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    Kadi, Si Ammar; Guermah, Hocine; Bannelier, Carole; Berchiche, Mokrane; Gidenne, Thierry
    [EN] The nutritive value and potential use of sundried sulla hay (Hedysarum flexuosum, g/kg as feed: 885 dry matter, 438 neutral detergent fibre (NDF), 337 acid detergent fibre (ADF), 80 acid detergent lignin and 147 crude protein (CP) for growing rabbits was studied by comparing three diets (regression method) containing an increasing inclusion rate of sulla hay (S): 0% (control, S0), 15 % (S15) and 30% (S30) in substitution for control diet (294 g NDF and 179 g CP/ kg). Three groups of 30 rabbits (individually caged) were fed ad libitum the three diets from weaning (35 d, mean weight:...
    - 14-feb-2018


    Gerencsér, Zs.; Matics, Zs.; Nagy, I.; Szendro, Zs.
    [EN] In this experiment the authors examined the effects of the colour of light and reproductive rhythm on rabbit does' production. The does (n=122) were first inseminated at the age of 16.5 weeks and housed in two rooms. In the first room, white coloured light was applied (W) and blue lighting (B) was used in the second room. In both rooms, the does were randomly divided into two subgroups and inseminated using a reproductive rhythm of 42 (42D) and 56 (56D) days, respectively. The rabbit does' production was examined over 336 days (8 and 6 reproduction cycles in groups 42D...
    - 14-feb-2018

  3. Economic impact of decreasing stocking densities in broiler rabbit production based on Belgian farm data

    Verspecht, Ann; Maertens, Luc; Vanhonacker, F.; Tuyttens, Frank; Van Huylenbroeck, Guido; Verbeke, Wim
    [EN] Stocking density is a prominent issue in public debates on farm animal welfare. Public perceptions and economic impact of reduced stocking density should be considered, along with effects on animal performances and welfare. In this paper, experimental data and accountancy data based on 15 Belgian farms were combined to calculate the financial impact of different stocking densities on broiler rabbit farm profitability. Using the partial budget technique, only those elements that change with stocking density were taken into account. From the experiment, feed conversion and feed intake were found to increase slightly though significantly with decreasing stocking density, although...
    - 14-feb-2018

  4. Dried chicory root (Cichorium intybus L.) as a natural fructan source in rabbit diet: effects on growth performance, digestion and caecal and carcass traits.

    Volek, Zdenek; Marounek, Milan
    [EN] Three experimental diets were formulated including (per kg) 100 g oats (control diet), 50 g chicory root (Chicory 5 diet) or 100 g chicory root (Chicory 10 diet) at the expense of oats. The diets differed with respect to starch and fructan contents. In the performance trial, 120 Hyplus rabbits were randomly allocated to three groups (two rabbits per cage) and fed one of the three experimental diets between 31 and 73 days of age. At the end of the trial period, 20 rabbits per treatment were slaughtered and used for evaluation of carcass traits. In addition, the coefficients...
    - 14-feb-2018

  5. Dietary effect of short-chain organic acids on growth performance, mortality and development of intestinal lymphoid tissues in young non-medicated rabbits

    Romero, Carlos; García Rebollar, Pilar; Dal Bosco, Alessandro; Castellini, Cesare; Cardinali, Raffaella
    [EN] This work aimed to test the effect of a dietary inclusion of formic and citric acids on growth performance, mortality, jejunal histology and development of intestinal lymphoid tissues in growing non-medicated rabbits. For that purpose, a diet including the acids (diet A) was compared to a control diet (diet C). Sixty rabbits weaned at 28 days were submitted to each diet. At 56 and 77 days, ten rabbits were slaughtered to assess caecal traits, jejunal histology and follicular development in the caudal ileal Peyer's patch and in the appendix. In the 56-77 d period, average daily gain of rabbits...
    - 14-feb-2018

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