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  1. Uncovering patterns of interest in useful plants. Frequency analysis of individual students’ interest types as a tool for planning botany teaching units

    Pany, Peter; Heidinger, Christine
    [EN] The paper presented examines how useful plants can help counteracting “plant blindness” – a phenomenon leading people to overlook plants in everyday-life. Recent research indicates that people are most likely interested in useful plants, hence this group of plants could be used to trigger interest in botanical content in general. This study has investigated the structure of interest in five subgroups of useful plants (medicinal plants, stimulant herbal drugs, spice plants, edible plants, and ornamental plants). For this purpose, the FEIN-questionnaire (Fragebogen zur Erhebung des Interesses an Nutzpflanzen = Questionnaire acquiring interest in useful plants) was filled in by...

  2. The impact of Continuous Assessment on a temporal perspective: the results of a pioneering experiment at the University of Barcelona (Spain)

    Montolio, Daniel
    [EN] This study completes the works by Gallardo, Montolio and Camós (2010) and Gallardo and Montolio (2011) and brings new evidence on the impact of continuous assessment on students’ results. We use a complete dataset with information regarding both the subjects taught and the results obtained by students at the Public Administration and Management Diploma Course of the University of Barcelona (Spain) that was a pioneering experiment at this university in implementing the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) back in 2004. More precisely, we have information for seven academic years (2001/2002 – 2007/2008) on i) the lecturer...

  3. The epistemic representation: visual production and communication of scientific knowledge.

    López Cantos, Francisco
    [EN] Despite its great influence on the History of Science, visual representations have attracted marginal interest until very recently and have often been regarded as a simple aid for mere illustration or scientific demonstration. However, it has been shown that visualization is an integral element of reasoning and a highly effective and common heuristic strategy in the scientific community and that the study of the conditions of visual production and communication are essential in the development of scientific knowledge.In this paper we deal with the nature of the various forms of visual representation of knowledge that have been happening throughout...

  4. The effect of the reutilization of an open educational experience on the improvement of the reflexive process of education - learning in university students.

    Ramirez, C.; Lorenzo, J.; Jiménez, A.C.; Rivilla-García, J.
    [EN] The aim of this experience has been to analyze the effect on the improvement of the process of education - learning, the interest and the perception of the student body that generates the reutilization of aopen didactic resource. For that 115 students of the Degree in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport, realized a recording of an educational lesson. After the recording, the students in his teachers’ role, did a reflexive and personal analysis on there verbal communication, the answer of the students on the educational speech, body language and didactic aspects. Afterwards a group reflection was made about...

  5. Teacher identity construction and plurilingual competence: a longitudinal study about language teaching in multilingual contexts

    Palou Sangrà, Juli; Tresserras Casals, Eva
    [EN] This article is part of a thesis dissertation focused on cognition and belief systems about prior language learning experience, teacher education and classroom practice. This document examines teacher identity construction in relation to plurilingual competence.We want to study a dynamic identity, which is constructed in the here and now. We use the European Council contents for language teaching.The central purpose is analyzing belief systems in relation to the teaching of languages in plurilingual contexts. We focus our analysis on teacher understandings of their new social challenges and how they respond in and to these situations.The interactional data was gathered...

  6. Keeping Teachers Up-to-date is essential to reach and maintain a High Quality University Education

    Aguilar-Santelises, Leonor; Corona Ortega, María Teresa; Cruz-Millán, Margarita; Rojas-Fernández, Antonia Guillermina; Aguilar-Santelises, Miguel; García del Valle, Araceli
    [EN] A multidisciplinary group of teachers and scientists from the Faculty for Higher Education (FES) Zaragoza from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has been working during several years, forwarding and testing strategies for the continuous improvement of biochemistry theoretical and experimental teaching, within the various levels from the chemistry, pharmacy and biology (QFB) curricula at our University. To provide our teachers with modern teaching abilities to satisfy current national demands of high-level education is our top priority. Therefore, we offer various activities to promote their continuous scientific and didactic updating. We also encourage self-awareness on the strong need...

  7. Instrumentation of Microscale Techniques for Biochemistry Teaching at FES Zaragoza, UNAM

    García-del Valle, Araceli; Corona-Ortega, María Teresa; Cruz-Millán, Margarita; Rojas-Fernández, Antonia Guillermina; Aguilar-Santelises, Miguel; Aguilar-Santelises, Leonor
    [EN] Biochemistry teaching requires many laboratory sessions where theoretical knowledge may be put on test. At the same time, there is always some risk due to exposure to toxic materials, dangerous chemicals storage and waste disposal. Compliance with new regulations to prevent environmental contamination may also constitute a real hindrance for biochemistry teaching as experimental science. Therefore, we have designed microscale techniques, in order to reduce costs as well as the negative impact of laboratory practical sessions due to risk and environmental contamination. To develop microscale techniques does not only mean to reduce equipment size and amount of the reagents...

  8. Construction and Evaluation of Scenarios as a Learning Strategy through Modelling-Simulation

    Peñaloza Figueroa, Juan Luis; Vargas Perez, Carmen
    [EN] From a systemic perspective and in the context of an increasing generalization in the use of new technologies and the change in the educational paradigm -which emphasizes guided and autonomous learning-, the learning strategy should be routed to join logical reasoning and instrumental skills (software). The inclusion of new computing and communication resources to the learning process turns them into teaching tools, which makes it possible to organize the teaching and learning process in a different way. The design of these new scenarios of study has important implications to the way information is processed, to the different levels of...

  9. Calculator: A Hardware Design, Math and Software Programming Project Base Learning

    Criado, F.; Costero, L.; Cabeza, P.; Sanchez-Elez, M.
    [EN] This paper presents the implementation by the students of a complex calculator in hardware. This project meets hardware design goals, and also highly motivates them to use competences learned in others subjects. The learning process, associated to System Design, is hard enough because the students have to deal with parallel execution, signal delay, synchronization … Then, to strengthen the knowledge of hardware design a methodology as project based learning (PBL) is proposed. Moreover, it is also used to reinforce cross subjects like math and software programming. This methodology creates a course dynamics that is closer to a professional environment...

  10. Beliefs and Tensions of Kindergarten Pre Service Students: a Three Case Longitudinal Study

    Pérez Peitx, Mireia; Fons-Esteve, Montserrat
    [EN] This present work is part of a four-year-project related to the pre service teachers’ beliefs’ about initial literacy from the University of Barcelona. In particular, this paper presents the evolution of beliefs and tensions from the first to the second year of training from three pre service kindergarten students. The final aim of the project is to make proposals in order to improve teacher education. So far, it can be confirmed that beliefs are resistant to change but not immovable. Some core beliefs have been identified and they have incorporated new information acquired during the second year of training,...

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