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  1. Un nuevo paso en la lucha contra la explotación sexual infantil: el Convenio del Consejo de Europa para la protección de los niños contra la explotación y el abuso sexual

    Marcos Marín, Teresa
    [EN] The purpose ofthis article is to analyze the latest legal instrument adopted by the Council of Europe on the sexual exploitation children. Having reviewed previously adopted Strasbourg law instruments on this matter, the author presents the content of this new Convention and comments on its legal nature from the point of view of international law. References are made to the implementation in the Spanish legal order of the measures provided for in the Convention.

  2. Novedades en la reagrupación de los progenitores extranjeros por parte de un menor comunitario.

    Aparicio Chofré, Lucía
    [EN] This paper analyses the last novelties both in the EU law and in the spanish legal system concerning the legal status of those minors that enjoy citizenship of a member state and try to exercise their rights to family reunification with their anscestor, when these ancestors are national of athird Country. Specifically, the paper focuses on the analisis of two judgments: the Zambrano Case of the Court of Justice of the European Union and the ruling of the Courtfor contentious administrative proceedings of the Spanish Suprem Court of the1 of june 2010. Finally, the paper sheds light on the...

  3. Menores criados por sus abuelas. Mejora de la pautas de cuidado a menores en acogimiento familiar en familia extensa a través de un programa de intervención psicoeducativo

    Pinazo-Hernandis, Sacramento; Lluna, Jezabel
    [EN] In this research we have tried to describe the fostering kinship with grandparents as an alternative to living together in cases in which parents cannot play or stop playing their roles of main caregivers of their own children. This diversity ranges from multiproblematical and risky families, in which the situations of neglect and unprotection of minors prevail, to the care of minors due to more normalized causes (like parents death, divorce, etc.) The impact of this family situation on grandparents requires an special attention, due to problems related to the restructuring of roles, i.e. turning grandparents into substitute parents....

  4. Las políticas de protección de menores en la Comunidad Valenciana y su organización administrativa

    Pinazo Hernandis, Javier
    [EN] All public policy in democratic regimes is established by law, under the social modeland the key competencies of political and administrative bodies. The child protectionpolicy in the field derives from the Valencian autonomous system of shared competence of a composite state, which set out the powers, polices and programs are carried out according to the self-organizing power of the political-administrative level, Valencia, in a decisión-making-resources-implementation scheme

  5. Las competencias interculturales en los educadores de menores. Un estudio comparado

    Jiménez Hernández, Antonio Salvador
    [EN] This article presents the results from a compared analysis of six variables: Autonomous Region, sex, years of experience with children, years of experience with migrant children, type of institution and specific training in educational intervention regarding migrant children without families. This uses data from a survey of 334 professionals working with migrant children in different parts of the Spanish geography. Finally it provides information related to the performance, organization and funding of training for youth workers.

  6. La situación y tratamiento institucional de los jóvenes migrantes no acompañados en Galicia: ¿hacia una emancipación?

    Laiz Moreira, Sofía
    [EN] The phenomenon of unaccompanied children migrations is presented as a subject of extreme complexity in the study of international migrations. The various studies discussed so far in Spain have helped to know the institutional treatment assigned to this concrete profile of neglected children. However, few results have aimed to show the real impact of policy interventions on the particular circumstances of unaccompanied minors. In this paper we present the results of a study which addressed i) to analyse the migratory processes of migrant children arrived to Galicia in 2010, ii) to study the treatment they have received within their...

  7. La protección del menor en el proceso judicial de prodigalidad.

    Calaza López, Sonia
    [EN] In this test there is analyzed the possible reinvention of the process of prodigality from the perspective of the protection of the minors. In this respect, we propose the regulation of a process, dynamic, effective, simple and economic of agile prodigality, that, without wastage of procedural guarantees, it grants, shortly lapse of time, suitable satisfaction to the needs of the alimentistas opposite to his alimentantes

  8. La educación en casa o homeschooling: la STC de 2 de diciembre de 2010

    Monzón Julve, María
    [EN] This article analyses raising conflicts between children ́ education ́s right and freedom of education belonging to parents and tutors, according to the complex article 27 of Spanish Constitution, especially after the recent sentence of Constitucional Court dated from 2nd December 2010, all of this in relation with the possiblility of giving basic education not through compulsory education but homeschooling.

  9. Hacia la creación de un "sistema transnacional de protección a la infancia" entre España y Marruecos complementario a actuaciones educativas y laborales

    Esteban de la Rosa, Gloria; Lledó Mira, Elena
    [EN] Nowadays, liberal States have showed their incapacity for solving the situations that have their origin in the immigration of children. For this raison, in the frame of the Interuniversity cooperation and scientific Programme, a team of researchers of Jaén University (Spain) and Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University (Fez, Morocco) and also professionals of this field, have developed some propositions related to the familial and work medium of the minors, with the purpose to create a “international system for the protection of children” in Spain and in Morocco. The basic ideas consists on uses international cooperation between authorities of the...

  10. El ejercicio de los derechos de ciudadanía y de la persona personalidad por los menores de edad: Análisis particular del reconocimiento de la situación de dependencia en España

    Moretón Sanz, Mª Fernanda
    [EN] The spanish Law 39/2006, of December 14, of Promotion of the Personal Autonomy and Attention to People in situation of Dependence, and the setting in operation of the SAAD (System for the Autonomy and Attention to the Dependence) with the subsequent approval of the models of Application of Recognition of the Situation of Dependence and of the Right to the Benefits of the system, they questions of attention. In particular, in this work the derived consequences of the qualification of the subjective right of citizenship will be revised consecrated in this Law 39/2006, as well as those corresponding to...

  11. Editorial

    Cabedo Mallol, Vicente
    Cabedo Mallol, V. (2011). Editorial. Revista sobre la infancia y la adolescencia. (1):i-ii. doi:10.4995/reinad.2011.870

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