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  1. Omni-channel service operations: Building technology-based business networks

    Reis, João Carlos Gonçalves dos; Amorim, Marlene Paula Castro; Melão, Nuno Filipe Rosa
    This article investigates how omni-channel services operations are building technology-based business networks. It uses a case study research, which includes multiple sources of data collection for triangulation purposes, to study a real-life phenomenon. The results suggest that omni-channel companies are changing their landscape to business networks, looking for competitive advantages over their rivals. But this move incorporates new challenges, as it requires a transition based on operations management to allow these firms to adapt their processes and channels, in order to be able to collaborate in a heterogeneous network of firms. Another possible solution is the integration of innovation technologies...
    - 05-dic-2017

  2. Research Opportunities in Multi-channel Services: A Systematic Review

    Reis, João Carlos Gonçalves dos; Amorim, Marlene Paula Castro; Melão, Nuno Filipe Rosa
    The present study presents the results of a systematic review on multi-channel services, to synthesize the existing body of knowledge and propose avenues for further research. We present theories that are widely corroborated, as well as suggestions presented by scholars that represent research opportunities. Towards this aim, using a comprehensive review of 118 peer-reviewed articles, the results suggest that existing studies are mainly focused on the analysis of consumer interactions with multi-channel front-office services, whereas the management of back-office processes and control aspects remain largely undressed. These topics represent strategic challenges and opportunities for future research.
    - 28-ago-2017

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