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  1. Efficiency of sampling methods and effort to assess arthropod diversity in Azorean native forests

    Gaspar, Clara; Cardoso, Pedro; Borges, Paulo A. V.; Gaston, Kevin J.
    The BALA project (Biodiversity of Arthropods of Laurisilva of the Azores) is a research initiative to quantify the spatial distribution of arthropod biodiversity in native forests of the Azores archipelago. Arthropods were collected using a combination of two techniques, targeting epigean (ground dwelling) and canopy (arboreal) arthropods: pitfall traps (with Turquin and Ethylene solutions) and beating samples (using the three most dominant plant species). A total of 109 transects distributed amongst 18 forest fragments in seven of the nine Azorean islands were used in this study. The performance of alternative sampling methods and effort were tested. No significant differences were...
    - 28-ene-2017

  2. Lipid extractions from marine deep-sea invertebrates : modifications to the Bligh & Dyer method to increase lipid yields

    Lino, Sílvia P. P.; Solé, Berta; Matos, Valentina; Pereira, Raquel; Xavier, Joana; Santos, Ricardo S.; Colaço, Ana
    The deep-sea environment is difficult to sample, and often only small quantities of samples can be obtained when using less destructive methods than dredging. When working with marine animals that are difficult to sample and with limited quantities of tissue to extract lipids, it is essential to ensure that the used method extracts the maximum possible quantity of lipids. This study evaluates the efficiency of introducing modifications to the method originally described by Bligh & Dyer (1959). This lipid extraction method is broadly used with modifications, although these usually lack proper description and evaluation of increment in lipids. In this...
    - 09-feb-2017

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