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  1. Saúde na escola: educação, saúse e inclusão em adolescentes brasileiros.

    Bucalen Ferrari, Carlos Kusano; Dourado Nery, Lohany; Taiane Kopp, Marla; Franco dos Santos, Daniela; Silva Pereira, Noeli; Souza Lira Ferrari, Graziele; Aires Barcelos, Fernando; Silva Gonçalves, Jéssica; Rodrigues Costa Junior, Rildo
    [EN] Promotion of Health and Quality of life as well prevention of health hazards is essential for the adolescents. The present study had the aim to describe the experience of an adolescent educational project for health promotion and disease prevention. This project sought to investigate eating habits, practice of physical activity, the risk of overweight and obesity, lifestyle (sleeping, smoking, drinking), osteoporosis knowledge, and quality of life. The preliminary results identifyed six psychossocial and health priorities for the adolescents: inadequate eating; lacking of knowledge bone health, serious body dissatisfaction associated with low self-esteem, sedentary behavior, absence or insufficient knowledge regarding...
    - 01-mar-2018

  2. Propuesta de modelo de gestión de responsabilidad social:Trabajo infantil

    Santandreu Mascarell, Cristina; Pons Morera, Carlos
    [EN] In a globalized economy of today there are multinational companies operating in various sectors of activity, being present in different countries, can take advantage of reduced labor costs using child labor. This behavior is independent of the competitive international business follow: multidomestic, international, global or transnational. Obviously, this situation is not recommended in any case and bodies such as the International Labour Organization (ILO) have presented their recommendations. Also, a number of initiatives dedicated to promoting fair work cited the problem of child exploitation. Specifically, Conventions C 182 and C 183, and Recommendations 146 and 190, and the SA8000...
    - 01-mar-2018

  3. Medidas de protección del menor en los casos de violencia de género

    Ramón Fernández, Francisca
    [EN] In the present work we propose to realize an analysis of the different rules that contemplate the protection measures of the minor in the cases of violence of kind, so much in the international, state and autonomous legislation. The minor as fastened, direct or indirect, from the violence on the woman is protected across a series of measures and recognition of rights, which is more wide in a legislation that in other one of the studied ones. A uniformity would be suitable on this protection to the minor, since in the majority of the times it suffers this violence...
    - 01-mar-2018

  4. La poliédrica y heterogénea protección internacional de los menores

    Bartolomé Cenzano, José Carlos De
    [EN] The article addresses the European measures of protection of one of the most vulnerable community: children. Now, more often than ever, more minors must leave their place of origin in the intent of offering a better future for their families. And, on the other hand, due to the now global and therefore worldwide economic crisis, the economic structures of the social fabric that ensured the right of those more vulnerable are collapsing. Social welfare benefits levels are in a spiraling plunge in many states of the union, even more so in those states that is most vigorously living this,...
    - 01-mar-2018

  5. Infancia migrante y educación trasnacional en la frontera de México-Estados Unidos

    Sierra Pérez, Susana Evelyn; López López, Yara Amparo
    [EN] Child and youth migration, along with that of the general population, is not an isolated matter of modern-day. In this article we wish to reference the matter of child and youth migration and the educational consequences derived from this. In the matter that concerns us we intend to convey a vision of the current reality of the cross-country migration in the Mexico-United States border. Examining the variables we have observed, according to the profile of children and youths that migrate back and forth from one neighboring country to another along with the process of inclusion into or exclusion out...
    - 01-mar-2018

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