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  1. Communication across Cultures International Conference: World Hello Day celebrations in Lincoln

    Carroll, Valeria
    The purpose of World Hello Day is to promote peace all over the world, and bridge barriers between every nationality! The day began in 1973 in response to the conflict between Israel and Egypt and since then over 180 countries have taken part in the event. We can only ever achieve a peaceful world if we join together. Forming bonds with new people is the best way to do it! The key is communication and we should try to create peace through talking - not through being violent to one another! In Lincoln we use the day to promote tolerance and...
    (other; application/pdf) - 16-mar-2018

  2. Creativity show case for Soapbox Science type event called 'Word on the Street'

    Carroll, Valeria; Pfeffer, Karen
    This Show Case disseminated results of the project Carroll, V.V. and Pfeffer, K. (2017) Development of children's creative abilities (cross-cultural comparison: migrant children (1st and 2nd generation, Eastern European origin), Russian and British children.
    - 16-mar-2018

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