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  1. Earl Howell Reed, Jr., photograph collection

    Reed, Earl H. (Earl Howell) (collector)
    Primarily consists of street scenes and dwellings in the Chicago metropolitan area, that were part of the papers of Reed, a Chicago architect who also was active in organizations dealing with architectural history and preservation. Includes commercial, educational, government, historic, and religious buildings. Dwellings include the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Winslow house in River Forest (Ill.) and the Dewes mansion in Chicago. Historic buildings include the Auditorium building, the Clarke house, and the Florence Hotel located in the Pullman community. A series of street scenes document the Pilsen community from 16th Street to 23rd Street on Chicago's Lower West Side. Another...

  2. Kaufmann & Fabry nitrate negatives with copy photoprints

    Kaufmann & Fabry Co. (photographer)
    Images of Chicago buildings, parks, statues, fountains, streets and a few events by commercial photographers Kaufmann & Fabry. Buildings include the Coliseum, the Hamilton Club, Masonic Temple, the Field Museum, the Museum of Science & Industry, the Palmolive building, the Blackstone and the Selwyn theaters, Union Station and the Wrigley Building. Hotels include the Bismarck, the Drake, the Palmer House, the Stevens Hotel, and residential hotels--the Broadmoor, the Carolan, the Oak Park Arms, the Sheridan Surf, and the Sisson. Includes a few interiors of the Palmer House and the Stevens Hotel. Parks include Jackson Park, Lincoln Park, Washington Park and...

  3. Henry H. Bussian photograph collection

    Bussian, Henry H. (photographer)
    Primarily scenes of buildings and exhibits at the Century of Progress International Exposition (1933-1934 : Chicago). Also includes scenes of the Indiana dunes, a World War II bond rally, Chicago's Merchandise Mart, a polo game, and automobile race, and Bussian's back yard at 3750 N. Kenmore in Chicago. Slides show a World War II parade on Chicago's State Street (1943).

  4. Lawrence Jacques photograph collection

    Primarily includes images relating to medical treatments, such as physicians and nurses engaged in surgery. Many images relating to the Republic Steel Strike. A few images show police officers, politicians, children, and persons engaged in photograph development. Other images show office interiors. One portrait depicts a World War One era soldier.

  5. H. C. Rew family photograph collection

    Primarily includes photographs and negatives of the Rew family, friends, and residences in Evanston (Ill.). Activities include formal banquets, dinners, wedding parties, persons golfing, and persons playing musical instruments. Some images show vehicles including automobiles, boats, carriages and trains. Many images show houses (interior and exterior) with carriages and gazebos. Some images are of children, with other children and by themselves, as well as images of dogs with people and by themselves. A few images are of cemeteries showing what are presumably Rew family grave plots. Many travel snapshots of bodies of water, elephants, and lighthouses. A few images of...

  6. Hedrich-Blessing, 124th Field Armory in Chicago (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes exterior views of 124th Field Armory in Chicago (Ill.). Exteriors show two views of north elevation, one of which focuses on the entrance. Photographed for architects Perkins, Chatten & Hammond by Hedrich-Blessing.

  7. Hedrich-Blessing, Chicago Board of Trade Building in Chicago (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes an exterior view of the new Chicago Board of Trade building at 141 West Jackson Boulevard. The view shows the facade of the building from LaSalle Street at Quincy Court. Automobiles are parked along LaSalle Street in the foreground. Photographed for architects Holabird & Root by Ken Hedrich. Chicago Board of Trade Building in Chicago (Ill.). Views: A: View of the building exterior looking Southward down the LaSalle Street corridor (negative); C: not scanned, nearly identical to A

  8. Hedrich-Blessing, Central National Tower in Battle Creek (Mich.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes exterior and interior views of the Central National Tower, located at the intersection of McCalmly Street and Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek (Mich.). Exteriors show a high-rise office building with a three- or four-story section behind the main tower. Interiors show the main floor with teller windows and office cubicles. One view shows the vault entrance beneath a large mural. Another view shows a balcony detail with a metal railing. Photographed for architects Holabird & Root by Hedrich-Blessing studio.Views: A: Interior, formal dining room with a high ceiling and very tall windows (negative); A2: Interior, sitting area (negative); B2:...

  9. Hedrich-Blessing, John Root apartment in Chicago (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes interior views of John W. Root's apartment, showing the living room, dining room, and bedroom dressing table. Artwork in the apartment includes a low relief panel above a fireplace, a mural, and small statues, models of the Ceres figure on top of the Chicago Board of Trade Building, on pedestals before the dining room windows. Photographed for architects Holabird & Root by Ken Hedrich.Views: A: Interior, living room with fireplace, upright piano and relief artwork above the fireplace. Sheet music on the piano is ""Say It Isn't So,"" by Irving Berlin (negative); B: Fireplace with a lamp and chair...

  10. Hedrich-Blessing, Michigan Square Building exterior

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes an exterior view of the Michigan Square commercial and office building located at 540 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago (Ill.). Photographed for architects Holabird & Root by Hedrich-Blessing studio.

  11. Hedrich-Blessing, First National Bank of Lake Forest (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes exteriors and interiors of the First National Bank of Lake Forest (Ill.). Includes exterior views of a two-story, brick, Georgian Revival building with an arched entrance and Palladian windows on the side elevations. Also includes an interior view of the bank lobby. Photographed for Weary & Alford by Ken Hedrich.

  12. Hedrich-Blessing, Chicago Historical Society building in Chicago (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes exterior views of the Chicago Historical Society building at Clark Street and North Avenue, primarily the east facade. Also includes one view of the site being prepared for construction by workmen. Two aerial views show the building and nearby structures along Clark and Eugenie streets. Photographed for Graham, Anderson, Probst & White by Hedrich-Blessing studio.Views: B: Site at Clark Street and North Avenue being prepared by workmen (negative); A2: Exterior (negative); B2: Exterior, East facade (negative); C2: Exterior, East perspective view (negative); D2: Exterior, East facade and lawn (negative); E2: Exterior, Northeast corner (negative); F2: Aerial view, shows Chicago...

  13. Hedrich-Blessing, Kenwood Mills, Inc., store in Chicago (Ill.)

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Includes exterior and interior views of the Kenwood Mills store in the Michigan Square building at 540 North Michigan Avenue. An exterior view shows the storefront with a door and two display windows and the company name in decorative metalwork. Interior views show the sales floor with display cases containing blankets and racks of coats. Stairs with a pipe railing lead to the mezzanine. Photographed for architects Holabird & Root by Hedrich-Blessing studio. Views: A: Interior, display cases full of blankets (negative); B: Interior, stairs along the wall, metal tube railing (negative); C: Interior, shop and display counter (negative); D:...

  14. Hedrich-Blessing, Interiors of Lowitz's offices and Mrs. Peter's apartment

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Views of Lowitz's offices on LaSalle Street, and Mrs. Peter's apartment in Powhatan Apartment building on Chicago Beach Drive, both in Chicago (Ill.), photographed for Flexwood Company.

  15. Hedrich-Blessing, Riverside Library

    Hedrich-Blessing (Firm) (photographer)
    Views: A-H: Interiors.

  16. O. L. Cook collection of photographs of the Century of Progress

    Cook, O. L.
    Views of buildings, concessions, exhibits & displays, amusement rides, side shows, and aerial photos from the top of the Skyride at the Century of Progress International Exposition in Chicago (Ill.). Of particular interest are snapshots of people working at and attending the exhibition, snow scenes, and the demolition of the Skyride tower after the close of the world's fair. Most photos are identified.

  17. Chicago Union Station collection of visual materials

    Bihun, Michael
    Black and white photographic prints depicting trackside platforms at Chicago's Union Station in the 1950s. Collection also includes rolls of nitrate film images taken for 1915 Chicago Union Station land appraisals and accompanied by a small book of index notations.

  18. Nitrate negatives of the World's Columbian Exposition

    Primarily views of the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893.

  19. Francis D. Nemecek photography studio

    Unknown (creator)
    Exterior view of the Francis D. Nemecek photography studio on 18th Street, Chicago, Illinois, circa 1903.

  20. World's Columbian Exposition collection of visual materials

    Rumford, C. P.
    Black-and-white photographic prints and negatives of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Ill., 1893 taken by amateur photographer, C.P. Rumford. Images include views views of buildings, vessels, ethnic exhibits, costumes, fashion, boating scenes, canals, Lake Michigan, food and water concessions, and pedestrians.

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