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  1. Reduction in Repair rate of Welding Processes by Determination & Controlling of Critical KPIVs

    Yousaf, Faheem; Butt, Dr. Shahid Ikramullah
    [EN] Six Sigma is being Implemented all over the World as a successful Quality Improvement Methodology. Many Companies are now days are using Six Sigma as an Approach towards zero defects. This article provides a practical case study regarding the implementation of Six Sigma Project in a Welding Facility and discusses the Statistical Analysis performed for bringing the welding processes in the desired sigma Limits. DMAIC was chosen as potential Six Sigma methodology with the help of findings of this Methodology, Six Sigma Team First Identified the critical Factors affecting the Process Yield and then certain Improvement Measures were taken...
    - 01-dic-2017

  2. Packaging as source of efficient and sustainable advantages in supply chain management. An analysis of briks

    García-Arca, Jesus; González-Portela Garrido, A.T.; Prado-Prado, J.C.
    [EN] In higher competitive markets, the suitable supply chain management (particularly, in logistic processes) and the adoptionof sustainability programs are strategic points in companies. In this context, no many companies have devoted special attentionto the impact of packaging design on logistic efficiency and sustainability. Thus, the integration of logistics and the packaging design has been conceptualized in the term «packaging logistics», par ticularly emphasizing its operational and organizational impact on supply chain performance. Going beyond, authors consider that a greater emphasis should be given to the important strategic connotations to do with packaging design,in many cases this being one of...
    - 02-mar-2018

  3. MILP for the Inventory and Routing for Replenishment Problem in the Car Assembly Line.

    Pulido, Raul; Garcia-Sánchez, Álvaro; Ortega-Mier, Miguel; Brun, Asessandro
    [EN] The inbound logistic for feeding the workstation inside the factory represents a critical issue in the car manufacturing industry. Nowadays, this issue is even more critical than in the past since more types of car are being produced in the assembly lines. Consequently, as workstations have to install many types of components, they also need to have an inventory of different types of the component in a compact space. The replenishment is a critical issue since a lack of inventory could cause line stoppage or reworking. On the other hand, an excess of inventory could increase the holding cost...
    - 01-dic-2017

  4. KNOWNET: Exploring Interactive Knowledge Networking across Insurance Supply Chains

    Grant, Susan
    [EN] Social media has become an extremely powerful phenomenon with millions of users who post status updates, blog, links and pictures on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, social networking has so far spread mainly among consumers. Businesses are only now beginning to acknowledge the benefits of using social media to enhance employee and supplier collaboration to support new ideas and innovation through knowledge sharing across functions and organizational boundaries. Many businesses are still trying to understand the various implications of integrating internal communication systems with social media tools and private collaboration and networking platforms. Indeed,...
    - 02-mar-2018

  5. A non Parametric Estimation of Service Level in a Discrete Context

    Cardós, Manuel; Babiloni, Eugenia; Estellés, Sofíá; Guijarro, Ester; Guijarro
    [EN] An exact method for the estimation of the cycle service level has been proposed for periodic review stock policies in a discrete demand context for any known i.i.d. demand distribution. However, the implementation of this method in real environments has previously to manage some important and eventually cumbersome issues such as: (i) the identification of the appropriate demand distribution and its validation; (ii) the estimation of the parameters of the demand distribution; and (iii) the calculation of temporal aggregates of the demand distribution in order to estimate the expected service level. This paper shows some difficulties linked to these...
    - 02-mar-2018

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