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Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law: Volume 14:1 (Fall 2016)

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  1. "Mitigate From Day One": Why Effective Defense Advocates Do Not Prioritize Liberty over Life in Death Penalty Cases

    Cheng, Jesse

  2. Betterman v. Montana and the Underenforcement of Constitutional Rights at Sentencing

    Hessick, Carissa Byrne

  3. American Criminal Record Exceptionalism

    Lapp, Kevin
    Review of: James B. Jacobs, The Eternal Criminal Record (Harvard University Press 2015).

  4. Strengthening Justice in the U.S.: The Impact of Scientific Research

    Rodriguez, Nancy

  5. Rigged: When Race and Poverty Determine Outcomes in the Criminal Courts

    Bright, Stephen B.

  6. Motive and Suspicion: Florida v. Jardines and the Constitutional Right to Protection from Suspicionless Dragnet Investigations

    Leonetti, Carrie

  7. Arbitrariness and the California Death Penalty

    Altman, Matthew C.

  8. Marijuana Rescheduling: A Partial Prescription for Policy Change

    Wallack, Grace; Hudak, John

  9. Prosecutorial Discretion in the Context of Immigration and Marijuana Law Reform: The Search for a Limiting Principle

    Kamin, Sam

  10. Disciplinary Regulation of Prosecutors as a Remedy for Abuses of Prosecutorial Discretion: A Descriptive and Normative Analysis

    Green, Bruce A.; Levine, Samuel J.

  11. Competing Case Studies of Structural Reform Litigation in American Police Departments

    Rushin, Stephen

  12. Evaluating Section 14141: An Empirical Review of Pattern or Practice Police Misconduct Reform

    Chanin, Joshua

  13. Federal Civil Litigation as an Instrument of Police Reform: A Natural Experiment Exploring the Effects of the Floyd Ruling on Stop-and-Frisk Activities in New York City

    White, Michael D.; Fradella, Henry F.; Morrow, Weston J.; Mellom, Doug

  14. The Civil Side of Criminal Procedure: Back to the Future?

    Dripps, Donald A.

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