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Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad de Cordoba :: Spain (54.829 recursos)

El repositorio recoge todo tipo de materiales digitales: artículos de revistas, comunicaciones a congresos, tesis doctorales, documentos de trabajo, materiales docentes y objetos de aprendizaje, así como los productos digitales del patrimonio bibliográfico de la Universidad de Córdoba.

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  1. MC64-Cluster: Many-Core CPU Cluster Architecture and Performance Analysis in B-Tree Searches

    Esteban, F.J.; Díaz, David; Hernández, Pilar; Caballero, J.A.; Dorado, G.; Gálvez, Sergio
    The MC64-Cluster computer platform was designed, based on many-core CPU microprocessors: Tile64. MC64-Cluster architecture was outlined in terms of both hardware and software, including commands available to manage jobs and provided application programming interfaces to communicate and synchronize tiles, making this system easy to use. Massively, concurrent-searches of keys in B-trees, which are used in many applications, including bioinformatics, were used. Remarkable performance improvements were obtained when the cluster resources were combined with those available in host machine (hybrid or heterogeneous environments). These results were even more outstanding when analyzed in terms of performance-per-watt, highlighting their green-computing advantages. Together with...
    (application/pdf) - 21-feb-2018

  2. Attitude towards mathematics of computer engineering students

    Maz-Machado, Alexander; León-Mantero, Carmen; Casas, Jose Carlos; Renaudo, Juan Antonio
    There are several factors, which influence people’s perception and valuation of different branches of knowledge and particularly of mathematics. This paper reports a study, which investigated the attitudes towards mathematics of computer engineering students. Likert scale test was applied to analyze the attitudes towards mathematics widely used in mathematics education. The results of this research showed that students consider mathematics to be useful, but at the same time complicated and matter of great anxiety. The 50% of participants gave the positive opinion about the usage of mathematics, while only 22% of them had a negative opinion. The usefulness of mathematics was the highest rated factor with an...
    (application/pdf) - 25-ene-2018

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