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  1. Notes on fauna associated with an opportunistic artificial reef near cold-water corals

    Gomes-Pereira, José N.; Tempera, Fernando; Ribeiro, P. A.; Porteiro, Filipe M.
    This short communication provides a sporadic insight on the importance of a hard three-dimensional structure for deepwater fish near CWC. Fish size and behaviour inside the structure and in the surrounding area are described. Additionally, a list of biofouling macroorganisms found on the structure after one year of deployment is presented.
    - 09-feb-2017

  2. New data on the spatial distribution of endemic ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from Madeira Island

    Boieiro, Mário; Serrano, Artur R. M.
    Based on standardised sampling methods covering a large fraction of native forest on Madeira Island, new distribution data is reported for 33 species of endemic ground beetles. Most of these species have been found in new localities and their distribution range is now better known. Dromius angustus alutaceus Wollaston, 1857 was "rediscovered" after more than fifty years since the last known record and two rare Philorhizus species (P. conicipennis (Fauvel, 1905) and P. vieirai Mateu, 1957) were also located. Furthermore, two other arboreal endemics (Olisthopus ericae Wollaston, 1854 and O. maderensis Wollaston, 1854) were recorded from many new localities. This...
    - 08-feb-2017

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