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  1. The Foundations of International Business: Cross-Border Investment Activity and the Balance between Market-Power and Efficiency Effects

    Clougherty, Joe; Kim, Jin Uk; Skousen, Bradley; Szücs, Florian
    The foundational international business (IB) scholarship grappled with whether multinational enterprises (MNEs) are largely efficiency-enhancing or market-power inducing institutions. Contemporary scholarship, however, often associates foreign direct investment (FDI) with efficiency-enhancing properties and thus neglects the market-power interpretation of the MNE. Such an imbalance is problematic given that the theoretical and empirical justifications behind the field's embrace of the efficiency interpretation are not fully evident. Instead, both efficiency and market-power effects are seemingly present in cross-border investment activity. Based on a comprehensive sample of up to 4,361 cross-border investments materializing between 1986 and 2010, we present theoretically-grounded hypotheses with regard to...
    (application/pdf) - 06-sep-2017

  2. Intersexuality and Trans-Identities within the Diversity Management Discourse

    Köllen, Thomas
    Within both the scientific discourse on workforce diversity, and diversity management practice, intersexuality and transgender issues have hitherto remained marginalized topics. This chapter gives an overview of the discourses on both phenomena, and proposes starting points for more inclusive organizational diversity management initiatives. It is shown that both topics represent different aspects of the category of "gender". The common practice of conceptually lumping together intersexuality, transgenderism, and sexual orientation can be seen as one important reason that intersexuality and transgenderism are rarely considered in organizational diversity management programs in terms of concrete action. Against this background, a modified, and more...
    (application/pdf) - 21-feb-2017

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