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  1. Quantitative trait locus analysis of parasite density reveals that HbS gene carriage protects severe malaria patients against Plasmodium falciparum hyperparasitaemia

    do Sambo, Maria Rosário; Penha-Gonçalves, Carlos; Trovoada, Maria Jesus; Costa, João; Lardoeyt, Roberto; Coutinho, António
    This deposit is composed by the main article, and it hasn't any supplementary materials associated.
    - 28-ago-2017

  2. NOS2 Variants Reveal a Dual Genetic Control of Nitric Oxide Levels, Susceptibility to Plasmodium Infection, and Cerebral Malaria

    Trovoada, M. d. J.; Martins, M.; Ben Mansour, R.; Sambo, M. d. R.; Fernandes, A. B.; Antunes Goncalves, L.; Borja, A.; Moya, R.; Almeida, P.; Costa, J.; Marques, I.; Macedo, M. P.; Coutinho, A.; Narum, D. L.; Penha-Goncalves, C.
    This deposit is composed by the main article plus the supplementary materials of the publication.
    - 28-ago-2017

  3. IFNAR1 Controls Progression to Cerebral Malaria in Children and CD8+ T Cell Brain Pathology in Plasmodium berghei-Infected Mice

    Ball, E. A.; Sambo, M. R.; Martins, M.; Trovoada, M. J.; Benchimol, C.; Costa, J.; Antunes Goncalves, L.; Coutinho, A.; Penha-Goncalves, C.
    This publication hasn't any creative commons license associated. There is no public supplementary material available.
    - 28-ago-2017

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