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  1. Assessment of problem-solving skills in subjects related to mechanical and materials engineering

    Martínez Casas, José; Sahuquillo, Oscar; Sonseca Olalla, Agueda; Carballeira, Javier; Denia Guzmán, Francisco David; Marco Alacid, Onofre
    [EN] The international accreditation for the Master and Bachelor degrees offered at our university, together with the demands of the employers, have made it clear that students’ curricula should specify not only what they have studied, but also what they are actually able to do. Although the competence based curricula approach has been used in the development of the new programmes for Master and Bachelor degrees within the European Higher Education Area in recent years, the assessment of generic competences is still a pending task. This work presents an ‘outcomes’ approach for the assessment of the problem-solving capacity in subjects related to mechanical and materials...

  2. Experimental characterisation of the motion of an inverted pendulum

    Gómez Tejedor, José Antonio; Mollar, Miguel; Monsoriu Serra, Juan Antonio
    [EN] : In this paper, we present a home-made experimental set-up to study the falling movement of an inverted pendulum. The experimental set-up allows preparing a laboratory session for first year Physics or Engineering students. This set-up has been used in the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the School of Design Engineering of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The experimental data are fitted to the theoretical equation of motion, obtaining a very good agreement between experiment and theory. In addition, direct measurement of the parameters involved in the equations was carried out, showing a very good agreement with the calculated parameters.

  3. Recent trends and status of women in Higher Education in India

    Ingole, Kapil; Gallear, Stephanie; Caballer Tarazona, Vicent
    [EN] The Indian education system is one of the oldest and largest in the world. Some progress has been made in the field of women’s education. A recent trend shows that a huge number of female students are enrolling into higher education: 79.44 % Undergraduate, 11.39% for Post graduate & 0.72 % for Ph. D. The sex ratio in has increased; Gender Parity Index up to 0.88 in 2012. Women’s enrolment pattern has changed, currently it is much higher in Bachelor of Arts / Science / Commerce / Education than in non-technical / non-professional fields. A similar trend is being seen in Engineering Management and Technology...

  4. Use of scoring rubrics for evaluating oral presentations in aerospace engineering education

    Tiseira Izaguirre, Andrés Omar; Martí-Aldaraví, Pedro; Navarro, Roberto; Carreres, Marcos
    [EN] Under the frame of Bologna system, alternative assessment methodologies gain significance in the evaluation process of the students. This article analyses the use of scoring rubrics for evaluating oral presentations of two different courses in aerospace engineering education, namelyAircraft Design and Aerodynamics II, at Universitat Politècnica de València. The score obtained at the presentation represents a significant percentage of the final grade for both courses. It has been observed that the students find difficulties to keep timing limitations overall. In addition, rubrics have proved to be a powerful tool to enhance some skills of the students, such as critical thinking and selfevaluation, although they may...

  5. Computer based learning and comprehension of power generation cycles using a model programmed in Engineering Equation Solver (EES): Analysis of a Gas- Turbine Brayton cycle

    Montagud, Carla; Pons Llinares, Joan; Rodríguez Monzonis, Mª Cristina
    [EN] The comprehension of the influence of each design and operation parameter in a power generation cycle requires a complex analysis mainly due to coupled effects existing in these cycles and which is too hard to be assessed manually by the students during a practical session. Therefore, the use of a software tool specially developed for this purpose becomes essential. The present work presents a model of a Gas-Turbine Brayton cycle developed in EES (Engineering Equation Solver), which enables the student to make simulations in the software and easily determine the optimal design parameters that would maximize the electric energy production in this kind of...

  6. Analyzing double degrees in Spain: A proposal.

    Roig-Tierno, Norat; Mas Tur, Alicia; Ribeiro Navarrete, Belén
    [EN] This article reviews the situation of single and double degrees in both public and private Spanish universities. To do so, this study analyzes information from the Registry of Universities, Centers, and Qualifications (RUCT) and Universia Spain. After analyzing the programs currently available to students, we present a proposal to establish a double degree in Administration and Business Management/Industrial Management Engineering. The proposal specifies the degree’s main objectives, specific nature, and fundamental aims and benefits in terms of technical, corporate, innovative, and entrepreneurial competencies.

  7. Introducing emotions in the architectural design process

    Juan Vidal, Francisco; Iñarra Abad, Susana
    [EN] 3D images or architectural renders are expressive tools widely used by architectural students to communicate their projects. Not only do these images have the task of transmitting the formal and functional characteristics of the project, but also need to evoke in users the sort of feelings and emotions which can only be aroused by experiencing the architecture. An experiment we undertook enabled us to find that these emotions can be quantified and may relate to the design parameters of the image, moreover there are also substantial differences in the valuation between architects and non-architects. Thus, the aim of this paper is to incorporate the...

  8. Analysis of Students’ Off-Site Work in Current University Studies

    Antonino Daviu, Eva; Andrés Martínez, David De; Palomares Chust, Alberto Adrián; Ruiz García, Juan Carlos; Gisbert Domenech, Maria Carmen; Peña Cerdán, Antonio; BALLESTER SERVER, JOSÉ VICENTE; Villavieja Llorente, Carlos
    [EN] This paper analyses to what extent, and how, student’s work can be used to improve students’ on-site learning experience and enrich the course evaluation process. The work presented focuses on gathering and analysing different information related to the out-of-class work carried out by students in various Bachelor and Master courses taught at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Results show that there is not a clear relationship between the time devoted to a given task and the attained results, but they highlight especial cases to be considered, like a number of students that devote excessive time to the task but get poor marks. Moreover, the...

  9. Smartphone: a new device for teaching Physics

    Sans, Jose Angel; Manjón Herrera, Francisco Javier; Cuenca Gotor, Vanesa Paula; Giménez Valentín, Marcos Herminio; Salinas, Isabel; Barreiro Diez, José Antonio; Monsoriu Serra, Juan Antonio; Gómez Tejedor, José Antonio
    [EN] This paper reports on the use of smartphone’s sensors to perform several experiments designed to teach fundamentals of Physics. We have adapted traditional physics laboratory sessions to the use of the different sensors that can be found in a typical smartphone, such as an accelerometer, and light and magnetic field sensors. The existence of a large repository of free AndroidTM and AppleTM applications which exploit the characteristics of these sensors facilitates the design of new experiments. A survey was done to the students in order to obtain feedback and to evaluate the success of the experience. The results of the survey showed a good acceptance...

  10. Assessment of oral and written communication competences in the European Higher Education Area: a proposal of evaluation methodologies

    Sonseca, Agueda; Sahuquillo, Oscar; Martinez-Casas, Jose; Carballeira, Javier; Denia Guzmán, Francisco David; Rodenas, Juan; Rodenas
    [EN] he international accreditation for the Master and Bachelor degrees offered at our university, together with the demands of the employers, have made it clear that the students’ curricula should specify not only what they have studied, but also what they are actually able to do. Although the competence based curricula approach has been used in the development of the new programmes for the Master and Bachelor degrees within the European Higher Education Area in recent years, the assessment of these competences is still a pending task. This work presents an ‘outcomes’ approach for the assessment of the oral and...

  11. ROSE to DELAROSE’ - Developing and transitioning a web-based pan European self-help programme for the management of work related stress.

    Wells, John; Ryan, Cathal; Bergin, Michael
    [EN] Work related stress is an increasingly common aspect of modern life and is identified as a considerable risk to employee mental well-being across Europe (Wells, 2011, EASHW, 2014). Numerous psychosocial web based interventions have been developed in response to this. However, targeted psycho-social interventions aimed at enhancing worker resilience and their management of work-related stress are needed if the issue is to be tackled effectively (Wells et al. 2011). This paper documents the development of two digital platform programmes, namely ROSE and DELAROSE, which deliver tailored interventions and act as valuable and accessible supports for workers in the health and social care sectors. The paper...

  12. Face-based constructive approach in 3D environment to facilitate the interpretation of multiview orthographic projection to future engineers

    Pérez-Belis, Victoria; Gracia-Ibáñez, Verónica; Plumed, Raquel; Gómez-Fabra, Miquel; Agost, Maria; Piquer, Ana; González-Lluch, Carmen; Núñez-García, Mariana
    [EN] One of the main objectives of Engineering Graphics’ syllabusis to improve the capacity of spatial vision of students, as well as providing essential teaching of graphic representation techniques. In this course, students should create and interpret engineering drawings. However, a significant number of them have problems interpreting and understanding multiview orthographic projections. The course is commonly studied at first year of several engineering Bachelor’s Degrees. In this course, the capacity of spatial vision is critical, asstudents have to interpret a real object from different projection methods. Nevertheless, this is not an obvious task for most students, since either they have no prior training or traditionally...

  13. Digitech, Remix and Design Research for course /program-wide thinking and enhancement

    Casey, Gail; Craig, Annemieke
    [EN] This paper describes the initial stage of an exploratory investigation in which the authors aim to build course/program-wide thinking into a process aimed atsupporting, documenting and sharing technology-rich practices, innovative teaching and active student learning. The investigation uses a remix lens, in an attempt to creatively consider the manipulation of resources and approaches for reuse, while supporting consistency across subjects/units within a course. The authors are workingwithin Deakin University’sCourse EnhancementProcess, which is a major universitywide initiative that includes a framework of collaborative teams comprising academic and resourcing specialists working with faculty academic leaders. The Course Enhancement Process is flexible in its implementation and the authors aim...

  14. Collaborative web-based learning spaces: Introduction to Housing

    Charalambous, Nadia; Sentieri, Carla
    [EN] This paper explores a collaborative web-based learning space named “Introduction to Housing” created in the context of the Erasmus LifelongLearning Project OIKONET. The learning space mainly draws on the curriculum of the design studios in the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Cyprus and includes work from a 3D Visual Communication course at the University of Belgrade. All learning activities developed in this learning space aim at the introduction of students to housing studies through a collaborative learning environment that cuts across traditional and institutional boundaries. The paper starts with a brief discussion on design studio teaching, its importance in architectural education and...

  15. Linguistics in Fashion: Explaining Concepts with Visual Metaphors

    Sonina, Snejina
    [EN] This empirical project, a study of the effect of metaphors and games on the learning process, is related to my research on fashion terminology but focuses on student-professor or student-computer interactions. The project emphasises similarities between fashion and language systems and explores the effect of comparisons between grammar and fashion, as well as associated play activities, on the learning process. This article gives a few examples of visual metaphors used for teaching different aspects of linguistics and explains how they work to facilitate the ––learning process and to capture students’ attention. Applied to linguistics, these empirical findings will hopefully provide inspiring examples and serve as...

  16. Correlation of figurative insight indicators in the experience of future art pedagogues

    Reinberga, Baiba; Garjāne, Beatrise
    [EN] Aim – to reveal the correlations among the indicators of figurative insight for its development. The self-development and self-actualization in the study process that include also the development of figurative insight of future art pedagogues are stressed in this paper. Methods – research on the correlations among the figurative insight using Factor Analysis. The development opportunity is determined by the concepts of personality traits: creativity, self-expression, personal attitude, emotional and intellectual experience. The paper is based on a quasi-experimental research – the communication by future art pedagogues using visual and verbal dominant images in three kinds of exercises. Results – the indicators determining the figurative insight which...

  17. Technical and Vocational Education in the Context of Reindustrialization. The Case of Romania

    Dobrescu, Paul; Radu, Loredana
    [EN] This paper aimsto analyse the feasibility of a vocational and technical education campus in Central Romania (Brașov County). We discuss the necessity for such an initiative in the context of the EU reindustrialization strategies. There is a strong correlation and a causal relationship between economic growth, reindustrialization and employment (especially youth employment). In many EU countries, youth unemployment rate is increasing, despite the fact many organizations report that they lack properly trained workforce. Definitely, skills needed to enter the labour market are diversifying; some areas are oversaturated with overqualified specialists, while others remain weak in terms of welltrained workforce. This phenomenon signals the gap between...

  18. Development of an online platform for experimental teaching in microeconomics

    Barreda Tarrazona, Iván; Camacho Cuena, Eva; García Gallego, Aurora; Ginés Vilar, Miguel; Jaramillo Gutiérrez, Ainhoa; López Ovejero, Sandra; Behnk, Sascha; Morone, Andrea; Pernías Cerrillo, José Carlos; Sabater Grande, Gerardo Vicente; Jaber López, Tarek-Taher
    [EN] The instructors of the microeconomics courses at the University Jaume I in Castellón, Spain have created a group for educational innovation in microeconomics devoted to the introduction of experiment-based learning in the economics domain. The main goals of this project are to facilitate and to enrich student learning and to provide microeconomics teachers with useful materials to introduce experiment-based activities in their classroom. The methodology used is that of experimental economics: students participate in laboratory sessions where a computer program reproduces the main characteristics of the market structures studied in introductory and intermediate microeconomics. After the students interactions determine the outcome for each participant, the...

  19. Facebook usage by students in higher education

    wesseling, Nathalie
    [EN] In this paper I measure first year student Facebook usage as part of a broader PhD study into the influence of social media usage on the success of students in higher education. A total of 906 students were asked to complete 3 surveys on Facebook usage with their peers, for two consecutive years (2011-2012 and 2012-2013). The different purposes for Facebook usage, in addition to whether or not students used (self-created) Facebook-groups, were measured and the relationship between the use of pages compared to the purpose of Facebook usage. This resulted in significant correlations between the purpose of Facebook usage and the use of...

  20. An Assessment of an Adult Learning Model: Implications for Replication

    Serowick, Jennifer; Cardelle, Alberto
    [EN] In response to the national agenda to increasethe number of adults with bachelor’s degrees, East Stroudsburg University (ESU), a regional master-degree granting university, has implemented several degree completion programs geared towards non-traditional students. Using the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) “Eight Principles of Effectiveness for Serving Adult Learners,” this study assessed the first three years of the program’s implementation. This assessment used primary data collection, includinga student and faculty survey. The study found that the program is replicating its teaching processes, use of technology for teaching, and advising and mentoring well. However, the assessment revealed that the program was weaker on three primary...

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