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Design Project Reports

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  1. Special Operations Forces (SOF) Support Ship Ship Conversion Feasibility Study

    Hardman, William; Soultatis, Charalambos; Wolfson, Dianna
    U.S. Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command

  2. Advanced Gun System (AGS) Backfit

    Higgins, Julie; Rhoads, Jason; Roach, Michael
    U.S. Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command and Program Executive Office SHIPS, PMS 500 DD X Program

  3. Focused Mission High Speed Combatant

    Oller, Erik; Nikou, Vasilios; Psallidas, Konstantinos
    U.S. Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, Program Executive Office SHIPS, PMS 500 DD X Program

  4. SSGN Conversion to Host ALVIN

    Gish, Andrew; Ramsey, Steven; Temme, Michael
    U.S. Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command

  5. LHA(R): Amphibious Assault Ships For The 21st Century

    Bebermeyer, Robert; Galanis, Konstantinos; Price, Shelly
    Amphibious assault ships such as the current LHA and LHD classes are an essential element of the country's ability to exert influence anywhere in the world. The current amphibious assault ships represent the most capable amphibious ships in the world. The LHA 1 class ships are aging, however, with most reaching the end of their expected service lives between 2011 and 2015. It is not feasible to extend the service life of the LHA 1 class due to the rapid technological advances that have taken place during their lifetime. Most have already used their entire growth margin in areas such...

  6. Cobra Judy II Conversion

    Gregor, Jeffrey; Hootman, John; Price, David; Psillidas, Kostas; Whalen, Todd
    The strategic community relies heavily on the Cobra Judy (CJ1) instrumentation to provide high-quality radar and telemetry data for ballistic missile system testing and development. The current CJ1 platform, USNS Observation Island (T-AGM 23), will be 50 years old in 2003, and the CJ1 system requires an upgrade in technology. This report investigates the feasibility of converting an existing ship to a Mobile Test Range Asset in order to field a platform carrying the Cobra Judy II (CJ2) system on a much newer ship. Based on a review of available hull forms and prior research, the Henry J. Kaiser class...

  7. Deep Research Submarine

    Woertz, Jeff; Oller, Erik; Withee, Erek
    The Deep Sea Research Submarine (Figure 1) is a modified VIRGINIA Class Submarine that incorporates a permanently installed Deep Sea Operations Compartment (Figure 2). Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of the Deep Sea Research Submarine and the Deep Sea Operations Compartment. The compartment, inserted as a 46-ft parallel midbody section, carries a heavy lift system capable of retrieving a 15-ton object (submerged weight) from depths greater than 2400 ft. A 26-ft L x 22-ft H x 12-ft W payload bay external to the pressure hull is used to house the object for transport. This payload bay also serves as a...

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