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  1. An investigation into patterns of interaction in small teaching groups at Rhodes University, with particular emphasis on the effect of gender, mother-tongue and educational background

    Hunt, Sally Ann
    The assumption underlying this study is that knowledge is constructed through interaction. Small teaching groups, or tutorials, are often regarded as a particularly effective context for learning in the setting of tertiary education in that they provide an environment for free interaction between students, and thus facilitate active learning. Factors which systematically affect the degree of participation of the individual in tutorIals -directly affect the learning experience of that individual and raise questions about the equality achieved in tutorials, in terms of opportunities for learning. This study focuses on one such type of factor: culturally acquired norms of interaction. The...

  2. The Evil of Sluits: A Re-assessment of Soil Erosion in the Karoo of South Africa as Portrayed in Century-Old Sources

    Rowntree, Kate
    Deep, linear gullies are a common feature of the present landscape of the Karoo of South Africa, where they were known locally in the early twentieth century as ‘sluits’. Recent research has shown that many of these features are now stable and are no longer significant sediment sources, although they are efficient connectors in the landscape. Because most of the gully networks predate the first aerial photographs, little is known in the scientific literature about the timing of their formation. One secondary source, however, throws interesting light on the origin of these features, and the early response by landowners to...

  3. 'n Sintaktiese ondersoek na die gebruik van die neweskikkende voegwoord in Afrikaans

    Bosch, Agnes Barbara

  4. 'I want to tell the story again' : re-telling in selected novels by Jeanette Winterson and Alan Warner

    Collett, Jenna Lara
    This thesis investigates acts of ‘re-telling’ in four selected novels by Jeanette Winterson and Alan Warner.Re-telling, as I have defined it, refers to the re-imagining and re-writing of existing narratives from mythology, fairy tale, and folktale, as well as the re-visioning of scientific discourses and historiography. I argue that this re-telling is representative of a contemporary cultural phenomenon, and is evidence of a postmodern genre that some literary theorists have termed re-visionary fiction. Despite the prevalent re-telling of canonical stories throughout literary history, there is much evidence for the emergence of a specifically contemporary trend of re-visionary literature. Part One...

  5. Phase equilibria in three component systems : alcohol-hydrocarbon-water

    Siswana, M.
    The fuel industry in many parts of the world is blending alcohols with motor fuel either to extend the fuel or to improve its octane rating or both. Unfortunately alcohols are hygroscopic and as a result, water becomes a component of the fuel. This can lead to phase separation and the formation of a water-rich layer which could have serious corrosion consequences. In an attempt to understand the phase-splitting in alcohol-petrol-water blends, phase equilibria in ternary systems (alcohol-hydrocarbon-water) have been determined by experiment. The phase equilibria in these ternary systems are also discussed in terms of modern theories of liquid mixtures and...

  6. Gold mineralization in archaean cherts and iron-formations : a review of the economic geology.

    Bellamy, R.E.S
    The distribution of gold in igneous rocks and minerals is described and discussed. Not all the gold in igneous rocks is contained within early formed crystal lattices. Evidence that gold can be associated with late stage crystallizing phases is described. It is concluded that some of the gold in hydrothermal and volcanogenic deposits may have come from a primary magmatic source rather than having been leached from solid country rock. Gold is probably transported as chloride complexes at temperatures greater than about 300°C. At lower temperatures it is probably transported with other metals as sulphide and thio-sulphide complexes. The precipitation...

  7. Aspects of the nutritional physiology and dietary requirements of juvenile and adult sharptooth catfish, Clarias Gariepinus (Pisces : clariidae)

    Uys, Wynand
    Past and current research on the biology and culture of the sharptooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) has stimulated the development of its commercial production. At the inception of this project in 1985, it was decided that the development of an optimal dry feed was the most important step in developing a more complete culture technology for the species. The objectives of the project were, therefore, to investigate aspects of the nutritional physiology and dietary requirements of the species to provide the necessary information for the formulation of optimum economical feeds. A review of the natural feeding biology of the species provided...

  8. Interactions between fig wasps and their host figs

    Nefdt, Rory John Charlton
    Fig trees (Ficus spp.) and fig wasps (Hymenoptera: Agaonidae) are partners in an intimate mutualism. The trees provide ovules in which wasp larvae develop while the wasps pollinate the flowers and are therefore indispensible for fig seed production. Agaonid fig wasps oviposit down the styles of fig flowers and it has generally been accepted that they were unable to reach the ovules of "long" styled flowers , which would produce seeds, thus maintaining an evolutionary stable mutualism. African fig species were found to have unimodal style length frequencies, with no separation into long and short styled flowers. In several species the...

  9. The geology and alteration-mineralisation of the Gamigab Tin Prospect, Damaraland, Namibia

    Walraven, Felix Caspar
    The stratigraphy at the Gamigab Sn prospect consists of two mainly schistose units separated by a thick marble unit which have been assigned to the Orusewa, the Karibib and the Kuiseb Formations respectively. Four phases of folding affected the lithologies with the south-south-west trending F2 folds defining the main structures in the region. The area underwent low grades of metamorphism. Temperatures were in the range 420° to 500°C and pressures less than 2 kbars. The effects of contact metamorphism are seen in the south-east and south-west. Regional metamorphism outlasted the deformation and contact metamorphism started late during deformation. Two Karoo-age...

  10. Traditional and modern law of procedure and evidence in the chief's courts of the Ciskei

    Mqeke, Bangilizwe Richman
    In this thesis it is intended to show, among other things, the evolution of the Ciskeian traditional African Court practice and procedure from the time of the advent of white rule up to the present day. In chapter two we show the manner in which the various Cape Governors tried to suppress the traditional court system and law by superimposing western type law and norms (repugnancy clause) on the unwilling African population. The case law discussed in chapter 3 clearly shows the problems that arose and which to a large extent, still arise in the application of the Chiefs' Civil Courts...

  11. A study of real-time operating systems for microcomputers

    Wells, George
    This thesis describes the evaluation of four operating systems for microcomputers. The emphasis of the study is on the suitability of the operating systems for use in real-time applications, such as process control. The evaluation was performed in two sections. The first section was a quantitative assessment of the performance of the real-time features of the operating system. This was performed using benchmarks. The criteria for the benchmarks and their design are discussed. The second section was a qualitative assessment of the suitability of the operating systems for the development and implementation of real-time systems. This was assessed through the...

  12. Synthetic and spectrometric investigation of 1,4-benzoxazepines

    Whittal, R.D.
    Flavanone (2,3-dihydro-2-phenyl-4H-benzopyran-4-one) and a series of 4'- and 7-halogeno derivatives were prepared from the corresponding 2'-hydroxychalcones [1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-phenyl-2-propen-l-ones], which, in turn, were synthesized by aldol condensation of substituted 2'-hydroxacetophenones with various benzaldehydes. A series of 2,3-dihydro-2-phenyl-l,4-benzoxazepin-5(4H)-ones were prepared by ring expansion of the corresponding flavanones, via the Schmidt reaction, using trimethylsilylazide and trifluoroacetic acid. A series of tetrazoles {2,3-dihydro-2-phenyl-tetrazolo[1,5-d]-1,4-benzoxazepines} were also isolated as by-products of the Schmidt reaction. Flavanone oxime was synthesized for use in Beckmann reactions, and its molecular structure was determined by x-ray crystallography. Attempts to prepare 1,4-benzoxazepinone or its 1,5-analogue via Beckmann rearrangement of flavanone oxime, with polyphosphoric acid or...

  13. An analysis of the early ontogeny of Aplocheilichthys johnstoni (Gunter, 1893) : from a life history perspective

    Haigh, Eliria Heloise
    The reproductive and developmental styles of Aplocheilichthys johnstoni closely resemble those of other oviparous cyprinodont fishes reported in the literature. Reproductively it sorts to the guild of nonguarding phytophyllic broodhiders, is a daily, fractional spawner of relatively large, adhesive eggs. The length of the embryonic period varies between 14 and 19 days and the larval period can last for up to 30 days. Sexual maturity can be attained at an age of 150 days from fertilization. The embryology is described in detail and close comparison is made with the embryology of other cyprinodonts to highlight possible phylogenetic differences. Major differences...

  14. A preliminary appraisal of the mineral potential of Venda based on a reconnaissance geochemical soil sampling survey and literature review

    Wilson, Michael George Carey
    A reconnaissance soil sampling survey was carried out over Venda by Cycad (Pty) Ltd and the samples were analysed for 36 elements using XRF techniques, by Anglo American Research Laboratories in Johanuesburg. The data resulting from this survey forms the basis for the present interpretive study. Initially the sample positions were co-ordinated, then the geological, soil and sample types were allocated to each point. Twelve lithological groupings were chosen which incorporated most of the available data, retained significant geological characteristics and consisted of statistically significant sample populations. Statistical manipulation was undertaken for each of the lithological groups. Using a final...

  15. Die verhouding tussen literêre teorie en kritiek in die Afrikaanse literêre sisteem binne die sg. "nuwe paradigma", aan die hand van gekose figure : Marianne de Jong, Joan Hambidge en Gerrit Olivier

    Mudzanani, Nndanduleni Bethuel
    Currently, in the period of Poststructualism literature is widelY approached as a cultural and social phenomenon and the aims of literary studies as the illuminating of social codes, ideology etc. embedded in literature. This study evaluates the contribution of specific critics working within the so-called "New paradigm". The concept "New paradigm" is used as an umbrella term covering a number of distinct developments, referring to literature as a system of literary "actions" rather than as a canon of books. In recent years several Afrikaans critics have embraced or adapted current theories in the domains of Deconstruction, Ideology Criticism, Literary, Sociology, Recepticm Aesthetics, Semiotics and Feminism. This study explores...

  16. Emergency law : judicial control of executive power under the states of emergency in South Africa

    Grogan, John Graham
    This work examines the legal effects of a declaration of a state of emergency under the Public Safety Act 3 of 1953 and the exercise of legislative and administrative powers pursuant thereto. The general basis of judicial control over executive action and the various devices used to limit or oust the court's jurisdiction are set out and explained. Against this background, the courts' performance of their supervisory role under the special circumstances of emergency rule is critically surveyed and assessed. The legal issues raised by the exercise of emergency powers is examined at the various levels of their deployment: first,...

  17. A study of the reading interests and reading habits of English (first language) secondary-school pupils in South Africa : with particular reference to the Province of Natal

    Gardner, John
    The study derives from a belief, based on many researchers' writings, that wide and frequent book-reading aids the development of knowledge, emotional maturity and human sympathy, which are all essential attributes in a fragmented culture such as South Africa's. It is not accepted that conventional secondary-school literature-teaching in this country promotes a lifelong reading habit among the majority of pupils and a plea is made for the recognition of Reading as a curricular entity in its own right. The study suggests that, owing to a paucity of local research in this field, South African teachers and educational authorities are severely...

  18. The stock identification of the Cape horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus capensis (Pisces: Carangidae)

    Naish, Kerry-Ann
    Three stocks of the Cape horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus capensis, have been recognised in the ICSEAF convention region off southern Africa (Figure 1) on the basis of catch distribution and biological analyses. They were identified as being off Namibia (ICSEAF Divisions 1.3 and 1.4), off the West Coast of South Africa (Div. 1.6) and off the South Coast (Div. 2.1 and 2.2). Recently, speculation as to the accuracy of the classification of the South African populations has arisen. The aim of this study was to determine the number of stocks In Divisions 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2, using methodology which assessed the...

  19. A preliminary examination of teacher development in farm schools through an illuminative evaluation of a teacher development course implemented by the 1820 Foundation Farm School Project

    Gale, Frances
    The 1820 Foundation INSET Farm School Project is described in order to set the context in which this illuminative evaluation of a Teacher Development course took place. The concepts of training, education and development are discussed and it is suggested that the term 'education' encompasses a training-development continuum. The design and implementation of the Teacher Development course, which attempts to promote both personal and professional development, are presented, and the facilitator discusses i) her attempt to encourage teacher control of the course and, ii) the factors which mitigate against teacher control. The decision to use the illuminative evaluation method is...

  20. The observation of extended sources with the Hartebeesthoek radio telescope

    Mountfort, Peter Ian
    The Hartebeesthoek Radio Telescope is well suited to mapping large areas of sky at 2.3 GHz because of the stability and sensitivity of the noise-adding radiometer (Nicolson, 1970) and cryogenic amplifier used at this frequency, the relatively large 20' beam of the 26 m dish antenna, and its high-speed drive capability. Telescope control programs were written for the Observatory's online computer for automated mapping. Effort centred on removing the curved baseline or 'background' from each Declination (Dec) scan, due to atmospheric and ground rac\iation contributions varying as the antenna is scanned. Initially these backgrounds were measured over a wide range of...

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