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RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. Les falles com a agents culturals. Estudi de l'activitat cultural de les falles d'Alzira

    Fluixà Pelufo, Alba
    [EN] The objective of this study has been to investigatethe cultural activities of Alzira's Falles committees, its typology and management and also to analyse its potential as cultural agents. A combination of quantitative research (survey with closed answer questions) and qualitative research (personal in depth interviews) has been used. This methodology has allowed us to obtain, on the one hand, objective information that can be translated into statistics and graphics that, for the first time, analyse all the aspects of this phenomenon and, on the other hand, unprecedented information about the motivations, work process and difficulties of those who have...
    - 18-abr-2018

  2. Estudios de Públicos en una Entidad Cultural de Artes Escénicas: Teatro Agrícola de Alboraya.

    León Pereira, Franchesco
    [EN] Even though a study of publiccouldbe very attractive and interesting, sometimes it also can be difficult and disappointing.Although in Spain there is no custom of such studiesin cultural institutions, other European and American countries do it very often. In Spain people usually thinkthat public’s study is too expensiveand it can only carry out by big institutions, however, if they plan well the study and use the tools that have hand, it can be done at very low cost. And it is important to note thatthe study helps at the cultural institution to position itself in the marketand create new...
    - 18-abr-2018

  3. El análisis sobre el estado e impacto de la actividad cultural china en España. El análisis del instituto Confucio de Valencia

    Shi, Bingqin
    [EN] This work approaches the Chinese cultural activity in Spain. Because we have become aware of the cultural activity is the key of developing a culture abroad. Although Chinese culture isn ́t the dominant foreign culture inSpain, it developed a lot in recent five years. After a phase of growth of Chinese cultural activity that aimed at promoting Chinese culture abroad, it seems necessary to analyze the state of development and its impact in Spain. The final parte of this article analyzes the cultural activities and its problems of the Institute Confucius of the University of Valencia and the range...
    - 18-abr-2018

  4. Análisis del impacto de los principales museos de Asia

    HUA, SAI
    [EN] Today, Museum and Institutions have tried to adapt the change of society and technology, and the social networks are the best way to create this environment. In recent years, Western museums and Institutions have been connected with social networks for getting more diffusion. But in Asia, the implementation of these social networks, due to the political, economic and social requirements, Asia has their own social networks, in the interest for increasing the social branch between its inhabitants and museum institutions as same as the European Museum and Institutions. The following work aims to conduct an analytical study of the...
    - 18-abr-2018

  5. Análisis de competencias transversales en entidades museísticas. Propuesta de una herramienta para evaluar competencias transversales en gestores museísticos.

    Arguello Arciniegas, Zara Marcela
    [EN] Within the field of Cultural Management, such a wide world and sometimes so difficult to outline in terms of all-encompassing, key competenciesplay a very important role. Therefore, we have tried to propose a tool to assess key competenciesin cultural managers who perform their professional work in museums.We present aset of key competenciesand then, alistoftenkey competencieswhich are considered important for the staff of cultural management of a museum. For this it is assumed, first,the key competencies proposed by the universities offering master's degrees in official Cultural Management in Spain and, second,the key competenciesproposed for the ICOM museum workers. Finally, wepresent...
    - 18-abr-2018

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