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  1. Everything you always wanted to know about blank nodes (but were afraid to ask)

    Hogan, Aidan; Arenas, Macelo; Mallea, Alejandro; Polleres, Axel
    In this paper we thoroughly cover the issue of blank nodes, which have been defined in RDF as "existential variables". We first introduce the theoretical precedent for existential blank nodes from first order logic and incomplete Information in database theory. We then cover the different (and sometimes incompatible) treatment of blank nodes across the W3C stack of RDF-related standards. We present an empirical survey of the blank nodes present in a large sample of RDF data published on the Web (the BTC-2012 dataset), where we find that 25.7% of unique RDF terms are blank nodes, that 44.9% of documents and...
    (application/pdf) - 17-dic-2016

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