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  1. Activity-based Travel Demand Forecasting using FEATHERS: Model Extension, Evaluation, and Execution

    Bao, Qiong

  2. An epidemiological approach to explain crash risk and crash severity for different types of road users at roundabouts

    Daniels, Stijn
    Although roundabouts exist almost as long as cars do, they only became common in continental Europe during the 80’s and the 90’s of the twentieth century. In North America they even emerged only recently. Knowledge and insights on traffic operations and safety on roundabouts have evolved considerably. Roundabouts have some intrinsic properties that are believed to improve traffic safety when they are constructed: they reduce speeds considerably and they decrease the number of possible conflict points between road users. Apart from their effects on traffic safety, roundabouts are considered to be adequate intersection types for accommodating high traffic flows, particularly...

  3. Explaining activity-related travel behaviour in persons with disabilities by means of health condition and contextual factors

    Neven, An
    Mobility, or the making of (physical) trips from one place to another, is one of the basic conditions to participate in professional, social and economic life. Individuals have a personal need to perform various activities, and for this reason they have to travel to the destination where this specific activity takes place. Persons with disabilities (PWD) may experience multiple functional disorders, which can have an influence on their functioning and by which their participation in society can be limited, leading to a decline in independence and autonomy; as well as to societal and economic consequences for the wider society. According...

  4. Refined tools for micro-modeling in transportation research

    Knapen, Luk

  5. The effect evaluation of traffic safety measures. A before-and-after study approach

    DE PAUW, Ellen

  6. Sequence Alignment Methods in Web Usage Mining

    HAY, Birgit
    The World Wide Web creates a universal space of information that can be accessed by individuals, companies, government, universities, students, teachers and business people. In this chapter, the World Wide Web is introduced by describing its origin, growth and how it became one of the world’s largest databases. Web Mining studies discover and analyze useful information from the World Wide Web. An overview of different topics in Web Mining studies is given. Finally, we describe and motivate our research statement, followed by the outline of this dissertation. … A well-known problem in studies of web usage behavior is extracting information...

  7. Modelling private road transport of Flemisch households. The mobility and welfare effects of fuel taxes versus tradable fuel rights.

    KEPPENS, Mark

  8. Identifying and profiling hazardous locations by means of quantitative techniques

    Geurts, Karolien
    In this research, we had two main research objectives. First, we wanted to investigate how hazardous accident locations are currently identified and ranked in Flanders (the Flemish speaking community of Belgium). More specifically, the objective was to perform a sensitivity analysis, based on the same data used to select and rank the 1,014 accident sites that are currently considered as dangerous by the Flemish government, to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of this approach to rank and select dangerous accident sites. Second, in order to develop effective countermeasures to reduce the number of accidents at dangerous locations, one should properly...

  9. In silico identification of novel bioactive peptides in metazoa

    Liu, Feng

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