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  1. Technical Note: Effect of handling on stress-induced hyperthermia in adult rabbits

    Olivas, Irene; Villagrá, Arantxa
    [EN] Animals perceive humans as a threat, therefore handling could cause stress reactions and fear in rabbits. Stress induced hyperthermia (SIH) is a physiological response produced when a stressful situation takes place and is supposed to occur in rabbits. In this work, the SIH response is assessed when different groups of rabbits (young males, nulliparous does and multiparous does) are handled. A benzodiazepine (Midazolam¿) was administered to half of the animals to assess handling response also under drug effects. Rectal temperature was not increased by handling in male rabbits and multiparous does, whereas nulliparous females showed presented SIH after 30...

  2. Short communication: Influence of vitamins C and E on sperm motility of rabbit bucks

    Najjar Ben Maâtoug, Amel; Ben Saïd, S.; Najjar, T.; Kalamoun, S.; Ben Khalifa, N.; Ben Aïchae, E.; Ben Mrad, M.
    [EN] The objective of the study is to investigate the effect of vitamin C and E supplementation on rabbit sperm motility. Forty INAT breed bucks aged 8.5 mo were divided into 2 groups: control group (C) and treated group (T) receiving vitamins C (1 g/L) and E (1 g/L) incorporated in the drinking water. Semen was collected using an artificial vagina over 6 wk (C, total ejaculates=81; T, total ejaculates=76). The massal motility (MM) was evaluated in the fresh and raw semen. Then, the individual motility at 0 (IM0), 2 (IM2) and 4 h (IM4) after semen collection was determined...

  3. Pomegranate peel as a natural antioxidant boosts bucks' fertility under Egyptian summer conditions

    Zeweil, Hassan S.; Elnagar, Samar; Zahran, Soliman M.; Ahmed, Mohamed H.; El-Gindy, Yassmine
    [EN] Exposure of male rabbits to heat stress during summer adversely affects their fertility, leading to major production losses. A total of 16 male rabbits were randomly divided into 4 experimental groups exposed to temperatures ranging from a high of 30.3 to a low of 27.3 °C. Animals from first to fourth groups were fed diets containing 0, 1.5, 3.0, or 4.5% pomegranate peel (PP) to evaluate the ability of PP feeding to enhance bucks¿ reproductive status. Pomegranate peel treatments significantly increased ejaculate volume by 19, 18 and 12%, increased seminal plasma fructose by 7, 18, and 24%, improved sperm...

  4. Meat quality of rabbits reared with two different feeding strategies: with or without fresh alfalfa ad libitum

    Capra, Gustavo; Martínez, Rosana; Fradiletti, Florenca; Cozzano, Sonia; Repiso, Luis; Márquez, Rosa; Ibáñez, Facundo
    [EN] The aim of this study was to evaluate production performance, carcass characteristics and nutritive value of meat of rabbits reared under the 2 prevailing feeding strategies in Uruguay. One week after weaning, 96 purebred V line rabbits were randomly distributed between 2 treatments: (T1) commercial pelleted food ad libitum and (T2) commercial pelleted food ad libitum plus fresh alfalfa ad libitum. Each treatment included 12 cages containing 4 individuals each (2 males and 2 females). Growth performance characteristics (live weight evolution, commercial food consumption and food/gain ratio) were evaluated. The consumption of alfalfa was not measured. Rabbits were slaughtered...

  5. Effect of a diet containing white lupin hulls (Lupinus albus cv. Amiga) on total tract apparent digestibility of nutrients and growth performance of rabbits

    Volek, Zdenek; Volková, Lenka; Marounek, Milan
    [EN] The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the inclusion of white lupin hulls in a rabbit diet on the digestibility of nutrients and growth performance. Two experimental diets were formulated: C [control: 168 g crude protein (CP) and 409 g neutral detergent fibre (NDF)/kg) and WLH diet (substituting 100 g wheat bran by 50 g barley and 50 g white lupin hulls/kg: 162 g CP and 391 g NDF/kg). A total of 24 weaned rabbits were individually housed, randomly allocated to 2 groups and fed one of the 2 experimental diets from 31 to 73...

  6. Abstracts of the "XXXVII Symposium de Cunicultura de ASESCU". Barbastro (Spain) 24-25th of May 2012.

    [EN] The annual Congress of the Spanish Association of Cuniculture (ASESCU) was held in Barbastro (province of Huesca, autonomous community of Aragón) on 24-25th May of 2012. The 37th edition was mainly devoted to analyse the present situation of the rabbit sector, as well as some new aspects in relation to diseases of the rabbit. It was presented an overview of the situation of the rabbit farming in Aragón, a commercial analysis of the rabbit farming sector in Spain, a main paper on the role of rural development as a complement to rabbit farming, and an analysis of the production...

  7. A meta-analysis on the role of soluble fibre in diets for growing rabbits

    Trocino, Angela; García Alonso, Javier; Carabaño, Rosa; Xiccato, Gerolamo
    [EN] In this review, the methods used to measure fibre and soluble fibre fractions are briefly presented and the effects of the soluble fibre content in diets for growing rabbits reviewed by a meta-analysis of studies available in literature, with the aim of elucidating the relationships with other dietary nutrients. Soluble fibre was assumed as the difference between total dietary fibre (TDF) and neutral detergent fibre (NDF), as it is simple to obtain and has been measured in numerous studies. Dietary soluble fibre content affects the digestive utilisation of soluble and insoluble fibre fractions and its increase is associated with...

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