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The Tapestry of Russian Christianity: Studies in History and Culture

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  1. Front Matter

  2. Table of Contents

  3. The Tapestry of Russian Christianity: Studies in History and Culture

    Published by the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures with the assistance of the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210.

  4. Preface

    Spock, Jennifer B.

  5. Introduction: Christianity East and West

    Lupinin, Nickolas; Ostrowski, Donald

  6. Glossary

  7. Chronology of the Russian Orthodox Church (10th Century to 1917)

  8. Vladimir’s Conversion to Christianity: Divine Providence and the Taking of Kherson

    Prestel, David K.

  9. Politics and Hierarchy in the Early Rus' Church: Antonii, a 13th-century Archbishop of Novgorod

    Majeska, George P.

  10. Another Look at the Solid Iconostasis in the Russian Orthodox Church

    Arida, Robert M.

  11. Round Up the Usuals and a Few Others: Glimpses into the Knowledge, Role, and Use of Church Fathers in Rus' and Russian Monasticism, Late 11th to Early 16th Centuries

    Goldfrank, David M.

  12. The Moscow Councils of 1447 to 1589 and the Conciliar Period in Russian Orthodox Church History

    Ostrowski, Donald

  13. Cultural Diversity, Imperial Strategies, and the Issue of Faith: Religious Toleration in Early Modern Russia in Comparative Perspective

    Arel, Maria Salomon

  14. Praying for the Dead in Muscovy: Kinship Awareness and Orthodox Belief in the Commemorations of Muscovite Royalty

    Martin, Russell E.

  15. Northern Russian Monastic Culture

    Spock, Jennifer B.
    The breakup of the Soviet Union awoke a renewed fascination in Russian Orthodoxy that reanimated interest in monasticism and its cultural impact on Russian history. Yet the modern period had produced little rigorous research into early Russian Orthodox monasticism as a spiritual way of life. Among other things, the organic quality of Orthodox monastic life requires a discussion of monasteries’ regional contexts and the role of the leader/teacher. Regional context and spiritual leadership reveal differences among similar types of communities (such as differences among various cenobia, or among various sketes) in social make-up, economic function, and even pious forms. Another important direction to pursue is to move away from a focus...

  16. Between Forgiveness and Indulgence: Funerary Prayers of Absolution in Russia

    Chrissidis, Nikolaos
    The custom of placing a written prayer of absolution in the hands of the deceased right before burial is attested in Russia since medieval times. The text of the prayer varied even after the appearance of printed liturgical books. The essay analyzes the text of the prayer as it crystallized by the 19th century (and is in use to this day) and compares it to Eastern Orthodox synchōrochartia (patriarchal letters of absolution). The conclusion is that since the late 19th century (if not before) Russians have been buried with an Eastern Orthodox indulgence.

  17. Old Believer Communities: Ideals and Structures

    Crummey, Robert O.
    This article originally appeared in Old Believers in a Changing World (DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2011).

  18. The Tradition of Elders (Startsy) in 19th-century Russia

    Lupinin, Nickolas

  19. Russian Orthodoxy and Women’s Spirituality in Imperial Russia

    Worobec, Christine D.

  20. Rediscovering the Orthodox Past: The Microhistorical Approach to Religious Practice in Imperial Russia

    Freeze, Gregory L.
    This article originally appeared in Russian: Friz [Freeze], "Otkryvaia zanovo pravoslavnoe proshloe".

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