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  1. Regional cerebral saturation monitoring in cardiac arrest patients

    Genbrugge, Cornelia
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the act of giving chest compressions, rescue breathings and early defibrillation in cardiac arrest (CA) patients. The main goal of CPR is to preserve the pre-arrest neurological state by maintaining sufficient cerebral blood flow and oxygenation and consequently achieving return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC). During pre-hospital CPR, monitoring possibilities are limited and do not give information about the brain. Cerebral oxygen saturation (rSO2) measured via near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology is non-invasive, provides continuous information about the oxygenation of the brain and moreover is independent of a pulsatile signal. Therefore, this might be the ideal monitoring parameter...

  2. Inductie en werking van interferon in menselijke lymfoblastoide cellen

    Vervliet, Greta

  3. cDNA phage display as a tool to analyze antibody reactivity in multiple sclerosis

    Govarts, Cindy

  4. Glycine receptors alpha 2 tune cortical network formation

    Morelli, Giovanni
    The development of the brain ranges from early embryogenesis to adolescence in humans. Initially, proliferation and migration of neurons allow the increase in number and correct placement of the neurons in the brain. These neurons will be part of the inhibitory and excitatory circuits of the brain arising after cell differentiation and formation of the synapses. Specifically, intrinsic cues (genetic imprinting) and extrinsic cues (extracellular signals present in the environment) modulate the processes that lead to the proper formation of the brain. Neurotransmitters and their receptors belong to the extrinsic cues influencing all developmental stages. GlyRs are complexes of transmembrane...

  5. Motor fatigability of the upper limb in persons with multiple sclerosis:clinical and neurophysiological insights

    Severijns, Deborah
    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as muscle weakness, decreased sensibility and fatigue. Besides the general feeling of fatigue, persons with MS report a decline in muscle strength after physical activities, which is called motor fatigability. The main goal of this thesis was to study motor fatigability with different protocols to determine if fatigability in the upper limbs and the underlying mechanism of motor fatigability are different in persons with MS. Chapter 1 describes the results of a systematic literature review on the possible assessment methods for motor fatigability. The results...

  6. Immunomodulatory Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

    Dooley, Dearbhaile
    SCI is a devastating pathology which has a significant impact on life expectancy and quality, and also bears considerable economic burden. Despite considerable progress in palliative care, there is currently no therapeutic intervention available which leads to functional recovery. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop new strategies and therapies. Inflammatory responses are a major component of the secondary injury phase and play a key role in regulating the pathogenesis of acute and chronic SCI. However, the continual and dual role of the neuroinflammatory response leaves it difficult to decide upon a single modulatory strategy. Additionally, the role of...

  7. Myocardial Regenerative Capacities of the Cardiac Atrial Appendage Stem Cell

    Fanton, Yanick
    Heart failure as a consequence of myocardial infarction (MI) is one of the major causes of global morbidity and mortality. Stem cells promise to replace the damaged or lost cardiac muscle with functional healthy tissue. However, only moderate therapeutic effects were observed in clinical trials with various stem cell types, likely due to their limited cardiomyogenic differentiation. Recently a new cardiac stem cell population was discovered, called the cardiac atrial appendage stem cell (CASC). These CASCs have typical stem cell properties and possess a superior in vitro myocardial differentiation potential compared to other stem cell types. This project further explored...

  8. Defective myelination in mice lacking the lysophosphatidic acid receptor LPA1: newcomer models for demyelinating and neuroinflammatory diseases.

    Garcia Diaz, Beatriz
    The LPA1- signalling pathway is directly involved and required for a normal myelination as showed by the subsequent alterations observed in the mice lacking this receptor and affecting quantity, quality and organization of myelinated fibers. - The presence of LP A1 has an important role in trafficking PLP from soma to myelin sheet. The absence of this receptor sticks this protein in the endoplasmic reticulum that correlates with cellular loss in null mice and suggests stress-induced apoptosis. - Accordingly to proposed role for LPA1 in myelinization and maintenance of oligodendrocyte viability, intracistemal administration of LP A following cuprizone-induced demyelination promotes...

  9. Molecular and Functional Characterization of Gene Modified T Lymhocytes for Gene Therapy of Human Cancer

    Motmans, Kris
    Despite the tremendous evolution in tumor immunology and immunotherapy, adoptive immunotherapy still has a long way to go before it can be considered as a realistic therapeutic alternative for the treatment of cancer. One of the major problems encountered with the TIL immunotherapy is the availability of large quantities of tumor specific cytotoxic effector cells. Ex vivo expanded Tl L form a heterogeneous population, often exhibiting a low tumor specificity and/or cytotoxicity. The objective of this work was to explore, in an experimental in vitro system, the possibility to develop novel adoptive treatments for human breast cancer, based on the...

  10. De chimerisatie van een antilichaam gericht tegen borstkankercellen

    Meulemans, Els
    Monoclonale antilichamen die gebruikt worden voor in vivo diagnostiek en humane therapie moeten bij voorkeur van humane oorsprong zijn. Om de immunogeoiciteit van dierliJ'ke antilichamen te reduceren worden chimere antilichamen gemaakt Het doel van deze studie is een chimeer antilichaam te construeren dat gericht is tegen humane borstkankercellen. Een monoclonaal antilichaam 5DIO (IgG3) gericht tegen de humane borstkankercellijn MCF-7 werd aangemaakt door het fusioneren van miltcellen van een geunmuoiseerde muis met muis SP2/0 cellen (Plessers e.a., 1986). Dit 5010 antilichaam bleek een aneuploidie-geassocieerd antigeen te herkennen. Het RNA van de muis hybridoma cellijn die het 5010 antilichaam aangemaakt, werd geisoleerd....

  11. Clinical Relevance of NCD-based, Real-Time and Label-Free Sensor Platforms. A Focus on DNA SNP Mutation and Protein Biomarker Detection in Patient-Derived Samples

    Vanden Bon, Natalie
    A biosensor is an integrated device, combining a biological recognition element with a transducer. The transducer translates the recognition of target molecules into a quantifiable output signal. Since the first biosensor in 1962, a lot of different biosensor platforms are developed for a multitude of applications, but mostly for medical applications. Biosensors can be categorized by the type of recognition element, like enzymes, antibodies and DNA-molecules. Alternatively, biosensors can be classified based on the type of transduction principle. There are for example electrochemical, optical and piezoelectrical biosensors

  12. Whole cell biosensing: From new applications to novel sensing technology

    Deprez, Karolien
    Living mammalian cells are considered to be the best alternative to animal tests, for the prediction of in vivo effects. Therefore, they are widely applied as effect sensors in (eco)toxicology, drug screening and food quality control. Aside from their application as effect sensors, increasing knowledge on cell receptors and their signaling pathways have enabled the development of targeted whole cell sensors, often reporter gene assays, for the detection of specific molecules or groups of (structurally related) molecules. Their capacity to react to very small concentrations of certain molecules (into the attomolar range) makes them excellent tools for detection of molecules...

  13. Neurostimulation to treat brain injury?

    Schonfeld, Lisa

  14. Cardiac Regenerative Therapy: from bone marrow stem cells to cardiac progenitors

    Koninckx, Remco
    After a MI the heart function is severely diminished due to an irreversible loss of CMs. The heart is no longer considered a static organ but contains some intrinsic regenerative capacity which however is not sufficient to restore function after MI. Regenerative stem cell therapy is a promising approach to improve cardiac function. Since Bone marrow-derived stem cells can be transplanted in a autologous setting and are easy accessible, they were seen as a potential source of stem cells to be transplanted in the infarcted heart. In chapter 3 we described the isolation, characterization, functionality and myocardial differentiation potential of...

  15. The role of SPAG16 and anti-SPAG16 antibodies in multiple sclerosis

    de Bock, Laura

  16. Gp130 cytokines in multiple sclerosis: a role in autoimmunity and remyelination

    Janssens, Kris
    MS is a chronic disabling disease of the CNS, for which current therapies are able to delay disease progression but cannot prevent it. Moreover, for patients in the progressive phase, available therapies largely fail to provide any benefit. Thus, there is an urgent need for novel therapies that can limit and resolve CNS degeneration besides modulating the immune response. Interesting candidates for dual mode therapy are two members of the gp130 cytokine family, namely LIF and OSM. These cytokines can exert similar effects as they both signaling through the LIFR, however human OSM can have additional effects by activating its...

  17. Adverse events in acute hospitals: Methodological aspects and results of a record review in patients with an unplanned transfer to a higher level of care

    MARQUET, Kristel
    The objectives of this study were to determine the incidence and preventability of adverse events requiring an unplanned higher level of care - defined as an unplanned transfer to the intensive care unit or an in-hospital medical emergency team intervention - and to assess the type and the level of harm of each adverse event. A three-stage retrospective review process of screening, record review and consensus judgment was performed in six Belgian acute hospitals.

  18. Movement and muscle activation patterns of the shoulder girdle after stroke

    DE BAETS, Liesbet
    A proper and pain free shoulder function is essential for accurate performance of daily activities and contributes to daily life autonomy and quality of life. The brain damage underlying a stroke results in several motor impairments such as muscle weakness, increased muscle tone, pathological muscle synergies and altered temporal muscle activity. At the level of the shoulder complex, these impairments may specifically hamper scapulohumeral control, i.e. the adaptation of scapular position and movement according to the humeral position. Reduced scapulohumeral control is known to contribute to the difficulties individuals with stroke (IwS) experience when moving their paretic arm. Upper limb...

  19. Aptamers as a tool to detect estrogens

    Vanschoenbeek, Katrijn
    Biosensoren vormen een verlengde van de menselijke kijk op de wereld. Mensen zijn uiterst gevoelig voor de fysische omgeving en zijn in staat veranderingen in bijvoorbeeld licht, temperatuur en vochtigheid waar te nemen. De gevoeligheid van mensen voor de chemische en biologische omgeving is daarentegen veel beperkter. Levenskwaliteit is echter sterk afhankelijk van geschikte chemische of biologische composities. Afwijkingen in het menselijke lichaam (bv. betreffende metabolieten, metaalionen, hormonen en eiwitten) kunnen iemands gezondheid negatief beïnvloeden. Afwijkingen in de omgeving (bv. betreffende zware metalen, explosieven en hormonen) zijn nadelig voor de volksgezondheid. Daarom staat de ontwikkeling van uiterst sensitieve en specifieke...

  20. Phenotyping the Heart Failure Syndrome: Towards Individualized Patient Care

    Verbrugge, Frederik H.
    Despite major advances over the last five decades in the treatment of chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, important challenges still lay ahead. The steadily increasing prevalence of heart failure and the improved survival of patients suffering from it have caused a dramatic rise in hospital admissions, mostly for signs and symptoms of congestion. Novel pharmacological therapies, innovative devices and new treatment strategies are underway and tested in diverse clinical studies, which will undoubtedly provide clinicians with more tools to tackle this problem. However, also with currently available therapeutic options, one can make a difference through better targeting of...

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