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  1. Author Correction: Human Sexual Cycles are Driven by Culture and Match Collective Moods

    Wood, Ian B.; Varela, Pedro L.; Bollen, Johan; Rocha, Luis M.; Gonçalves-Sá, Joana
    This deposit is composed simultaneously by the original published article and also by the "correction" for the published article (erratum).
    - 08-mar-2018

  2. Online behavioral patterns in a health crisis setting: the 2009 pandemic.

    Vieira, Cláudio
    Seasonal flu places a heavy burden on both human populations and health care ser- vices every year, warranting permanent surveillance. Online-based surveillance mod- els harness the collective online search activity of flu-infected individuals to provide real-time monitoring of flu activity. These models assume that most flu-related online behavior is motivated by a flu infection. However, when the flu pandemic emerged in 2009 it resulted in abnormal search behaviors that confounded these models, as several reasons, beyond infection, can motivate individuals to seek flu information. In practice, and despite their potential, current models cannot distinguish whether such activity is related with actual flu infection or not, rendering them useless,...
    - 17-feb-2018

  3. Early and Real-Time Detection of Seasonal Influenza Onset

    Won, Miguel; Marques-Pita, Manuel; Louro, Carlota; Gonçalves-Sá, Joana
    Data are available as supplementary materials. Some of the data is not supported by the repository, so the upload of data is not complete. For the complete data, please visit the publisher version of the article.
    - 15-feb-2017

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