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  1. Ultrasound measurements of perirenal fat thickness to estimate the body condition of reproducing rabbit does in different physiological states.

    Pascual Amorós, Juan José; Blanco, J.; Piquer, O.; Quevedo, F.; Cervera, C.
    [EN] Sixty New-Zealand x Californian multiparous rabbit does were used to evaluate the capability of a computerized ultrasound system to estimate changes in body condition at different physiological states: parturition, 21st day of lactation, weaning and 28th day of gestation. Perirenal fat weight and carcass energy concentration were significantly correlated with live weight (r = 0.58 and 0.49, respectively; P<0.001) and ultrasound measurement of perirenal fat thickness (r = 0.51 and 0.45; P<0.001). The inclusion of quadratic and cubic terms of the perirenal fat thickness as independent variables significantly increased the coefficient of determination and lowered the residual standard deviation...
    - 02-jun-2018

  2. Efficacy of Amylofeed (R) in growing rabbit diets.

    Cachaldora, P.; Nicodemus, N.; García, J.; Carabaño, R.; De Blas, J. C.
    [EN] The efficacy of Amylofeed(R) (an amylase, b-glucanase and b-xylanase enzyme complex) was evaluated on growing rabbit performance. Three isonutritive diets (medicated with bacitracine) were formulated corresponding to the levels of Amylofeed(R): 0 (diet A), 400 (diet B) and 500 (diet C) ppm. Four hundred and fifty six and four hundred and eighty New Zealand White x Californian rabbits weaned at 35 days of age, weighing 910 and 960 g as average, respectively, were fed with the experimental diets for three weeks after weaning in two experiments. From 56 to 65 days of age animals were fed with a common...
    - 02-jun-2018

  3. Effects of chromium yeast supplementation on growth performances and meat quality in rabbits.

    Lambertini, L.; Vignola, G.; Beone, G.M.; Zaghini, G.; Formigoni, A.
    [EN] The aim of the trial was to estimate the effect of dietary Cr-yeast addition to growing rabbit diet on growth performance, meat composition, muscle fatty acid profile and Cr content of meat and edible organs. Ninety-six male rabbits were weaned at 35 days and divided into 4 groups (T1, T2, T3 and T4) of 24 each. The animals were fed ad libitum for the whole trial (44 days) with pelletted diets differing in the presence of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), grown or not on Cr-enriched medium. The control diet (T1) did not contain yeast, the T2 diet was supplemented with...
    - 02-jun-2018

  4. Abstracts of the papers presented during the 15th HUNGARIAN CONFERENCE ON RABBIT PRODUCTION, KAPOSVÁR, Hungary. May 28, 2003..

    World Rabbit Science
    (2004). Abstracts of the papers presented during the 15th HUNGARIAN CONFERENCE ON RABBIT PRODUCTION, KAPOSVÁR, Hungary. May 28, 2003.. World Rabbit Science. 12(1):49-60. doi:10.4995/wrs.2004.581
    - 02-jun-2018

  5. A note on linkage between the angora and fgf5 genes in rabbits.

    Mulsant, P.; Rochambeau, H. de; Thébault, R.G.
    [EN] The angora mutation in mice corresponds to a large deletion in the fgf5 (fibroblast growth factor 5) exon 1. Two pairs of primers were chosen in the human fgf5 coding sequence in order to amplify two fragments of the rabbit gene. One biallelic polymorphism was demonstrated in each fragment. The four alleles were cloned and sequenced. A random sample of unrelated angora (n=17) and wild-type control animals (n=15) were analysed for both polymorphisms. The observed haplotype frequencies show a clear separation between the two populations. Informative families were created by backcrossing to measure linkage between the angora and fgf5...
    - 02-jun-2018

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