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  1. Visual image analysis to estimate morphological and weight measurements in rabbits

    Negretti, P.; Bianconi, G.; Finzi, A.
    [EN] Visual Image Analysis (VIA) has been evaluated to estimate morphological traits and weights of live rabbits and carcasses to improve the body conformation of the new breed Leprino di Viterbo. The reliability of VIA was firstly tested on a sample of 30 does. Then, a total of 365 animal (130 additional does and 205 rabbits at slaughtering weight of kg 2.5) was utilised to calculate some surface traits and correlations between live and carcass weights that were later validated over a new sample of 112 rabbits (37 does and 75 fattened). VIA gave very good results to evaluate morphological...

  2. Application of gnawing sticks in rabbit housing

    Princz, Z.; Orova, Z.; Nagy, I.; Jordan, D.; Stuhec, I.; Luzi, F.; Verga, M.; Szendrõ, Zs.
    [EN] Four experiments are described relating to gnawing sticks application in rabbit housing. In experiment 1 and 2, Pannon White rabbits, weaned at the age of five weeks, were placed into pens with wire net floor. In experiment 1, every pen (180 animals in 12 pens, surface per head: 571 cm2) was provided with three gnawing sticks randomly chosen from White locust, Black elder, White willow, Little-leaf linden, European larch, Black poplar, European white birch, White buckeye and White mulberry species. In experiment 2 (150 animals in 10 pens, surface per head: 571 cm2), only those tree species ingested by...

  3. Pathological changes and local defense reaction occurring in spontaneous hepatic coccidiosis in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).

    Darzi, M.M.; Mir, M.S.; Kamil, S.A.; Nashiruddullah, N.; Munshi, Z.H.
    [EN] Hepatic coccidiosis occurred in 56 rabbits belonging to different ages, sexes and breeds during the years from 2002 to 2005. Clinically, the severely affected rabbits showed decreased growth rate, anorexia, debilitation, listlessness, diarrhea, icterus and rough hair coat. Postmortem examinations revealed increased dirty dull straw colored peritoneal fluid. Hepatomegaly, with presence of discrete yellowish-white nodules of 1mm to 1 cm size on the surface and throughout the parenchyma, was seen. Smears from peritoneal fluid showed rafts of mesothelial cells. Impression smears from the liver nodules revealed presence of numerous developmental stages of Eimeria stiedae corresponding with the stage of...

  4. Antimicrobial susceptibility to zinc bacitracin of Clostridium perfringens of rabbit origin

    Agnoletti, F.; Bacchin, C.; Bano, L.; Passera, A.; Favretti, M.; Mazzolini, E.
    Zinc bacitracin is widely used in Italian rabbit farms to control both Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy (ERE) and clostridiosis, and field results demonstrate useful activity. Nevertheless, data regarding the in vitro efficacy of zinc bacitracin against clostridia of rabbit origin are not available. In this study, the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of zinc bacitracin were evaluated in 123 C. perfringens strains isolated from rabbits in Italian fattening units. The agar dilution method was performed in Brucella Agar supplemented with laked sheep blood, haemin and vitamin K1, as recommended in NCCLS document M11-A6. Most strains (94.3%) had low MIC values (£ 0.5...

  5. Effects of type and level of fibre on digestive physiology and performance in reproducing and growing rabbits

    Alvarez, J.L.; Marguenda, I.; García-Rebollar, P.; Carabaño, R.; Blas, Carlos de; Corujo, A.; García-Ruiz, A.I.
    The study aimed to evaluate the effect of level and type of fibre on performance and digestive traits of lactating does and growing rabbits. Two lactation diets were formulated to contain a similar level of NDF (29%): a mixture of alfalfa hay and wheat straw in diet L1 was substituted with apple pulp in diet L2. Three fattening diets were formulated: diet F1 was the same than diet L1 whereas F2 and F3 had higher level of NDF (33 and 36%, respectively) with a mixture of wheat straw and alfalfa hay in diet F2 substituted by apple pulp in diet...

  6. Assessment of genetic variability among rabbit breeds by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)-PCR

    Rangoju, P.K.; Kumar, S.; Kolte, A.P.; Gulyani, R.; Singh, V.K.
    [EN] Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique was employed to assess the genetic variation and phylogenetic relationship among three broiler rabbit breeds. Ten individuals from each rabbit breed viz. White Giant (WG), Soviet Chinchilla (SC) and Grey Giant (GG) was taken for the study. Initially, 40 RAPD primers were screened, of which six primers were found polymorphic and they were further utilized to assess the genetic variability among these breeds. The band sharing frequencies (BSF) were computed within and between breeds. The overall BSF value within breed was highest in WG (0.846±0.02) and GG (0.846±0.01), while lowest in SC (0.818±0.02)....

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