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  1. La explotación intensa de los acuíferos en la cuenca baja del Segura y en la cuenca del Vinalopó

    Sahuquillo, Andrés
    [EN] The carbonate aquifers of the Lower Segura Basin and the Vinalopó basin, along with some other granular aquifers are being exploited well above its average recharge for almost half a century. That causes a continuous decline of groundwater levels in most of the region, up to 5m/year in some cases and more than 300m from their initial situation in some areas, thus increasing the cost of groundwater pumping. The drop in levels produced the drying of springs and wetlands and increased salinity in some areas caused by the presence of saline formations. Against these problems is the increase in...
    - 24-abr-2018

  2. Estabilidad de personas en flujos de agua

    Martínez-Gomariz, E.; Gómez, M.; Russo, B.
    [EN] Our cities are formed by several elements which are exposed to floods of a magnitude according to the importance of the rainfall event and the design of the urban drainage system. The most important components in the cities are the pedestrians who develop various activities during rain events. Focusing on pedestrians, the research on their stability when they are exposed to water flows provides the necessary knowledge to understand and manage the associated hazard for them. In this research, several experiments with humans were carried out in order to determine the stability limits to pedestrians crossing through a water...
    - 17-abr-2018

  3. Dissipação de energia do escoamento deslizante sobre turbilhões em vertedouros em degraus de declividade 1V:1H

    Dai Prá, M.; Priebe, P.S.; Sanagiotto, D.G.; Marques, M.G.
    [EN] The energy dissipation along the chute is the stepped spillway’s main function. With those structures the reduction of residual energy at the dam’s toe is sought, allowing lower cost with the construction of dissipation structures downstream the spillway. The study characterizes energy dissipation on sliding flow in skimming flow on stepped spillways with slope of 45° (1V:1H), through experimental analysis in 4 physical models, one with flat chute and three stepped chutes with steps of 30mm, 60mm and 90mm. Aspects related to flow’s energy dissipation were evaluated, especially those related to mean levels of water on aerated and non-aerated...
    - 17-abr-2018

  4. Análisis regional de frecuencia de precipitaciones extremas en el Norte de Mozambique

    Álvarez, M.; Puertas, J.; Peña, E.
    [EN] Extreme precipitation events that occur over internal basins of Cabo Delgado (Northern Mozambique) often result in the occurrence of flood events with associated loss of life and infrastructure. This paper presents a study of regional frequency analysis of maximum daily precipitations based on the index flood procedure with estimated parameters by L-moments approach. Observed annual maximum daily precipitation series of 12 stations with records of more than 20 years were analyzed. The discordancy and heterogeneity measures based on the L-moments suggest that the region can be considered as homogeneous. Among the candidate distributions analyzed Monte Carlo simulations identified the...
    - 17-abr-2018

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