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  1. Survival function of a power transformer and a switch by means of non-parametric estimators

    Aparicio Ruiz, Pablo; Rodríguez Palero, Maria; Onieva Giménez, Luis
    [EN] The aim of this work is the estimation of the survival function of a power transformer and a switch for a medium voltage substation, which provides the empirical reliability of this transformer and its switch. The statistical analyses of recurrent events are used for this estimate. In this study, have been applied several estimators: in the presence of correlation, under a model of maximum likelihood and assuming a gamma frailty model. This work is part of a project applying various techniques of maintenance. These techniques are based on the reliability of the electrical substations belonging to future Smart Grid.

  2. MRP-based negotiation in collaborative supply chains

    Grabot, Bernard; Ming, Yue; Houé, Raymond
    [EN] Although collaboration between parteners is now considered as a mean to increase the performance of the supply chains, most of them are still managed in a directive way through cascades of classical MRP/MRP2 systems, in which the constraints of the suppliers, especially the smallest ones, are poorly taken into account. We suggest in this article to assess the interest of the integration into collaborative processes of some practices based on MRP, identified after a study in aeronautical supply chains. Within these processes, classical parameters of MRP would be negotiated instead of being imposed by the large companies.

  3. Lessons from empirical studies in product and service variety management.

    Lyons, Andrew C.L.
    [EN] For many years, a trend for businesses has been to increase market segmentation and extend product and service-variety offerings in order to provid more choice for customers and gain a competitive advantags. However, there have been relatively few variety-related, empirical studies that have been undertaken. In this research, two empirical studies are presented that address the impact of product and service variety on business and business function performance. In the first (service-variety) study, the focus concerns the relationship between service provision offered by UK-based, third-party logistics (3PL) providers and the operational and financial performance of those providers. Here, the...

  4. Integrated and Modular Design of an Optimized Process Architecture

    Raßfeld, Colin; Rößle, Dominik; Jochem, Roland
    [EN] Global economic integration increased the complexity of business activities, so organizations are forced to become more efficient each day. Process organization is a very useful way of aligning organizational systems towards business processes. However, an organization must do more than just focus its attention and efforts on processes. The layout design has also a significant impact on the system performance.. We contribute to this field by developing a tailored process-oriented organizational structure and new layout design for the quality assurance of a leading German automotive manufacturer. The target concept we developed was evaluated by process owners and an IT-based...

  5. Institutions for collaboration in industrial clusters: proposal of a per-formance and change management model

    Carpinetti, Luiz C. R.; Lima, Rafael H. P.
    [EN] This paper proposes a performance and change management model for institutions for collaboration (IFCs) in industrial clusters to assist them while planning, conducting and evaluating joint actions. A three-stage implementation scheme and a self-assessment tool that helps an IFC determine its compliance with the proposed model are also introduced. The self-assessment tool was applied in three Brazilian IFCs from different clusters. It was found that the IFCs researched face major difficulties in designing and implementing performance measures to evaluate the results and impacts of joint actions. However, IFCs have been successful in identifying local infrastructure and devising informal strategic...

  6. Hybrid Control of Supply Chains: a Structured Exploration from a Systems Perspective

    Grefen, Paul W. P. J.; Dijkman, Remco M.
    [EN] Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex these days, both in the structure of the chains and in the need for fine-grained, real-time control. This development occurs in many industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, and the service industry. The increasing structural complexity is caused by larger numbers of participating companies in supply chains because of increasing complexity of products and services. Increasing requirements to control are caused by developments like mass-customization, pressure on delivery times, and smaller margins for waste. Maintaining well-structured strategic, tactic, and operational control over these complex supply chains is not an easy task ¿ certainly as...

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