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  1. Uso didáctico de la poesía en el aula de español como lengua extranjera. Lectura y aplicación de un poema de Eloy Sánchez Rosillo al nivel avanzado de EEOOII

    Sánchez García, Remedios; Lanseros Sánchez, Raquel
    [EN] The present work is a didactic proposal for the application of poetry to the classroom of Spanish as a foreign language in the advanced level of the EEOOII. Students are expected to develop their reading skills, literary analysis skills and knowledge of Spanish culture, while becoming familiar with contemporary poetry. For that purpose, we have selected a poem by Eloy Sánchez Rosillo whose theme addresses the construction of a poem, in order to provide an opportunity for reflection on writing and exercising the written expression skill. From the selected poem, a set of activities is proposed that seeks to...

  2. Mensajes e imágenes en el turismo promocional: un recurso didáctico en ELE

    Muñoz Medrano, María Cándida
    [EN] Undoubtedly, tourism represents a cultural and economic asset for Spain and it demands particular atten-tion from the scientific and educational community, especially in the field of teaching Spanish as a second language. In this paper, while uncovering the fascinating world of tourism, we aim to illustrate how to har-ness its multifaceted didactic potential in order to enrich Spanish language teaching and learning. By way of introduction, we examine the language of tourism as a language for special purposes. Subsequently, we analyse the campaigns of Turespaña and its most remarkable slogans. Particularly, we present an overview of the advertising pictures...

  3. Les adaptacions de clàssics literaris en la formació de mestres: la narrativa breu medieval

    Méndez Cabrera, Jeroni
    [EN] After considering about the role of classics in the literary education of the XXIst century, this work raises the idea that certain texts belonging to the medieval narratio brevis may involve lectures suitable for the pro-motion of reading enjoyment and even training of future teachers. Therefore, as an example, we provide a classroom experience based on the didactic adaptation of the fabliau originally entitled Estula, conducted within the framework of the Degree of Childhood Education.

  4. L2 reading: Strategies and gender preferences in the foreign language classroom

    Peart, Silvia M.
    [EN] L2 reading comprehension and the development of strategies that further students’ foreign language de-velopment are critical for learners and teachers. Drawing from current research on reading strategies and gender, this article discusses existing and emerging trends on the use of specific reading strategies as they pertain to gender preferences, and proposes pedagogical recommendations that address the needs of each gender while keeping the classroom balanced and free of gender biases.

  5. La publicidad en el aula de Lengua Castellana y Literatura en Enseñanza Secundaria en España: retos y desafíos

    López Pena, Zósimo
    [EN] Advertising plays a significant role in our daily lives. If adults often experience difficulties in identifying and evaluating this type of information, we wonder what tools secondary school pupils, educated in Spain, have at their disposal in order to detect such messages, which may have an impact on their development as cit-izens. The main objective of this paper is to review the way in which education on advertising is dealt with in secondary education, specifically focusing on the subject of Spanish language and literature, and to sug-gest a series of proposals and challenges with the aim of improving teaching...

  6. La DLL en la universidad pública: una aproximación al estado de la cuestión en la formación inicial de maestros y maestras. Parte II.

    Aguilar Ródenas, Consol
    [EN] The debate on the current state of the DLL issue should take into account the reality of the area of knowledge, their linkage with the initial training of teachers, and their own concept of specific teaching that necessarily must be designed in research and practices that are generated. Our purpose is to provide information on these issues and link them to the situation of teachers DLL in the Spanish public university in the 2014-2015 year, intending to make visible some problematic aspects, from his knowledge and debate, to offer from the DLL viable alternatives for resolution and transformation

  7. Historia de la educación lingüística y literaria

    Núñez Molina, Gabriel
    [ES] Reseña de la obra Historia de la educación lingüística y literaria

  8. Enseñar a aprender gramática: la gradación de los adjetivos desde un enfoque comunicativo

    Cano Vela, Ángel Gregorio
    [EN] This article contains a working proposal for the block of content “Language Knowledge” in the 4th course of ESO (Secondary Education). It is worth noting that there is a new grammar learning approach that seeks to achieve the use of language as a tool of constructive communication in many different fields. There is little doubt that teaching the correct use of the grammar is vital in order to avoid obsolete and ineffective prac-tices from the point of view of the communicative competence that is intended to be acquired by students. In addition to this, to achieve the communicative approach...

  9. El lector literario

    Sánchez Ortiz, César; Miaja de la Peña, Maria Teresa; Fernández de Alba, Luz
    [ES] Reseña de la obra El lector literario, de Pedro C. Cerrillo, editada por la editorial mexicana Fondo de Cultura Económica en 2016.

  10. DLL en el contexto educativo italiano: evolución histórico-metodológica, nuevas tecnologías y atención a la diversidad

    Trovato, Giuseppe
    [EN] n the field of the Didactics of Spanish language and literature, the objectives of the teaching-learning pro-cess have undergone several changes in terms of methodologies. The present article is aimed at offering an overview of the didactics of language and literature in the Italian educational context considering the role that the literary text can play within a communicative approach. To this end, we will analyse the role of liter-ature in the development of foreign language teaching. Next, we will deal with a couple of strategies of ap-proaching the literary text in order to show its profitability for didactic purposes....

  11. Aurora Díaz Plaja (1913-2003)

    Bru Sanchez, Cristina
    [ES] Reseña de la obra:DÍAZ-PLAJA TABOADA, A. Aurora Díaz Plaja (1913-2003). Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, 2016.

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