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  1. Changing the Conversation about Higher Education's Public Mission and Work

    Peters, Scott
    Welcome: Julie Ellison, Director, Imagining America, University of Michigan. Presenter: Scott Peters, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Cornell University. Abstract: What are—and what should be—the educational, cultural, and political roles of scholars in public life? To illuminate and reconstruct threatened traditions of civic professionalism in the American academy, we must take up the task of moving this question to the center of a new conversation about higher education’s public mission and work. Enlivened by historical and contemporary stories of engagement, such a conversation can be an important avenue for learning and change.
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  2. Public Engagement and the Civic Professional: What's Next?

    Driscoll, Amy; Mathews, David; Chu, Roderick G.
    Moderator: Amy Driscoll (Associate Senior Scholar, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching). Panelists: David Mathews (President, Charles F. Kettering Foundation; Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare in the Ford Administration; Former President, University of Alabama), Roderick G. Chu (Chancellor Emeritus, Ohio Board of Regents). Abstract: This session will feature a discussion circle of prominent leaders in key sectors who have spent much of their careers integrating civic responsibility into their professional lives, as well as the organizations they represent. Organizations and individuals are doing their work differently as they commit to sharing in the obligations of a broad and diversified community....
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  3. Different Institutions, Different Missions: What Does it Mean for the Outreach Scholarship Vision?

    Church, Roy; Johnson, Melvin N.; Thomas, Ronald
    October 9, 2006 morning plenary session: Panel of Presidents Plenary Session. Moderator: Karen Holbrook (President, The Ohio State University). Panelists: Roy Church (President, Lorain County Community College), Melvin N. Johnson (President, Tennessee State University), Ronald Thomas (President, University of Puget Sound). Convenor: Art Dunning (Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, The University of Georgia). Abstract: Land-grant universities, community colleges, urban institutions, historically black colleges and universities, and private institutions are connecting their campus work with efforts in the community. Although outreach scholarship varies by mission and objectives of the institution, the role of partnering with the community remains an important...
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  4. Creating a Region’s Economic Engine Through the Disciplines

    Todd, Lee T.
    Speaker: Lee T. Todd, Jr., President, University of Kentucky. Convenor: David Wilson, Chancellor, UW Colleges and UW-Extension. Abstract: Universities used to be known for three things—education, employment, and entertainment. It is time to add a fourth “e” to that list—economic development. Over the past several years, universities have been increasingly called upon to partner with regional assets to create economic opportunities. President Todd will discuss how the entire university community can work together to enhance regional economic conditions.
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  5. Supporting a Scientifically Literate Society—A Mission for Engaged Disciplines

    McPheron, Bruce A.
    Speaker: Bruce A. McPheron, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education, Director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station, The Pennsylvania State University. Convenor: Daney Jackson, Director Cooperative Extension, Pennsylvania State University. (Note: In the conference program the convenor is listed as Craig Weidemann, Vice President for Outreach, The Pennsylvania State University.) Abstract: The National Academy of Sciences describes scientific literacy as “knowledge and understanding of the scientific concepts and processes required for personal decision making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and economic productivity” (1995). The process of science—theories, experiments, observations, conclusions that lead to new understandings—describes the work done through...
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