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  1. Coordinating morphology with behavior during development: an integrative approach from a fly perspective

    Carvalho, Maria João A.; Mirth, Christen K.
    Animals in the wild live in highly variable and unpredictable environments. This variation in their habitat induces animals, at all stages of their development, to make decisions about what to eat, where to live, and with whom to associate. Additionally, animals like insects show dramatic restructuring of their morphology across life stages, which is accompanied by alterations in their behavior to match stage-specific functions. Finally, in a process called developmental plasticity, environmental conditions feed back onto developmental mechanisms producing animals with stage-specific variation in both morphological and behavioral traits. In this review, we use examples from insects to explore the...
    - 18-feb-2017

  2. Stage-Specific Plasticity in Ovary Size Is Regulated by Insulin/Insulin-Like Growth Factor and Ecdysone Signaling in Drosophila

    Mendes, C. C.; Mirth, C. K.
    Animals from flies to humans adjust their development in response to environmental conditions through a series of developmental checkpoints, which alter the sensitivity of organs to environmental perturbation. Despite their importance, we know little about the molecular mechanisms through which this change in sensitivity occurs. Here we identify two phases of sensitivity to larval nutrition that contribute to plasticity in ovariole number, an important determinant of fecundity, in Drosophila melanogaster. These two phases of sensitivity are separated by the developmental checkpoint called "critical weight"; poor nutrition has greater effects on ovariole number in larvae before critical weight than after. We...
    - 02-feb-2017

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