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  1. Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of the macrolide antibiotic Josamycin

    Skinner, M.F.
    The investigations detailed herein have been conducted to address various aspects of the biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics of josamycin which to-date, have received little or no attention in the literature. Areas of investigation have included the selective determination of josamycin in serum and urine samples, the stability of josamycin in stored biological samples, intrinsic dissolution rates, solubility, acid and alkali stability and bioavailability and pharmacokinetics after dosing with a solution, powder and tablets. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was used as the main analytical tool throughout these studies and proved to be highly versatile for the determination of josamycin in a number...

  2. Aspects of the structure and function of some gastropod columellar muscles (Mollusca)

    Frescura, Mandy
    The columellar muscle of both limpets and coiled shell gastropods is of the paramyosin smooth type. Collagen forms an integral part of the musculature constituting about 35% of the tissue. In limpets, muscle organisation is typical of a muscular hydrostat. Tightly packed blocks of muscle, dense arrays of cross-linked collagen, large muscle cells (9 µm diameter) and thick filaments (70 nm diameter, 30 µm long) produce a tough, relatively rigid but powerful muscle. In coiled shell gastropods, muscle organisation is intermediate between a muscular and a fluid hydrostat. Finer muscle cells (6 µm diameter) , thick filaments (60 nm diameter)...

  3. The geochemical evolution of three alkaline complexes in the Kuboos-Bremen igneous province, southern Namibia

    Smithies, Robert Hugh
    The Kuboos-Bremen Igneous Province comprises a linear zone of alkaline complexes that intrude Proterozoic and Pan-African rocks and trends in a northeast direction from the northwest of the Cape Province in South Africa into southern Namibia. Of the three most southerly complexes in Namibia. two comprise silicate rocks ranging from nepheline syenite to alkali-granite and are called the Grootpenseiland and Marinkas Kwela Complexes (GPC and MKC). The Marinkas Kwela Carbonatite Complex is the third and most northerly of the complexes. Isotopic age determinations on a number of rock types from both the silicate complexes yield ages around 520Ma and are...

  4. A critical review of contemporary dance/movement therapy

    Du Plessis, Nicolette
    This critical review aims to describe and define the field of dance/movement therapy. Attention is paid to central issues in psychology and dance studies which influence the advancement of the modality. Dance/movement therapy is a young profession, developed during the second half of this century, and must be viewed within the socio-cultural context of contemporary western industrialized societies. This work therefore firstly documents the development of dance/movement therapy in the light of recent studies into the nature of bodily expression and non-verbal communication. The phenomenological understanding of the human body is discussed, and the concept of bodyliness proposed in order to encapsulate...

  5. Peter Warlock : a study of the composer through the letters to Colin Taylor between 1911 and 1929

    Smith, Albert Eric Barry
    This thesis involves a comprehensive study of the letters written by Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock) to Colin Taylor from 1911 to 1929. Warlock first came into contact with Taylor at Eton in 1908 when he studied the piano with him as a schoolboy. Through Taylor's imaginative teaching during the next four years Warlock's interest in and understanding of music, particularly modern music, grew and matured. At the same time a strong bond of friendship developed between the two men and continued until Warlock's early death in 1930. This is clearly illustrated in the surviving 87 letters. Warlock was a great letter...

  6. The effects of a South African Black youth jive on selected biophysical physiological and psycho-social parameters

    Masipa, Mochaki Deborah
    This study investigated the effects of a South African Black youth jive on selected Biophysical, Physiological and Psycho-social parameters, using 31 Black youths, males and females (mean age 19.29 yrs) as subjects. A11 subjects participated in the pre- and post-programme testing protoco1s (acting as their own control) and in a 7-week jive programme. While the female subjects were significantly (p

  7. The anatomy and ecophysiology of Mariscus congestus from three different habitats in the Albany and Bathurst districts of the Eastern Cape, investigated under field and laboratory conditions

    Sonnenberg, Bernd Jürgen
    An investigation of the anatomy and gas exchange characteristics of Mariscus congestus in three different habitats was undertaken in order to establish whether M. congestus from the three different habitats displayed any ecotypic responses when placed in a new similar environment. It was hoped that the results of this investigation would yield evidence that would support the ecotype concept similar to the investigations of Milner and Hiesey (1964), Green (1969) and Slayter and Ferrar (1977). On the basis of the site leaf anatomy, M. congestus investigated at the coast (site 1) differed in many respects from the inland plants (sites 2...

  8. The ecology and management of the fishes of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, with particular reference to the role of the seasonal floods

    Merron, Glen S.
    The Okavango is a vast inland delta system in northern Botswana which receives an annual flood from the highlands of southern Angola. There are distinct communities of fish in the Okavango which can be separated from each other by the physical characteristics of the different habitat types with which they co-evolved. This thesis provides an account of the biology and ecology of selected fish species in the Okavango Delta. Their response to the annual flood regime, and the environmental factors which limit their distribution and abundance, are examined. The thesis emphasizes the importance of water fluctuations in determining the nature of...

  9. Aspects of the biology of the infaunal bivalve Mollusc Solen cylindraceus (Hanley) in the Kariega estuary

    De Villiers, Casper Johannes
    Solen cylindraceus is an infaunal filter-feeding bivalve inhabiting the intertidal mud banks of many southern African estuaries. It is particularly abundant in the Kariega estuary (33°41'S; 26°42'E) where it reaches densities of 4OOm⁻² (l92g shell-free dry wt. m⁻²). The Kariega is a permanently open, marine dominated estuary about 18km in length, and S. cylindraceus is most abundant in its middle and upper reaches. Some physical characteristics of the estuary (temperature, salinity, sediment and water turbidity) are described, and the possible role of these factors in determining the density and distribution of S. cylindraceus within the Kariega estuary, is discussed. The...

  10. Initial findings of an investigation into the feasibility of a low level image processing workstation using transputers

    Cooke, Nicholas Duncan
    The research concentrates primarily on a feasibility study involving the setting up of an image processing workstation. As broad as this statement concerning the workstation may seem, there are several factors limiting the extent of the research. This project is not concerned with the design and implementation of a fully-fledged image processing workstation. Rather, it concerns an initial feasibility study of such a workstation, centered on the theme image processing aided by the parallel processing paradigm. In looking at the hardware available for the project, in the context of an image processing environment, a large amount of initial investigation was...

  11. The interactive effects of light, temperature and CO₂/O₂ ratios in photosynthesis of Coix lachryma-jobi L

    Mjwara, Jabulani Michael
    A portable infra red gas analyzer was used to investigate the interactive effects of light, temperature, and CO,jO, ratios under controlled environmental conditions in an attempt to model gas exchange characteristics of Coix Iachryma-jobi L. Plotting light response curves as a function of temperature (20, 25 30 and 35°C) revealed no sign of light saturation even at a photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) close to 2000 !Lmol m-' sol. High net assimilation rates (A) of approximately 24 !Lmol CO, m"s'! were realized at 30-35°C. Assimilation (A) versus internal CO, partial pressure (C,) curves showed a steep rise with increase in C,...

  12. The computer in secondary school mathematics : an analysis and classification of possible modes of application, with suggested implications for the mathematics curriculum in South Africa

    Marsh, Terence Anthony
    There is a variety of possible ways in which computers can be used to enhance mathematics education. This thesis attempts to identify, analyse and classify these possibilities, particularly at the secondary school level. It describes and exemplifies applications ranging from drill-and-practice through games and simulations to problem solving by computer programming. Software evaluation procedures are considered in some depth. Illuminative evaluations of various items of software and there classroom use are reported. The underlying methodology is small-scale action research. Insights gained during the process of investigating each class of software lead to the eventual formulation of a scheme for classifying mathematics...

  13. South African anti-apartheid documentaries 1977-1987 : some theoretical excursions

    Steenveld, Lynette Noreen
    This study examines anti-apartheid documentary production in South Africa between 1977 and 1987. These documentaries were produced by a variety of producers in order to record aspects of South Africa's contemporary social history, and as a means of contributing - in some way - to changing the conditions described. While the 'content' of the documentaries is historical and social, and their intention political, this study is aimed at elucidating how a documentary, as a representational system, produces meaning. The study is therefore located within the discourse of film studies. My study is based on the theory that a documentary is the...

  14. The nature and origin of gold mineralization in the Tugela valley, Natal Structural and Metamorphic Province

    De Klerk, Ian Duncan
    The project area is situated within the Tugela Valley, located in the Northern Marginal Zone of the Natal Structural and Metamorphic Province, and this work outlines the different styles of gold mineralization found in the Tugela Valley. Two different styles have been recognized and both have economic significance:- 1) Epigenetic shear zone-hosted gold occurs in late-stage relatively undeformed thin quartz veins confined to shear zones, and is present in both the greenschist facies Natal Thrust Belt and the amphibolite facies Natal Nappe Complex. However the vast majority of these occurrences are concentrated within the thrust front (i.e. the Natal Thrust Belt)....

  15. A study of the suitability of a modern African novel such as "Things fall apart" by Chinua Achebe for black pupils in Ciskeian schools in contrast to a prescribed novel such as "Silas Marner" by George Eliot

    Daley, Nirmala
    The enjoyment of any form of literature presupposes, in the reader, an understanding of the subject matter and a fundamental inclination to identify with the characters, to empathize with them and to appreciate varying perspectives. It follows that the choice of text is an important consideration especially, when the reader is not reading in the mother tongue. The choice of novel prescribed by the DET for Second Language, non-White, non-English-speaking, Ciskeian pupils poses many problems which lead to poor examination results. The increasing unpopularity of English Literature among Ciskeian pupils and teachers appears to stem largely from the predominance of works selected from...

  16. The development of East London through four decades of municipal control, 1873-1914

    Tankard, Keith Peter Tempest
    This thesis is a study in Urban History which explores the development of East London, a port in the Border region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, through four decades of municipal control from 1873 to 1914. The town had been established in 1847 as a supply route for the British forces during the War of the Axe (7th Frontier War) but the frontier nature of the port led to economic and physical stagnation during its initial 25 years of existence. Indeed, by the time that the municipality was established in 1873, there were still no streets beyond cart tracks, no...

  17. Enrichment strategies for gifted English first language (HG) pupils at the senior secondary level : a critical evaluation of a programme implemented at Grey Boys' High School, Port Elizabeth, 1986-1988

    Cunningham, Gregory Mark
    Programmes developed specifically for the gifted and talented pupil are not a novel idea. Yet, by comparison, the history of gifted education is a brief one. Highly gifted and talented pupils often have difficulty being challenged in a conventional classroom situation. Since classroom instruction is usually designed for the benefit of pupils who function at the level of the majority of their peer age-group, this teaching, no matter how well done, may not be appropriate for the extremely gifted pupil whose abilities differ greatly from this group. Even special programmes for gifted and talented students may be designed for a broad group of gifted students and...

  18. The notion of physicality in vocal training for the performer in South African theatre, with particular reference to the Alexander technique

    Cox, Frances Jayne
    Voice training has been influenced by separatist attitudes which have allowed for classes which train the body to be separate from those which train the voice. This study acknowledges that to train an actor in separate compartments and then expect the completeness of human expression in performance, is to train under false pretences. There is a need to address the imbalance of separatism and this is examined within the context of voice training. An holistic approach to voice training forms the basis of the argument, which focuses on the need to re-educate the notion of physicality in voice training. Chapter...

  19. Evaluating an English department : the use of illuminative evaluation procedures in descriptive and diagnostic analysis of English teaching programmes in high schools

    Thorpe, Robert Nicholas
    To evaluate what is actually happening within a High School subject curriculum, the annual parade of marks, percentages and symbol distributions is not by itself adequate, especially in assessing progress towards such English syllabus goals as: That pupils expand their experience of life, gain empathetic understanding of people and develop moral awareness. (3.1. 4 HG) How too, from examination results alone, can a subject head of English assess the success of his objective "to woo his pupils into the reading habit"? (School 1: Goals 1988) Decisions on English department policy and procedures are frequently based on personal hunches and examination results. Few...

  20. A pastoral theological examination of inner healing

    Velthuysen, Daniel Nicholas
    It is argued in this thesis that it is not possible to gain a clear and consistent understanding of the phenomenon of inner healing from the literature on the subject. Therefore it is necessary to return to the lived-experience of inner healing. An empirical phenomenological explication is made of written protocols, highlighting the essential structures within which inner healing become actual. A definition of inner healing is discussed in a series of assertions, dialoguing the phenomenological insights with some theological and psychological models. Inner healing is discussed as a lived-process in the matrix of interpersonal relationships in which pre-reflective felt-meanings...

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