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Ocean Engineering Collection

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  1. Efficient Sequential Monte Carlo Using Interpolation

    Hover, Franz S.
    A limitation common to all sequential Monte Carlo algorithms is the computational demand of accurately describing an arbitrary distribution, which may preclude real-time implementation for some systems. We propose using interpolation to construct a high accuracy approximation to the importance density. The surrogate density can then be efficiently evaluated in place of sampling the true importance density, allowing for the propagation of a large number of particles at reduced cost. Numerical examples are given demonstrating the utility of the approach.
    - 08-jun-2010

  2. Naval Engineering A National Naval Obligation

    Chryssostomidis, Chryssostomos; Bernitsas, Michael; Burke, David
    As part of its national obligations, ONR must ensure US world leadership in those unique technology areas that insure naval superiority. ONR accomplishes this mission through research, recruitment and education, maintaining an adequate base of talent, and sustaining critical infrastructure for research and experimentation. One critical area requiring support by ONR is the "knowledge infrastructure" in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. An innovative knowledge infrastructure in NA & ME consists of two main elements: • People who have the knowledge, skills and experience to perform innovative design and engineering applied to in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering; and • An industry that employs these...
    (726191 bytes; application/pdf) - 23-jun-2010

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