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  1. Los exergames como alternativa para la gamificación de las actividades curriculares de los nativos digitales

    Juca Maldonado, Fernando
    [EN] You can not pretend to continue educating 21st century students with twentieth century methodologies, we should take advantage of the fact that we educate digital natives. As an emerging technology in the area of education we have serious games, in which are the so-called exergames, video games for exercise. Through these games, it is intended to stimulate physical activity using interactive environments that allow an immersive experience that can simulate the sensation of presence. The educational exergames combine elements of video games (which include physical challenges), with learning games (which are cognitively reliable), through the use of mobile devices,...

  2. Los beneficios tributarios su incidencia en la liquidez y la rentabilidad de las Asociaciones de Economía Popular y Solidaria

    Arroba Salto, Inés María; Tenesaca Gavilánez, Manuel; Arroba Salto, Josefa Esther; Villalta Miranda, Elizabeth Stefanía
    [EN] The present investigation reveals the obtained results on the tributary benefits that the Associations of Popular Popular Economy (EPS) and the incidence in the liquidity and profitability enjoy; and aims to analyze the tax benefits of the Afro-American Association 21 of the EPS. Field and descriptive research methods were used, with a qualitative approach, for which the following research techniques were used: observation, direct interview, survey to know the liquidity and profitability of the Afro-American Association 21. The results were obtained as a comparison of the benefits tributaries of an EPS against one of General Regime-RG and also establish...

  3. La mujer autora y figura en el cartel rociero

    Pozuelo Cabezón, Sergio Cruz
    [EN] As many people, know it on Pentecost Monday, around a devotional image of the virgin, and in particular the patron saint of the Town of Almonte in Huelva, the pilgrimage of "El Rocío" arises. World-famous, it becomes the stage for a week of the congregation of kilometers of people who live together, enjoy, and interact in a festive and playful atmosphere. This festival comes to be announced by artistic posters made by artists from the national scene. But among many artists, only the hand of some women who have been able to develop, that is why, the object of...

  4. Impulsando el protagonismo de las mujeres en el proceso de paz de Colombia

    Garrido López, Julia; Vidal Hernandis, Consuelo
    [EN] This paper presents the main work lines carried out by Atelier NGDO in order to make the role of Colombian women and women’s organisations in the peacebuilding process visible. Currently, Colombia is moving forward in its peace progress, and the participatory initiatives undertaken by women’s organisations can be critically important for achieving the peace with social and gender justice. At the same time, the Colombia’s peace process must be considered as a global public good and the internacional community must carry out his accompaniment and contribute to his implementation.

  5. Educación y Género

    Garza Guerra, María Taide
    [EN] In Mexico, in the Official Gazette of the Federation of August 2, 2006, the General Law for Equality between Women and Men, public order, social interest, general observance throughout the National Territory, was published. regular object and guarantee equal opportunities, treatment between women and men, propose guidelines, institutional mechanisms that guide the Nation towards the fulfillment of substantive equality in the public and private spheres, promoting the empowerment of women and the fight against discrimination based on sex. This means that in the country, legislatively speaking, it is in accordance with the regulations in force at the International level...

  6. Un acercamiento al enfoque interseccional de las opresiones: liberar los monstruos que intersectan

    Hernández Domínguez, Myriam
    [EN] The relevance of intersectionality in gender studies seems to need to be accentuated in a context of neoliberal ode, the rise of fascism and its racist, sexist, xenophobic, classist or hetero-normative consequences. In this context, recover reference texts in the studies Intersectional feminists are key tools to understand it, also to free the look at the emerging issues and bindings with ecology, economics or war. In this sense, Gloria Anzaldúa, Iris Marion Young, Nancy Fraser, Uma Narayan or Judith Butler are the keystone to draw a scheme that will flourish a critical and defiant look with the different oppressions. The...

  7. Las leyes de igualdad de género en España

    Albert Márquez, José J.; Soto-Arteaga, Adela
    [EN] This paper presents a study of the different Laws of Equality approved and in force in Spain, highlighting the weaknesses of the same. A questionnaire called HEMLI has been developed that measures the quality and key aspects that an Equality Law must have in order to be truly effective. With the tool HEMLI have analyzed all the Laws of Equality obtaining interesting conclusions. There have been important deficiencies, such as the lack of a title of infractions and sanctions, lack of budget allocation, lack of compulsory actions, etc.

  8. Invisibles. Las mujeres en los procesos migratorios eslovenos a la Argentina

    Molek, Nadia
    [EN] This paper sheds some light, from an anthropological point of view, on the invisibilization of women in classical approaches to overseas migration to Argentina. I analyse the trajectories of Slovene women in Argentina, from two specific periods (between World Wars and post-World War II), seeking to identify and compare some specificities of the migratory process. I also intend to interpret the underlying representations in the narratives, regarding women, their experiences as migrants and their socio-labor insertion in the target society. I argue that female migratory experiences in the target society are related to socioeconomic relationships of both the emigration society...

  9. Inclusión y convivencia para prevenir el racismo, la xenofobia y otras formas de intolerancia: uno de los retos principales de nuestro sistema educativo

    García Medina, Raúl
    [EN] It is obvious that the episodes of intolerance, hatred and violence that the planet suffers also shake the school, which is unable to provide the solutions that society demands, - a logical outcome if one thinks about the school's own difficulties at the time of managing those conflicts when they are presented within its boundaries -. Breaking this cycle would imply that society assumed the need to preserve and protect the educational system; only a space of protected coexistence that which every school community should aspire to become, can face the challenge of forming citizens that are capable of...

  10. Inclusión de la perspectiva de género en el campo proyectual

    Flesler, Griselda; Durán, Valeria; Gugliottella, Gabriela
    [EN] This work describes the inclusion of the gender´s perspective in the Architecture, Design and Urbanism Department (FADU) from the Buenos Aires University (UBA) and the implementation of the “Gender violence institutional prevention protocol” approved by the UBA since 2015 through a teacher´s and student´s feminist movement.

  11. Equidad para América Latina. Nuevos contextos de cambio

    Morales García, Erwin A.
    [EN] Latin America has inequality from the name, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina even being consecrated developing countries have equal or more inequality than countries like Peru, Panama, Haiti, Costa Rica, reason why strategies made since the fifties to reduce The inequality gap of the countries of Latin America is now a reality. The document presents some strategies that were undertaken to reduce inequality, as well as some tools that benefit the path of equity.

  12. El estudio de la solidarización del sistema salarial. La experiencia de la Unión Europea

    The study of the solidarization of the wage system. The experience of the European Union; Hrynevych, Oksana Volodymyrivna; Goncharenko, Oleksii Sergiyovych
    [EN] The article is devoted to the research of the maim aspects of the solidarity economy, the substantiation of the expediency of implementing the principles of solidarity labor remuneration, as they are fundamental for the development of a solidarity directed social policy within the national economy. In the course of the study was considered principles of "solidary wage policy", indicators of labor mobility, wage growth, costs for wages, employment of the able-bodied population, influencing the solidarity of the wage system by the example of the countries of the European Union, as well as solidarity oriented system of the organization of...

  13. From Beijing to 2030 Agenda: Lesson Learned and proposal to mainstream GID or “ Gender in Development” Approach in public policies

    San Miguel Abad, Nava
    [EN] The article contains a reflection on the internationalization of the proposals of feminism in the agendas of the United Nations, and especially in the Declaration and Platform for Action of Beijing, result of the IV World Conference on women: Equality, Development and Peace, that happened in 1995, and since then until the adoption of the 2030 Agenda in the UN General Assembly in September 2015. This proposal is taking the thorough knowledge and lessons learnt of the application by 20 year the Beijing Action Platform, to propose recommendations and an itinerary that includes a model of seven steps for...

  14. ¡Soy buena, no digo ni muy buena ni excelente! La noción de logro y obstáculo en mujeres docentes de ciencia y tecnología en cinco universidades Peruanas

    Rodriguez Navia, Alizon; Ruíz Bravo, Patricia; Reyna Diaz, Brenda
    [EN] This article analyzes the achievements and obstacles that a group of women teachers of science and engineering from five public universities in Peru has faced throughout their professional and academic careers. The information analyzed comes from a standardized survey, 32 interviews with women teachers and 2 focus groups. The results obtained show that the notion of achievements is intimately associated with overcoming a set of structural, institutional and personal obstacles.

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