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  1. Sobre l'adopció internacional. L'ús de la imatge dels nens i nenes i el "mercadeig".

    Sánchez-Valverde Visus, Carlos Antonio
    [EN] International adoption is one of the forms of fostering which most developed in our country in recent years. It proved to be one of the most efficient optimization strategies for the life of many children. This article presents a "journey" through adoption both local and international and ends analyzing some practices and their suitability with respect to children's rights. This leaves us in a situation in which, from a legal and ethical perspective, perhaps "the best interests of the child" are not being effectively guaranteed.
    - 02-mar-2018

  2. La violencia en espacios públicos en adolescentes en la comunidad valenciana

    Pérez Alonso-Geta, Petra Mª; Bellver Moreno, Mª Carmen; Aroca Montolío, Concepción
    [EN] The aim of our research is to know statistically prevelancia and types of aggressive behavior against school, but in public spaces (on the way from home to school / college, and college / school to home), while there is own voice to the school (victims and perpetrators) with what we understand we study the problem from a new perspective. The sample is representative of the Valencia of the total school population in this community among adolescents between 11 and 16 years.The analysis of the results was carried out at various levels of analysis: on a first level, statistical techniques...
    - 02-mar-2018

  3. La violencia de hijos adolescentes contra sus progenitores

    Aroca Montolío, Concepción
    [EN] According to Prosecutor¿s Office of the Minor, the accusation interposed by mothers and/or fathers victims by theirs children, along 2007 were 2603, in 2008 amounted 4.211, in 2009 there were 5.209 and in 2010 there were 8.000 accusations. Suede this worrying increase, the principal aim of our article is to check the scientific international and national documentation, from 1957 until the year 2010 that analyses the phenomenon of the adolescent violence against parents, to achieve an approximation to its keys that there allows us the comprehension and analysis of this serious familiar problem. For it we will analyse: (a)...
    - 02-mar-2018

  4. El trato a los niños/as de hoy, entre los avances normativos y las prácticas institucionales en la argentina. Una mirada desde la antropología.

    Bertoni, María Belén
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to attain a theoretical reflection based on empirical data about childhood representations and the institutional doings on unequal social contexts existing nowadays in Argentina. We understand childhood as a sociohistorical concept and, therefore, analyse the existing relationship between national and international regulations currently in force, discourses, and the institutional doings as regards the (always diverse and heterogeneous) topic of childhood. We ask ourselves how do past childhood representations and models act and how this makes the actual fulfillment of children rights in institutional settings more complex. We will focus particularly on a diurnal...
    - 02-mar-2018

  5. El derecho a la asistencia letrada en menores extranjeros no acompañados

    Molina Domínguez, Monserrat
    [EN] This article analyzes the right of unaccompanied foreign minor to be represented before a civil both administrative procedure by independent legal counsel to ensure their rights in the legal proceedings in question. Law that will allow you to be informed participant heard and displayed either by the mere statement of evidence, and therefore to defend the decisions that may involve a violation of their rights. Specifically, we analyze the STC of the First Chamber of December 22, 2008 and the judgment of the Court of Justice of Galicia of May 25, 2011. Trying different aspects both in the problems that...
    - 02-mar-2018

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