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  1. Inclusive University Classrooms the importance of faculty training

    Morgado, Beatriz; Melero, Noelia; Molina, Víctor; Cortés-Vega, María Dolores
    [EN] The presence of students with disabilities in the universities is increasing. Faculty need to be trained in order to attend these students and with the objective to offer and inclusice education. The aim of this communication is to identify, describe and explain the barriers and aids that students with disabilities experience in university classroom. Forty four students with disabilitis participated in the research. A biographical narrative methodology was used. The university-life histories of the students were complied by making use of in-depth interviews, lifelines and photographs. Results indicate the important of faculty training in matters concerning disabilities and new...

  2. Business internships and new technologies: a scenario for growth and innovation

    Sanahuja Vélez, Gisela; Ribes Giner, Gabriela; Moya Clemente, Ismael
    [EN] Literature on traineeships recognizes beneficial effects on its main agents: students, employers, and higher education institutions. Furthermore, some authors have identified added effects when applying new technologies to the business internship experience, specially referred to improved computer skills and learning outcomes. The Faculty of Business Administration and Management of the Universitat Politècnica de València has had a remarkable increase of internships over the past years. As computer skills are being more demanded by employers in a globalized and technological world, it is expected that virtual placements and ICTs in the internship practice will be a trend in universities in...

  3. Peer review and critical thinking in nursing students

    Rainho, Conceiçao; Monteiro, Maria Joao; Mártires, Alice; Castelo-Branco, Zita; Payan-Carreira, Rita
    [EN] Different models are available to help engage and motivate students as well as to model professional thinking and action (Irby, 1994). Their effect increases when regularly used, particularly when supplemented with feedback. Among them, the Paul-Elder´s Elements of Thought, or the Ennis´s FRISCO guidelines may be used for develop clinical skills. The objective of this study is analyse the effect of educational intervention on critical thinking, in nursing students of the 2nd year, based on the peer review, using the Cornell test (Level X) before and after intervention. Of the 74 students who participated in the study, 75.7% were...

  4. Strategies for Scientists in Higher Education

    Roche, Joseph
    [EN] Scientists have had a role in higher education since the very first institutes of higher education. While this role has evolved considerably in the last century, the period that has seen the most significant changes has been the last four decades. The rapid expansion of the higher education sector and the massification of education through the commitment of the state to free education has seen the role of scientists in higher education in Ireland swell to incorporate new responsibilities and expectations. In this paper a brief history of the role of scientists in higher education and the recent changes...

  5. Organization of the Ph-doctoral studies on the chemical specialties

    Sagdat, Tazhibayeva; Grigoryi, Mun; Galiya, Irmukhametova; Yerdos, Ongarbayev; Zhannur, Myltykbaeva; Altynai, Musabekova
    [EN] Problem of globalization of the educational process and integration into the international educational space is one of the most urgent problems for the Kazakh universities. In this regard, generalization of experience in training of PhD students is of particular interest, since training of PhD students is different in different countries. The example of the organization of educational process and scientific research in the PhD studies of chemical specialties at Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Al-Farabi Kazakh National University shows the peculiarities of the organization and defense of dissertations in Kazakhstan universities. It is shown that the training of specialists - doctoral students at Kazakhstan universities is carried out...

  6. Audiovisual Tool for understanding Audio concepts for being used in bachelor’s degree programmes

    Antoñanzas Manuel, Christian; Gutiérrez Parera, Pablo; Simarro Haro, Mª De Los Angeles; Belloch, Jose A.
    [EN] In the Audio Signal Processing field, there exists difficulties in order to explain different concepts such as, compression, masking, quantization, sampling, among others. Further, most of these concepts require the use of audio laboratories and multiple practical session that must carry out students. Another issue is that there are students that are not able to internalize these concepts straightforwardly and require more practical sessions. In order to address these problems, we have developed an audiovisual tool, designed with Matlab, that can be used for professors and students. This tool allows to analyze, test and apply the audio concepts to...

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