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  1. Husbandry factors and health conditions influencing the productivity of French rabbit farms

    Huneau-Salaün, A.; Bougeard, S.; Balaine, L.; Eono, F.; Le Bouquin, S.; Chauvin, C.
    [EN] In 2009 productivity data from 95 kindling to finishing rabbit farms in France were analysed to identify rearing factors and health conditions that influenced their productivity. Farm productivity, expressed on a yearly basis, was described with 4 productivity indices: doe fertility and prolificacy, viability of young rabbits in the nest and mortality during the fattening period. The productivity data were obtained with the technical support of the farm and expressed in a standardised way. The average numerical productivity observed in the sample of farms was 50.9 rabbits produced per doe and per year (CI95% [49.6-52.2]). The husbandry management and...
    - 10-mar-2018

  2. Feed restriction during pregnancy: effects on body condition and productive performance of primiparous rabbit does

    Menchetti, Laura; Brecchia, Gabriele; Cardinali, Raffaella; Polisca, Angela; Boiti, Cristiano
    [EN] This study examined the effects of feed restriction at different stages of rabbit pregnancy on body condition and productive performance. Just after insemination, pregnant primiparous New Zealand White does were assigned to 4 groups (10/group): the control group (C) was fed with 130  g/d of commercial feed while the others received 90 g/d from day 0 to 9 (R1), from day 9 to 18 (R2) or from day 19 to 28 (R3) of pregnancy and 130 g/d the remaining periods. A 3-point scale for loin and rump was used to calculate the aggregate body condition score (BCS), while perirenal...
    - 10-mar-2018

  3. Effects of diets with Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell. on performance and digestibility of growing rabbits

    Molina, Edgar; González-Redondo, Pedro; Moreno-Rojas, Rafael; Montero-Quintero, Keyla; Bracho, Belkys; Sánchez-Urdaneta, Adriana
    [EN] The effects on performance and digestibility in growing rabbits were studied by comparing 3 diets containing increasing inclusion rates of amaranth (Amaranthus dubius Mart. ex Thell.): 0 (A0), 160 (A16) and 320 g/kg (A32 diet). Diets were formulated isoproteic and isocaloric to meet the nutrient requirements of growing rabbits. One hundred and thirteen weaned New Zealand White rabbits (mean±standard deviation weight: 760±102 g), individually caged, were randomly assigned to one of the 3  experimental diets. Rabbits were fed ad libitum from 35 to 87 d of age, and health status and performance traits were  onitored. The coefficients of total tract apparent digestibility of the diets...
    - 10-mar-2018

  4. Effect of floor type on carcass and meat quality of pen raised growing rabbits

    Dal Bosco, Alessandro; Szendrö, Zsolt; Matics, Zsolt; Castellini, Cesare; Ruggeri, Silvia; Szendrö, Katalin; Martino, Melania; Mattioli, Simona; Dalle Zotte, Antonella; Gerencsér, Zsolt
    [EN] The aim of the experiment was to compare the carcass and meat quality traits of growing rabbits housed on different floor types. At the age of 35 d, rabbits (n=126) were randomly sorted into 3 groups and housed in pens with different floor types: plastic-mesh, deep-litter straw or wire-mesh. Slaughter weight, carcass and its parts’ weight, meat (Longissimus thoracis et lumborum [LL] muscle and hind leg) pH and colour, oxidative status and fatty acid profile were measured and correlations calculated. The deep-litter straw rabbits showed the lowest pHu and b* values of LL muscle and oxidation of the both muscles. The fatty acid profile of...
    - 10-mar-2018

  5. Boldenone-induced apoptotic, structural, and functional alterations in the liver of rabbits

    Mayada, R.F.; Taghred, M.S.; Haytham, A.A.
    [EN] Boldenone undecylenate (BOL) is an anabolic androgenic steroid used in livestock to improve growth and food conversion. This study investigated the actions of BOL on structure and functions of rabbit liver as well as the effects of its withdrawal. Eighteen mature male New Zealand rabbits were divided into 2 groups: Control group (n=6) were injected with 0.25 mL corn oil/kg body weight (BW), while BOL group (n=12) received 3 intramuscular injections, 2 wk apart, of BOL (4.5 mg/kg BW). Animals were scarified 1 d after last injection except for 6 rabbits from BOL group that served as the BOL-withdrawal...
    - 10-mar-2018

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