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31st Hayes Graduate Research Forum (March, 2017)

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  1. The Masculine Other: Choreographing for the Asian Male Ballet Dancer

    Ha, Steven
    Classical ballet tends to foreground images of women who are ethereal and lithe, and men who are chivalrous partners and virtuosic athletes. And yet male dancers are often subject to scrutiny in which their masculinity is questioned and their sexuality is assumed to be homosexual. In response, ballet choreographies often emphasize heterosexual relationships and incredible feats of athleticism in attempts to counter such rhetoric through hyper-masculinization. However, what of queer dancers or men who present non-normative gender identities? Or Asian men, who have been historically effeminized through Orientalist discourse? This paper endeavors to consider and develop choreographic strategies that have...

  2. Determining total emissions and environmental drivers of methane flux in a Lake Erie estuarine marsh: The Old Woman Creek Wetland

    Rey-Sanchez, Camilo
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  3. From Failures to Innovation – How Organizations Learn from Failures to Innovate

    Awate, Kiran
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  4. Black Men in No Man's Land: Race, Masculinity, and Citizenship in World War I Literature

    Wilder, Blake
    Nearly 400,000 African Americans served in the U.S. Army during the First World War. At the same time, white servicemen survived wartime injuries at an unprecedented rate. This paper explores how these trends reflect a cultural moment that disrupted Jim Crow narratives about race and masculinity. Through an investigation of scenes where black and white men confront each other on the battlefield, this paper reveals that wartime disruptions engendered new formations of race and masculinity as legible identities. I argue that new depictions of black men as assertive or heroic challenged the reductive stereotypes that were used to justify the...

  5. Hydrostatic Pressure Induces Glioblastoma Cell Death in Tumor Edema Model

    Calhoun, Mark
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  6. Intercultural Competence and College Readiness: A Mixed Methods Study of First-Year Students at a Community College and a Traditional 4-Year University

    Houston, Leona
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  7. Improving speech understanding in bionic hearing prostheses

    Carter, Brittney
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  8. Mixed communities of mucoid and non-mucoid Pseudomonas aeruginosa exhibit enhanced resistance to host antimicrobials

    Sankalp, Malhotra
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  9. Screening Food Microbiota for Novel Antimicrobial Compounds suitable for Food Preservation

    Hussein, Walaa E.
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  10. Managing Medicaid Misclassification: Using Simulation Techniques to Identify Administrative Leverage Points in Policy Implementation

    Frazier, Lisa
    A fundamental challenge for state Medicaid programs is the ongoing task of implementing beneficiary enrollment according to specified eligibility criteria. Errors in enrollment present themselves in the form of eligible individuals not taking up coverage (missed take-up), individuals continually moving on and off the program (churn), and ineligible individuals receiving coverage (fraud). In addition to posing problems for the coverage and continuity of care of vulnerable populations, enrollment errors create difficulties for state program planning, budgeting, and contract arrangements. Despite passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, state Medicaid programs remain varied in the structure of their eligibility categories and...

  11. Hormonal Response to Prolonged Endurance Exercise in Elite Keto-Adapted Ultra-Endurance Athletes

    Hyde, Parker
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  12. Growth in Child Executive Function and Maternal Depressive Symptoms: Maternal Sensitivity as a Mediator

    Ku, Seulki
    This study examined the mediating role of maternal sensitivity in the links between trajectories of maternal depressive symptoms and developmental trajectories of child executive function (EF). Participants were 1,364 children and their mothers from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development date set. Maternal depressive symptoms (from 6 months through grade 5) and sensitivity (from 36 months grade 5) decreased over time, while child EF (from grade 1 to 5) increased over time. Mediation effects were found: first, low levels of maternal depressive symptoms at 6 months predicted high levels...

  13. Optimizing microsatellite instability detection in cancer with MANTIS

    Bonneville, Russell
    Purpose Microsatellites are genomic loci that contain several repeats of short (1-6 base pair) nucleotide sequences. Microsatellite instability (MSI) is a genetic phenomenon in which uncorrected “slippage” of DNA fragments during DNA replication causes the repeat count to vary with cell division. MSI occurs frequently in several human cancers, most commonly colorectal, endometrial, and gastric adenocarcinoma. MSI results from defective DNA mismatch repair (MMR), which can occur either sporadically, or in patients with genetic predispositions. MSI is currently detected in these cancer types using two standard tests: immunohistochemistry (of four MMR proteins) and MSI-PCR (of five microsatellite loci). However, studies have...

  14. Optimization of a Protocol for Visualizing Vascular and Cellular Pore Networks in Human Bone Using Multiphoton Confocal Microscopy

    Cole, Mary
    Biological anthropologists measure changes in bone mass to make inferences about patterns of physical activity in the past. Bone is resorbed in response to low strain, and added in response to high strain. By measuring the typical amount and distribution of bone mass in a population, anthropologists can approximate how different bones were typically bent. They further infer physical behaviors that could have caused this bending pattern in the past population, commonly including subsistence, mobility, terrain, type of transportation, and tool use. About 70% of age-related bone loss in appendicular bones occurs in the cortical “wall” of bone. This is...

  15. The Buzz behind "the Buzz" Matters: Energetic and Tense Arousal as Separate Predictors for Word of Mouth

    Teeny, Jacob
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  16. Biobehavioral Intervention Improves Dietary Patterns and Biomarkers of Carotenoid and Fatty Acid Intakes in Overweight Cancer Survivors

    Hill, Emily B.
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  17. Characterization of Structural and Mechanical Properties of Fat Crystallized Under High Pressure

    Zulkurnain, Musfirah
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  18. What’s Your Potential? The Influence of Joint Kinematics on a Muscle’s Ability to Contribute to the Sit-to-Stand Transfer

    Schloemer, Sarah
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  19. Computational Analysis of Solid Tumor Oxygenation Facilitated by Polymerized Human Hemoglobins

    Belcher, Donald
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    Kang, Seungbeom
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