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RiuNet es el Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politècnica de València, gestionado por la Biblioteca, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer acceso en Internet a la producción científica, académica y corporativa de la comunidad universitaria con la finalidad de aumentar su visibilidad y hacerla accesible y preservable.

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  1. Automatic detection of e-commerce availability from web data

    Blázquez Soriano, Mª Desamparados; Domenech, Josep; Gil, José A.; Pont Sanjuan, Ana
    Resumen de la ponencia

  2. Structural Equation Modeling in Research on Brand Capital in Higher Education

    Casanoves-Boix, Javier; Küster-Boluda, Ines; Vila-Lopez, Natalia
    [EN] This research is done in order to examine the role of the brand capital in higher education. For this purpose, we analyze the main contributions of the literature related to the study of the brand capital and its application in the educational sector, identifying which variables determine the brand capital in the higher education sector. Once we establish the susceptible brand capital in the higher education sector, an empirical research is done by using a questionnaire developed in Spanish language with a Likert scale of grade 5 in which 1 point means "strongly disagree" and 5 mean "strongly agree", being based on the measurement scales proposed by...

  3. A Multivariate Approach to Facebook Data for Marketing Communication

    Arrigo, Elisa; Liberati, Caterina; Mariani, Paolo
    [EN] The aim of this paper is to propose a method to explore and synthesize social media data in order to aid businesses to make their communication decisions. The research was conducted at the end of 2014 on 5607 Italian Facebook subjects interested in drugs and health. In this study, we refer to the pharmaceutical market that is characterized by strict legal constraints, which prevent any promotional activities (such as advertising) of companies on prescription drugs. Thus, pharmaceutical businesses tend to promote their corporate brand instead of a single product brand. In such context, social media offer the opportunity to gather customers’ information about their attitudes and preferences, helpful...

  4. The impact of Internet on the artist reputation

    CASTELLÓ FOS, DANIEL; De la Poza, Elena; Guadalajara, Natividad
    [EN] This work analyzes the relationship between the digital information provided by the search engine Google on the Internet and the volume of sales or revenues in the art market in order to quantify the variable artist's reputation. In particular, the usefulness of digital media information is analyzed to interpret past sales in the art market or, conversely, to estimate future sales in the short term. Finally, we study the ability of digital information to explain the volume of activity (number of lots sold) or what is the same the degree of liquidity of the secondary market of artworks.

  5. Is content king? Job seekers’ engagement with social media employer branding content.

    Moser, Kilian; Tumasjan, Andranik; Welpe, Isabell
    Resumen de la ponencia

  6. Evaluation of Business-Oriented Performance Metrics in e-Commerce using Web-based Simulation

    Mitrevski, Pece; Hristoski, Ilija
    Resumen de la ponencia

  7. Identification of Influencers in eWord-of-Mouth communities using their Online Participation Features

    Olmedilla, Maria; Arenas-Márquez, Francisco José; Martinez-Torres, M. Rocio; Toral, Sergio L.
    [EN] The identification of influencers in any type of online social network is of paramount importance, as they can significantly affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. This paper proposes the utilization of a self-designed web scraper to extract meaningful information for the identification of influencers and the analysis of how this new set of variables can be used to predict them. The experimental results from the Ciao UK website will be used to illustrate the proposed approach and to provide new insights in the identification of influencers. Obtained results show the importance of the trust network, but considering the intensity and the quality of both trustors and trustees.

  8. The impact of companies’ websites on competitiveness and productivity performance

    Domenech, Josep; Rizov, Marian; Vecchi, Michela
    Resumen de la ponencia

  9. Effects of colored contrast of mobile websites on behavioral intentions

    Pelet, Jean-Eric; Taieb, Basma
    [EN] his study examines the effects of the mobile-phone website colored contrasts and the affective states of the consumer (emotions and moods) and trust respectively on intention to revisit, buy on and recommend the mobile website. For this purpose, a factorial plan 2x2 was developed and a mobile website, with two different alternatives, was designed especially for the experiment: positive contrast (yellow text on green background) and negative contrast (green text on yellow background). The research was conducted on French consumers. 312 valid responses were collected through online and personal survey questionnaires. Data was analysed using the method of structural...

  10. Applied Webscraping in Market Research

    Herrmann, Markus; Hoyden, Laura
    Abstract de la ponencia

  11. Specific Characteristics of Actor Networks in the Social Innovation Process - A Comparative Analysis

    Kleverbeck, Maria
    Abstract de la ponencia

  12. A bibliometric overview of the Journal of Business Research

    Merigó, José; Mas-Tur, Alicia; Roig-Tierno, Norat; Ribeiro-Soriano, Domingo
    Abstract de la ponencia

  13. Using Eye Tracking and Electroencephalography to Understand the Efficacy of Digital and Static Outdoor Advertisements

    Reas, Brandon; Dishman, Paul; Mc Carter, Aaron; Jolley, Alan Dale
    Abstract de la ponencia

  14. ETLAnow: A Model for Forecasting with Big Data

    Tuhkuri, Joonas
    Abstract de la ponencia

  15. Geocoding of German Administrative Data

    vom Berge, Philipp; Wurdack, Anja
    Abstract de la ponencia

  16. Macroeconomic Nowcasting Using Google Probabilities

    Koop, Gary; Onorante, Luca
    Abstract de la ponencia

  17. Public opinion mining on Sochi-2014 Olympics

    Kirilenko, Andrei; Stepchenkova, Svetlana
    Abstract de la ponencia

  18. Showcasting the use of big data for policy purposes

    Nymand-Andersen, Per
    [¶EN] While the availability and accessibility of large data sources is a rich field for statisticians, economists, econometricians and forecasters, it has been relatively unexploited for producing substainable and reliable statistics for policy purposes. It is of particular interest if such large sources could help to detect trends and turning points within the economy, thereby providing supplementary and more timely information compared to the “traditional” toolkit of policy makers. These supplementary statistics may provide further insights contributing to guiding policy actions as well as to assessing the subsequent impact and associated risks of these policy decisions on the financial system and real economy. Big data sources could assist policy makers...

  19. Forecasting Births Using Google

    Billari, Francesco; D'Amuri, Francesco; Marcucci, Juri
    Abstract de la ponencia

  20. The Effects of Cognitive Appraisal and Emotion on Consumer Behavior: The Critical Role of Recollection in the Luxury Cruise Setting

    Joo, Eunkyung; Shin, Hyejin; Kim, Insin; Choi, Jinsung; Jang, Junhwa; Hyun, Sunghyup
    Abstract de la ponencia

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