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  1. Jeunesse et plage : approche sociolinguistique des publicités contemporaines

    Abraham, Marine
    [EN] This research paper aims to reveal the way in which the advertisers use allegories related to water in order to convince future customers to buy the advertised product. We will focus our research on a campaign which takes place in a seaside zone and stages two young people who represent an-other evident myth of our Western societies. We will report on the semiotics of contemporary propaganda in agreement with linguistic aspects embedded in the teenage world. As such, we will highlight the fact that advertisers have teenage sociolinguistics realities at their disposal and stage a selection of their concerns in an idyllic universe. Finally, we...

  2. Du terrestre et de l’eau-delà, corruption et spiritualité de l’Inde: approche bachelardienne à l’ambivalence de l’eau dans Le gardien du Gange de Guy Deleury

    Gallego García, Tagirem
    [EN] The interest in the East, travelling and conquering led several Frenchmen to join the East Indian Company. Among them, Pierre Cuillier or Perron, who was the first Frenchman to reach the Indian city of Pune in 1777, becomes the main character of Le gardien du Gange (1994) by the Jesuit and Indianist Guy Deleury (1922-2015). Traditionally associated with spirituality through Western eyes, India nevertheless shows its two faces in Le gardien du Gange : devotion and religiosity lay alongside corruption, immorality and wars. In this paper, Bachelard’s approach to the symbolism of water helps reflect on the role of this element in India. Present in...

  3. La recréation du hammam dans l’univers féminin de Karin Albou

    Tamarit Vallés, Inmaculada Teresa
    [EN] Female characters in the films by French director Karin Albou (1968-) live in search of their sexual and spiritual identity. Karin Albou explores the tensions between present and past and the negotiation of a multicultural identity with a look marked by female subjectivity and desire. In La petite Jérusalem (2005) and Le chant des mariées (2008) she observes women’s passion and sexuality evolving against a closed universe, where desire threatens their certainties. In both films, the recreation of the hammam depitcs an intimate space that connects heat and humidity in water, a feminine element par excellence. The hammam is also a place of female affirmation...

  4. Cap sur le premier MOOC FOFLE en Afrique francophone pour se (re)mettre à flot

    Ghedhahem, Zeineb
    [EN] Technologies offer opportunities to make teaching and learning more effective and appropriate and no one can deny the potential benefits of the digital revolution in language teaching. A new form of teaching distance language attracts more and more learners : MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) in French, CIOMS (Online Course Open and Solid). Without stress level of education or attendance, the MOOC can offer online learning and distance with a specific educational monitoring and educational resources (videos, documents, homework ...) accessible at all times. The MOOC FOFLE (Open Training in French as a Foreign Language) is a pilot, international and interdisciplinary project dedicated to learning French....

  5. Eau et mémoire chez Marie-Célie Agnant

    Cremades Cano, Isaac
    [EN] The island is a space constantly evoked by the Haitian writer Marie–Celie Agnant. Throughout her work, different aquatic environments such as the ocean and its immensity, the Caribbean Sea surrounding the island or the many lagoons, but also rivers and streams are elements that seem to coexist with the same amplitude in her homeland and in her imagination. This omnipresence of elemental liquid is the essence of an original poetic language, in which the water acquires a striking symbolism. Indeed, The Book of Emma is full of descriptions where the nuances of the colour of the water of the sea, blue in its deepness,...

  6. Développement des compétences transversales et surtout de la compétence numérique des apprenants dans un projet de télécollaboration entre deux universités du pourtour méditerranéen

    Martin, Justine
    [EN] Telecollaboration (TC) can be defined as a technique involving different groups of students in virtual projects in two types of places geographically far apart. These projects serve, on the one hand, to improve the communicative competence in a foreign language and, on the other, to develop other transversal competences. This study is framed within a telecollaboration project with online exchanges, thus relating FLE learning tutors with FLE students having a B1 level. The interaction among students with a B1 level is accomplished through tasks created and animated by their tutors. Our study questions about the transversal competences that are developed, particularly, the digital competence acquired...

  7. Retraducción y calidad: el caso de Madame Bovary

    Hernández Guerrero, María José
    [EN] Madame Bovary is the novel by Flaubert that has most often been translated into Spanish. From the first translation by Amancio Peratoner in 1875 to the most recent one in 2014 by Javier Albiñana, there have been forty Spanish translations of this work published in Spain alone. Its frequent retranslations reflect a continuous interest in this classic and make it an interesting case study because, although the premise that each generation must have its own translation of universally renowned literary works seems to be accepted, in the case of Madame Bovary it is obvious that the profusion of retranslations in recent years is attributable to...

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