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  1. The behaviour of farm rabbit does around parturition and during lactation.

    Fernández-Carmona, J.; Solar, A.; Pascual Amorós, Juan José; Blas, E.; Cervera, C.
    The effects of parturition and lactation were assessed on eleven multiparous rabbit does caged under farm conditions. Frequency and time for different activities (drinking, eating, caecotrophy, nesting, grooming, chewing, attention to neighbour and resting) were studied for the day of parturition, and days 1, 10 and 28 of lactation. Parturition: Does spent most time during the dark period in drinking (85%) and eating (63%). Conversely, 79% of the time spent in caecotrophy and 55% in resting were recorded during the light period. Eating time was 104 minutes per day, being higher during the dark period and after delivery. Females rested...
    - 17-oct-2017

  2. Recommendations and guidelines for applied nutrition experiments in rabbits.

    Fernández-Carmona, J.; Blas, E.; Pascual Amorós, Juan José; Maertens, L.; Gidenne, T.; Xiccato, G.; García, J.
    The aim of this paper was to draw up a set of recommendations for applied nutrition and feeding trials with rabbits, in relation to certain aspects such as determining the nutritive value of raw materials or diets in growing or reproducing animals, studying digestive physiology and obtaining growth and reproduction parameters. We deal first with animals, size of the sample, housing conditions, diets, handling, measurements, and the data analyses relevant to the design of the experiment are described. Secondly, we give a list of recommended items and include some comments.
    - 17-oct-2017

  3. Epizootic rabbit enteropathy. Study of early phenomena with fresh inoculum and attempt at inactivation.

    Coudert, P.; Licois, D.
    Using 180 35-day-old SPF rabbits, this study used the effectiveness of bacitracin as a tool for acquiring more information on the various phases of ERE, in particular during the hours inoculation. Five groups of animals were used, including 3 treatments with Bacivet S(R) (bacitracin) at different times from inoculation, with the standard inoculum TEC3. Three parameters were studied: growth, mortality and stomach noises (borborygmi). A significant fall in growth rate was observed during the first 18 hours following the inoculation in all the inoculated groups, both medicated and not medicated. Treatment with bacitracin eliminated mortality and borborygmi, but not the...
    - 17-oct-2017

  4. Analysis of reproductive performances during the formation of a synthetic rabbit strain

    Brun, J.M.; Baselga, M.
    In 1995, a synthetic rabbit strain ('2666') was formed at INRA for commercial meat purposesby crossing the INRA '2066' strain and the 'V' strain from the Polytechnical University of Valencia (Spain).The development of some reproductive traits and body weight at palpation of the '2666' does was studiedfrom the F1 (first generation cross) to the F4 generation in comparison with the 'V' does. This developmentwas quantified in terms of Dickerson's crossbreeding parameters. The base strains did not differ significantlyfor any of the studied traits, either overall or in their direct and maternal genetic value. F1 does exhibitedsignificant individual heterosis for body...
    - 17-oct-2017

  5. Abstracts of the Reproduction section presented during the 8th World Rabbit Congress, Puebla, Mexico 7-10. 2004.

    World Rabbit Science
    Abstract not available.
    - 17-oct-2017

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