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  1. Impedance based biosensor platform design and applications

    DUCHATEAU, Stijn
    The constant evolution of biological sensors has given a boost to the development of new E-health applications. Glucose sensors, blood and pregnancy tests all use a biological recognition element to detect a physiological change. However the readout of these biomimetic layers still needs some research. One of the methods suited for this readout is Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. This powerful, non-invasive measurement technique is a well- established method in the field of biological research. Although impedance analyzers are readily available, a combination of high cost, large form factor and lack of a user-friendly operating method makes them unsuited for home use...
    (137; application/pdf) - 26-nov-2016

  2. Novel strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of aseptic sterilisation processes by means of a multi-sensor set-up

    Reisert, Steffen
    The aseptic processing and packaging of food, in combination with the possibilities of aseptic storage, transport and packaging recycling, represents one of the most sustainable technologies in modern food processing and contributes significantly to reducing the losses of fruits, vegetables and milk and to increase the availability of this food all over the world. In contrast to conventional food processing methods, product and container are continuously sterilised separately and brought together under sterile conditions. This allows for a gentler thermal treatment of the product, while maintaining the benefits of an extended shelf life and the storage without refrigeration. Besides the...
    (170; application/pdf) - 26-nov-2016

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