fluorescentiemicroscopie van de receptor in levende cellen heeft deze visie grondig veranderd.

  4. Characterization of the B cell response in Multiple Sclerosis and Clinically isolated syndrome using B cell immortalization

    Fraussen, Judith
    Multiple sclerose (MS) is een auto-immuunziekte die voorkomt bij 1 op 1000 personen. De isolerende myelineschede rond de zenuwuitlopers in het centrale zenuwstelsel (CZS) wordt afgebroken (demyelinisatie) door een chronische inflammatoire reactie, waardoor de signaal geleiding tussen neuronen verstoord wordt. Dit leidt tot symptomen zoals spierzwakte, neuritis optica en vermoeidheid. In de hersenen zijn zogenaamde plaques of lesies zichtbaar die infiltraten van immuuncellen bevatten. De oorzaak van MS is niet gekend, alhoewel wetenschappelijke studies aangetoond hebben dat zowel genetische als omgevingsfactoren een rol spelen. Huidige therapieën zijn gericht op het verbeteren van symptomen en het verminderen en uitstellen van opstoten....

  5. Applying high resolution MRI to study the rodent CNS under physiological, pathological and experimental conditions

    Theunissen, Evi
    Magnetische resonantie imaging (MRI) is één van de belangrijkste innovaties geweest voor de medische beeldvorming in de twintigste eeuw. In de begin jaren tachtig werd MRI voornamelijk gebruikt voor anatomische beeldvorming, maar in de afgelopen 15 jaar is het gebruik van MRI in de biomedische onderzoekswereld sterk toegenomen. Het is een niet-invasieve en onschadelijke methode voor het visualiseren van zachte weefsels in verschillende anatomische vlakken. MRI wordt vaak toegepast om een diagnose te stellen maar kan ook als een observatiemethode worden gebruikt. Hiertoe worden morfologische veranderingen in aangetaste organen in beeld gebracht en kunnen afwijkende signaalintensiteiten eveneens wijzen op mogelijke...

  6. Macrophages as mediators of protective autoimmunity in multiple sclerosis

    Bogie, Jeroen
    MS is a chronic, inflammatory, neurodegenerative disorder, in which macrophage-mediated myelin destruction is considered to be one the primary effector mechanism. Nonetheless, especially after internalization of myelin, macrophages have been described to obtain a less inflammatory phenotype. However, it is unclear by which mechanisms myelin affects the phenotype of macrophages and how this phenotype can influence lesion progression. ... The relapsing-remitting nature of MS suggests the presence of naturallyoccurring regulatory mechanisms in the disease, which may be harnessed for future intervention strategies aimed at reducing neuroinflammation and stimulation CNS repair. In this thesis we show that myelin internalization by macrophages...

  7. Microglia in the embryonic brain and spinal cord during the development of neuronal networks

    Swinnen, Nina
    ... In this thesis, we aimed at characterizing the invasion pattern and phenotype of microglia in the embryonic brain. We focused on the developing cortex and choroid plexus to study the microglial characteristics by means of the expression of different immunohistochemical markers (Mac-2, Ki-67) and patch-clamp recordings (K+ channels, ATP-induced currents). Additionally, we investigated the microglial involvement in the developing cortex and hippocampal area in a poly (I:C)-induced maternal immune activation model for neurodevelopmental disorders. To these ends, we used a mouse model in which eGFP is expressed under the promoter of the fractalkine receptor, rendering microglia (progenitors) green fluorescent....

  8. Glycine and glycine receptor signaling in immune cells

    Van den Eynden, Jimmy
    The central nervous system (CNS) is an integration center for signal processing, receiving signals from the different sensory systems and transmitting signals to the motor system. The main cells conducting signals are neurons, and for the largest part of the 20th century most attention of neuroscientist was focused on neurons. A role of glial cells, for a long time considered as passive connective tissue elements, in normal physiology and pathophysiology is now becoming increasingly appreciated. Different neurotransmitter receptors, transporters and enzymes for neurotransmitter synthesis and recycling have been described on glial cells, allowing them to communicate with neurons. This non-neuronal...

  9. Dental stem cells and angiogenesis: new strategies for tissue engineering

    HILKENS, Petra
    This dissertation aimed to elucidate the angiogenic properties of different dental stem cell populations in vitro and in vivo. First of all, the effect of different isolation procedures on the stem cell properties of DPSCs was evaluated, after which the ‘stemness’ of DPSCs, SCAPs and FSCs was confirmed and compared. The angiogenic properties of the aforementioned DSCs were investigated by means of expression profiling, functional in vitro tests and a chorioallantoic membrane assay (CAM). Finally, the pro-angiogenic impact of DPSCs and SCAPs was tested in an in vivo model of dental pulp regeneration....

  10. Validation and evaluation of novel biomarkers for early renal damage in the clinical setting

    Pennemans, Valerie
    The aim of this thesis was to contribute to the next step in the implementation of these new biomarkers for AKI. In chapter 2 and chapter 3, we focused on the determination of the most ideal collection and storage conditions prior to the biomarker measurements. In chapter 4 the goal was to establish reference values for these novel biomarkers for healthy subjects with special attention for age and gender. In the following chapters we investigated the utility of these biomarkers in different clinical settings. Chapter 5 was attributed to the research we conducted on the association between KIM-1 and urinary...

  11. The role of mast cells and their secreted factors in central nervous system trauma

    Nelissen, Sofie
    Traumatic CNS injuries, which are caused by the impact of an external force, are a significant cause of death worldwide and can lead to many medical problems that alter body functions, produce permanent impairments and affect an individual’s ability to engage in daily activities. The mature CNS is unable to completely repair following a traumatic injury [36, 37]. This is in contrast to both the peripheral nervous system and the developing CNS, which both demonstrate remarkable regenerative capacities [294, 295]. Tackling the high mortality, costs and incidence associated with CNS trauma demand a better understanding of the nervous system, the...

  12. T cell homeostasis: disturbed in autoimmune diseases?

    Broux, Bieke
    Based on all data gathered in this thesis, combined with findings of other groups, we designed a hypothesis on the possible role of CD4+CD28- T cells in MS (Figure 6.1). In peripheral lymphoid tissues of CMV infected individuals or persons with an (auto-)immune disorder, CD4+ T cells lose CD28 as a result of chronic stimulation (175). This way, CD4+CD28- T cells arise. This cell population has cytotoxic and inflammation-seeking properties and an effector-memory phenotype (168). In the serum of MS patients, IL-15 was shown to be upregulated. We found that IL-15 preferentially induced proliferation of CD4+CD28- T cells, further expanding...

  13. Patient safety and safety culture in Belgian hospitals

    Vlayen, Annemie
    Since the publication of the report ‘To err is human’ by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in 1999, public attention was drawn to the importance and magnitude of the issue of patient harm from medical errors. Patient safety is defined by the IOM as a subset of quality of care and focuses on the way in which risks on unintentional and evitable harm to the patient are handled in the organization of care. Patient safety should be the top priority in every healthcare organization. Still often, it is not enough in the attention of healthcare professionals and organizations. Lack of...

  14. The role of TNF-α, ADAM17 and IL-13 in CNS injury and repair

    Vidal, Pia M.
    SCI is devastating pathology associated with a significant impact on life expectancy and quality, as well as a considerable economic cost. To date there is no cure available; hence there is an urgent need to identify efficient therapies. In order to achieve this, it is important to clearly identify the temporal and spatial role of specific target molecules; it may well be that some molecules play a regenerative role during the acute phase, while a more harmful effect may be observed at later stages, or vice versa. In this thesis, we firstly examined the potential effects of the “antiinflammatory” cytokine...

  15. Cholesterol and its receptors in neuroinflammation

    Timmermans, Silke
    Het doel van dit doctoraatsproefschrift was om na te gaan in welke mate centrale en/of perifere elektrische stimulatie kan leiden tot veranderingen in neuroplasticiteit en of deze stimulatie het functieherstel van spieren en/of zenuwen kan bevorderen bij personen met neurodegeneratieve aandoeningen. Bij patiënten met multiple sclerose (MS) verloopt de revalidatie vaak moeizaam. Naast psychologische klachten zijn de voornaamste symptomen: vermoeidheid, verlies van kracht, spasticiteit, gevoelsstoornissen en motorische coördinatieproblemen. Vanuit therapeutisch perspectief zijn we vooral geïnteresseerd in een eenvoudige en betaalbare revalidatietherapie die minimaal belastend is voor de patiënt en die leidt tot positieve langetermijneffecten. Elektrostimulatietherapie wordt reeds jaren gebruikt voor...

  16. On complications of Orthognatic Surgery

    Politis, Constantinus
    Surgeons are fallible both in how they wield their scalpel and in the language they use. Between the patient’s expectations and satisfaction with the result lies a journey where both the patient and surgeon will participate with intensity and trust. In case of difficulties or complications, the negatives will pervade the surgeon’s practice and occupy thoughts about the cause of these outcomes and the ways to treat them and prevent their occurrence in the future. Evidence-based literature in orthognathic surgery is scarce. The large volume of published literature is difficult to compare because of different methods used, their rapid pace...

  17. MAPKinases in cadmium or copper-mediated oxidative stress in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Opdenakker, Kelly
    Over the past decades, toxic concentrations of metals accumulated in soils by human activities, such as mining and industrial processes. In plants, metals interfere with essential physiological processes, like photosynthesis, transpiration and respiration, resulting in growth retardation and chlorosis. At the cellular level, metal exposure leads to an increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), thereby disturbing the cellular redox status and causing oxidative damage to cellular components. However, ROS can also act as signalling molecules in normal cell metabolism as well as in defence responses against biotic and abiotic stresses. In this way, ROS can interact with different signalling...

  18. Morphological, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of human dental pulp stem cells after neuronal and glial cell differentiation

    Martens, Wendy

  19. An Individually Tailored Behaviour Change Programme for Cardiovascular Prevention: Effectiveness and Cost- Effectiveness

    Jacobs, Nele

  20. Effect of exercise therapy on muscle contractile properties in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis

    Broekmans, Tom

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